The Academy Awards

Season 79 Episode 1

The 79th Annual Academy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • Granted this show was long but i must say this was one of the Best Academy Awards in a long time!

    Living only 1 mile from the Kodak Theatre brings a lot of excitment when watching the Ocars knowing they everyone is only within walking distance. Usually i am on the East Coast but this year i moved to CA and was really excited for the OSCARS and this year ELLEN DELIVERED!!

    The opening montage really set the tone for the evening of humor and enjoyment. It was great to just see the Actors just having fun for the Camera!!

    Ellen was fantastic! She kept the show going! It was great to see her throughout the night as most Hosts just disappear after the 1st hour and you start asking yourself "who is the host"
    Jennifer Hudson winning was no shock at all and i must say her hair was horrible and needed to be combed but she looked beautiful singing even though her boobs were about to pop out. I kept praying that we werent going to see an academy award winners nipples!!

    Eddie Murphy not winning was a bit of a shocker! I have not seen Dreamgirls but i expected him to win with all of his hype. Being a Little Miss Sunshine fan i must say i was happy that Alan won!

    Al Gore "RUN FOR PRESIDENT" so much more personable now then in 2000!!

    WHY do we bring up a list of names that no one cares about except the people you actually say!! This is why we change the channel!!

    Abigail and Will Smiths little boy were so freaking cute!!
    Its about time Martin wins!! Everyone was so happy for him and so was I!

    Diane Keaton looked stunning. She didn't have on gloves, a hat or a pantsuit and i must say i was impressed!

    This show as long but i think in the end the ratings are going to be higher then the last few years thanks to Ellen, a little bit of humor and reworking of the show!