The Adam Carolla Project

Season 1 Episode 8

Nail in the Head

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on TLC
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Nail in the Head
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  • Everything but work goes on in episode 8 as Billy quits and Ray and Steven spend more time working on their diets than on the house. Adam pays a visit to his high school and Dr. Drew pays a visit to the job site.moreless

    As with many of the other episodes in this series, time is spent away from the job site, and episode 8 is no exception. Here we see Adam visiting his high school to obtain his missing diploma. However, unlike most of the other field trips away from the house this one's very good. It's great fun to see Adam roaming the campus of his alma mater, reminiscing about the good times he and his buddy Ray had barely graduating from North Hollywood High. His interactions with the principal and book room attendant are amusing and witty. Adam expresses some shock at the fact that there's been no monument to his greatness erected at the school, and tells the book room attendant that if she's still there at the school in 20 years, he's going to need her to kill herself(by the way, this is one of many times that Adam mentions someone committing suicide in this series. It's usually himself that he's talking about, as in several episodes he muses about offing himself by carbon monoxide poisoning in the garage, putting a nail gun to his head, and sticking his head in a gas oven. Good times.).

    At the house Ray and Steven have a bet to see if they can each lose 7 pounds in one week, but this bit goes nowhere as the two can't agree on the finer details of the wager and give up. Billy quits, and returns. Adam's Loveline co-host Dr. Drew stops by and does a little counseling with the crew over their problems with each other and Adam. We also get a nice glimpse into Ray's sensitive side as he's shown practically swooning over the craftsmanship of the old tile in the master bath. All in all a prettty good episode.moreless

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    • Week 8 begins with Billy a no show for the first 2 days. While Adam is happy with most of the work done last week he's worried about the fight that occurred between Gary and Billy ("It's not all peaches and cream at the job site, and those two aren't Peaches and Herb"). In addition to the tasks for this week (installing more drywall, passing inspection on the office added to the garage, and readying the master bath for the shower pan and re-tile) Steven and Ray have a bet between them: that Steven can lose 7 lbs. in one week while Ray quits smoking for one week. Ray tells Steven "I'll lose 7 lbs. and quit smoking, how's that?" Later Ray's having doubts: "Right now I'm all right with not having a cigarette. But when I'm alone, or in the morning, or in the afternoon, or the other 20 hours that I'm up, it's really bad." Besides Billy's absence, Adam has one more thing on his mind: finally obtaining his high school diploma after more than 20 years. He pays a visit to his alma mater and finds out he'll have to reimburse the school for one lost textbook before he can receive his diploma. Adam pays the money and is told he'll get his diploma by the end of the week. His thoughts? "So I may have settled the dispute over my diploma, but things are far from settled back at the house." With Billy and his carpentry skills still absent, the guys fail their latest inspection. So Adam visits Billy's home even though it goes against his better nature ("I'm not in the habit of begging my carpenters to come back to the job..."). Billy tells Adam he's unhappy with the crew's attitudes, but agrees to come back if Adam has a talk with everyone. Adam seeks help from his 'Loveline' radio show co-host Dr. Drew. The guys tell Drew that it's mainly one problem: there's a lack of leadership with Adam absent most of the time. Adam realizes this but tells the guys "This is a marathon, and we're hitting the wall at 20 mph. We can just...drop out or we can push through that wall and make it through the last third of the race." He explains to his crew that his time is limited but he'll do what he can. Ray's thrilled: "We just had an intervention right now! Oh, that's weird!" Progress is made in the relationship department but not on the house: Ray's spent too much time trying to save the old bathroom tile and Steven's spent too much time trying to lose a few more pounds (Adam: "I wanted Bob Vila, but instead I got Jenny Craig"). Ray and Steven disagree over some details of their bet, so Steven declares "Game over." Adam's disappointed at the lack of progress in the master bath, but is amused by Ray's swooning over the craftsmanship of the old tile work ("He's confusing 'cause just about the time you're ready to just take the claw hammer into him, he gets all sensitive on you..."). Adam tells the guys even with the failed inspection "...Some progress was made, particularly in the drywall department." Lastly, Adam's diploma is delivered to the job site, causing Adam to observe "Okay, so I finally got my high school diploma. But I still haven't graduated from this house yet."