The Academy Awards

Season 72 Episode 1

The 72nd Annual Academy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 26, 2000 on ABC



  • Notes

    • Three weeks before the ceremony, fifty-five Oscar statuettes went missing as they were being shipped from Chicago to Los Angeles. They had last been seen on a Roadway Express shipping dock in Bell, California. Two weeks later, a 61 year-old scrap metal dealer named Willie Fulgear found all but three of the Oscars in a dumpster behind a grocery store near his home. By this time, the Academy had replaced the stolen awards but they gave Mr. Fulgear two tickets to the awards ceremony where he was acknowledged during the show by host Billy Crystal. The Roadway Express shipping company gave Fulgear a reward of $50,000, most of which went missing some time later when his home was robbed. In June, one of the three remaining awards was found by DEA agents in Florida during a drug bust.