The Academy Awards

Sunday 8:30 PM on ABC Premiered May 16, 1929 Special




  • Season 6 Episode 1: The 6th Annual Academy Aw...

  • Will Rogers created some embarrassing confusion when presenting the award for Best Picture. When he opened the envelope, he said "Come on up and get it, Frank!". Frank Capra leapt from his seat, thinking he had won for Lady for a Day. When he arrived at the podium, he realized that Rogers had meant Cavalcade producer Frank Lloyd. Embarrassed, Capra told the press that he would not attend another Academy Awards ceremony, yet he attended the following year and did receive the award for It Happened One Night.

  • During Walt Disney's acceptance speech, he became the first winner to publicly acknowledge the statuette as "Oscar" even though the name wasn't officially adopted until 1939.

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