The Addams Family (1992-93) - Season 2

ABC (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • A Girl and a Ghoul / A Little Bit of Pugsley / Ask Granny

    A Girl and a Ghoul: When Wednesday wins the chance to meet her favorite TV star, Graveyard Gary, Gomez feels snubbed when it seems she no longer regards him as her true hero.

    A Little Bit of Pugsley
    : Pugsley's down in the dumps because he's the only member of the family to yet create an Addams family dance. To help him out, Thing shares the secret of his success by shrinking Pugsley down so he can experience things from the "hand's eye" point of view.

    Ask Granny
    : Granny Frump hosts a TV advice show and answers her viewers' letters.

  • Camp Addams / Little Doll Lost / King of the Polycotton Blues

    Camp Addams: Instead of taking them to the nice Camp Holly with N.J., Norm Normanmeyer drops Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing off at the rougher summer Camp Holler where they get into trouble with the authoritarian camp counselor, D.I. Holler.

    Little Doll Lost
    : When it seems Wednesday's doll Marie is destroyed in the fireplace, Lurch feeling responsible for the loss, offers to be its replacement.

    King of the Polycotton Blues
    : The Normanmeyers sing the blues on the subject of their creepy neighbors, the Addams family.

  • Then Came Granny / Pet Show Thing / Fester Sings the Fester Way

    Then Came Granny: Fearing she's losing her psychic powers, Granny Frump plans a journey to the fabled Crystal Rock in hopes of restoring her abilities. Fester and Thing go with her on a motorcycle, finding adventure along the way.

    Pet Show Thing
    : The kids disguise Thing as a dog so he can be entered in a pet show. But when he and some of the animals are kidnapped by his nemesis Harry Palmer, the hand helps to save them and catch the villain.

    Fester Sings the Fester Way
    : Uncle Fester sings about his life with the family.

  • Double O Honeymoon
    Double O Honeymoon
    Episode 5

    Gomez and Morticia hope to follow in Cousin Itt's spy adventures by combining a mission with their latest honeymoon. They're pitted against the evil Thundermane and his henchmen after he's escaped from prison and seeks revenge against Itt, holding him, the rest of the family and the Normanmeyers hostage at the Addams' home. Gomez faces off against the villain with the metal hair in the ultimate challenge.

  • Sweetheart of a Brother

    Pugsley's fallen in love with the new girl in his class, but when it seems she doesn't feel the same way toward him, he takes a normalizing formula in an effort to become more appealing to her, much to the family's chagrin. But will his plans backfire when the class bully looks to settle the score with him?

  • Jack and Jill and the Beanstalk / Festerman Returns / Hand Delivered

    Jack and Jill and the Beanstalk: The kids tell a restless Uncle Fester a bedtime story of Jack and Jill going up the beanstalk and facing the giant with themselves as the star characters and Normanmeyer as the giant.

    Festerman Returns: Fester is disappointed when the publishing company has rejected his Festerman comics. For relief, he tells Wednesday his superhero's further adventures.

    Hand Delivered: Thing continuously interferes with the mailwoman's deliveries as the Addams' house is part of her route. But she finds a helping hand is worth it, enabling her to take a vacation.

  • No Ifs, Ands or Butlers
    Seeing that members of his family have accomplished their life long dreams, the Addams allow Lurch to leave home to go westward and realize his dream of becoming a cowboy. Will accomplishing his dreams mean that their faithful butler will leave for good?
  • Color Me Addams
    Color Me Addams
    Episode 1
    When several art galleries in Happydale Heights reject Morticia's artwork, Gomez and the family host an exhibition for her outside the Addams' home hoping to draw attention. It does, in certain aspects, to an art critic, as well as Normina Normanmeyer, who hopes to put a stop to it. Thing, who wants to help with Morticia's artwork, continuously butts in when she asked him not to. Later, when left alone, he uses the living paints to animate a number of gargoyles that run amok all over Happydale. Can the family curb this new problem and get Morticia her much desired acclaim?moreless