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TV's best ever comic writing?

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    The Addams Family was some of TV's finest comic writing ever, also the era's supreme example of alternative-thinking social satire. For this bourgeois family, good was bad, bad was good, black was white. Who will ever forget Gomez's delight at blowing up his train set? But you may not recall one episode: the show opens with Morticia sharing her husband's thrill at the lead-up to the inevitable rail disaster, yet she is shocked when, after he pushes the TNT plunger, Gomez is, for once, clearly dissatisfied. Morticia: 'But, Gomez! I thought it was one of your finest wrecks!' Gomez: 'Aw, I dunno, Tish. Sometimes I think you've seen one train-wreck, you've seen 'em all.' Morticia: 'Gomez! How can you say such a thing?!' Gomez: (whispering ashamedly) 'Sometimes I almost wish they'd miss.' And we were privileged to all this as kids.

    Justin Sheedy

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    I do remember this one. And yes it was one of the better writing of comic at the time and even more so in today's TV.

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