The Addams Family

Season 2 Episode 15

Christmas with the Addams Family

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1965 on ABC

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  • While sweeter than Charles Addams' source material, the TV Addams Family still manages to put their own creepy-kooky stamp even on Christmas.

    A hateful neighbor who had previously rained on some of the family's cherished Halloween beliefs has now told Pugsley and Wednesday that there is no Santa Claus. The family arranges for Uncle Fester to drop through the chimney, but he gets stuck, leading to a succession of less and less convincing Saint Nick's, courtesy of the family members. Christmas with the Addams Family will be many things, but never dull.

    This is a nice fun little episode, one no fan of the 60's show would want to miss. The one problem is, you would think the Addamses would have their own twisted traditions, maybe an ancestor who did something infamous during the Holiday, and they seemed a little too delighted when (it is implied) the real Santa brightens up their ugly tree. But with Fester caught in the chimney and the others playing amateur Nicks quite badly, it still feels like a positively ooky Christmas, one not to be missed.