The Addams Family (1992-93)

ABC (ended 1993)





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  • This animated series is the fourth incarnation of the creepy characters based on the macabre family comics created by Charles Addams. It first came out as a television series in the 1960's. After that other series, follow ups, even a movie followed.

    When I was a kid I use to watch this series all the time It was funny and cool to watch when I had nothing else to watch on television. I sad to see it gone but I glad I was able to see it when I could. Anyway, even though I can not see The Addams Family series from 1992-1993, I glad that it came on when I was able to see it. While for those who was not able to see the series when it was on television, I say try to see it if you are a young child or have kids. Great series and try to see it.