The Addams Family

Season 2 Episode 15

Christmas with the Addams Family

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1965 on ABC



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    • Fester: Oh, for crying out loud, Gomez. Don't you know the difference between Morticia and me?
      Gomez: I do now. You're a lot softer.

    • Morticia: Dear Uncle Fester. He's such a sentimental softie, but he tries to hide it.
      Gomez: Has plenty of room to hide it in.

    • Morticia: The astronauts have a backup team. We'll have a backup Santa Claus.
      Gomez: And jolly.
      Morticia: And jolly.
      Gomez: Someone who knows children.
      Morticia: And can talk to them on their own level.
      Fester: Golly, I wish I knew somebody... I got it. Lurch!
      Gomez: No, he's a little too tall.
      Fester: Cousin Itt.
      Morticia: A little too short.
      Fester: I got just the one. Pugsley! No, that's no good.

    • Fester: Oh, Morticia, this is silly. I'm not the Santa Claus type. I'm too young and glamorous.

    • Gomez: Tish, you sing like a robin.
      Morticia: Gomez!
      Gomez: Sorry, I meant like a raven.

    • Wednesday: Either that's Grandmama, or Santa Claus is a woman.
      Pugsley: Either that, or Grandmama's a man.

    • Morticia: If a witch can come, so can Santa Claus.
      Pugsley: You mean he's going to be here tonight?
      Morticia: With all his lovely reindeer, Donner and Blitzen... darling, what are the names of those reindeer?
      Gomez: Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod?
      Morticia: No.
      Gomez: Tom, Dick, and Harry?
      Morticia: No.
      Gomez: Well, the point is, children, there is a Santa Claus. Isn't there?

    • (Fester, dressed as Santa, presents a bow and arrow for Pugsley, and a doll for Wednesday)
      Both: Thank you, Uncle Fester.
      Fester: Uncle Fester? Who's he?
      Wednesday: That's you, and that's Mother, and that's Father, and that's Grandma, and that's Lurch, and that's Cousin Itt.
      Fester: The jig's up!

    • Pugsley: Mr. Thompson said there is no Santa.
      Fester: Next thing you'd be telling me is there no dragon.
      Wednesday: Oh, we wouldn't believe that.

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