The Adam Carolla Project

TLC (ended 2005)


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The Adam Carolla Project

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In addition to his great comedic skills, Adam Carolla is also a registered contractor and skilled carpenter. Watch as Adam purchases a run-down fixer-upper in Los Angeles and recruits his friends and family to assist him in the monstrous renovation project.
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  • The greatest show ever!! We need to bring it back! What more do you need than a hippy in his underware, a fabulously gay assistant, and OZZY!!!!

    Does anyone know if this show will have a second season?? It really should. While one may argue that there is little informative home improvent value to this show, this show is definatly valuable in deminstrating the hard way to build a house. The cast is histarical and the show never has a dull moment...arguing, fires, and witty commentary make this show a must watch. This is definatly MUST SEE TV!moreless
  • An amazing show that should continue.

    There's not many shows on TV that really catch my interest. I find myself watching a ton of movies and buying older (classic) TV DVD Boxsets. This show has it all, from the funny commentary to the guys you love and hate. Sure there's parts that make you go eww no way. But thats the fun part of the show, you get to see a bunch of people getting together to work on something. Though sometimes they barely did any work..

    Hopefully there's another season weather it be on TLC or Comedy Central. Someone should pick this show up and continue it..moreless
  • By far the best show on television. "The Adam Carolla Project" (and Ray in his work thongs!) rocks!!!

    This show is absolutely the funniest program on television right now. And I'm not even a fan of home improvement shows. I heard Adam Carolla talking about it on "Loveline", and because I love his sense of humor I decided to tune in. And boy, I was not disappointed. I had no idea how fascinating it would be to watch a bunch of "unemployable idiots" (Adam's words) renovate a house. Every episode has me lmao! There are so many hilarious moments in every single episode, but by far my favorite has to be when Adam popped the zit on Ray's back with a pair of pliers. That's when I knew this show was gold.

    Every single person in this program is interesting to watch but by far my favorite is Ray. He's a fascinating combination of flip-flops, plaid knee-length shorts and, by his own admission, on the brink of tears every day. It's hard to take my eyes off him in each episode as I wait to see what he will do next. Will he jump the fence and swim in the neighbor's pool while the others are working? Or will he be sawing rafter tails with his shirt off? Or my favorite, doing his happy little skipping dance down the driveway in his new work boots? Whatever he's doing it's a delight to see. This show (and Ray) rocks!moreless
  • This is awesome. Adam at his funniest. Okay, it is a reality tv show, but nothing like the other reality tv show crap out there. Everyone should have this one as a must see! Very funny and you just can't look away.moreless

    Adam Carolla is hysterical in his own reality tv show "The Adam Carolla Project". We never get to see him in his real life and see him with his hysterical gay assistant and funny wife who compliments him so perfectly. If you are a true Carolla fan you need to see this one!
  • Superb work from the generally unimpressive Adam Carolla!

    I am a huge Adam Carolla fan, but even I can admit that his projects are usually disappointing (at least compared to the perfect Loveline and decent Man Show). This show has a perfect blend of entertainment and design that is sorely missing from a "Flip This House" or "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." This show is a permanent fixture on my Tivo and I recommend to everyone without exception.

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