The Addams Family (1992-93)

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  • Over all summary of show - MUST READ

    The Addams Family had a third incarnation in 1992 starring the spooky family in an animated series. The program was produced by Hanna-Barbara and had a quick 17 episode run due to low ratings. This was not the studios first failure - or last, but the leading animation company (at that time) did have much other success\\\' i.e The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and newer programs such as Dexter\\\'s Laboratory. Perhaps one of the qualities of this movie was that it had a 90\\\'s feel from animation to music and sound effects. In fact even some lingo of the characters is a little dated. The show may now have gone on to win prestigious awards like the original live action, but it did have a vast line in clothing apparel, etc. The show was one of the only few in its day that did not have some sort of toy, etc to sell. The show did have it\\\'s moments where you could really see this show had potential. In its own right this show was a landmark in that it re-introduced The Addams Family to a whole new generation of viewers. So it may have lasted only 17 episodes, but there are quite a few shows that have gone on the air for years, when towards the end of the shows run it was ended with a muted knock and not a bang. The show is currently re-broadcasted on Cartoon Network\\\'s Boomerang at various times throughout the day.
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