The Addams Family

Season 2 Episode 7

Halloween - Addams Style

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1965 on ABC
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Halloween has the Addams family preparing for trick or treaters but Wednesday is down in the dumps when a neighbor tells her that witches do not exist. Wanting to prove the neighbor wrong, Morticia hopes to conjure up one by holding a séance trying to contact Aunt Singe, a family member who had been burned at the stake in Salem. However, Grandmama's efforts to conjure a witch may backfire and ruin the family's favorite holiday.


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  • A neighbor claims witches don't exist, and the Addams's try to prove him wrong. After a séance, they think a lady dressed as a witch is their deceased witch aunt. The neighbor admits witches exist, after seeing one on their roof. It's actually Grandmama!moreless

    In this episode, the Addams Family displays their "spirit" for the most wonderful day in the life of an Addams - Halloween! We get to enjoy Fester-faced pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples on a teeter-totter, bite-sized salamander sandwiches, and porcupine taffy. Afterwards we are drawn into their "witch hunt" to prove to Mr. Thompson, their next door neighbor, that witches really do exist. The jokes and gags in this episode are typical "Addams Family" in nature, which are quite effective. With that said, I highly recommend this Halloween episode if you want to get a feel for what this series is all about.moreless
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Yvonne Peattie

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The opening scene, with Gomez carving a jack o'lantern based on Fester, is recycled footage from the first season episode "Halloween With the Addams Family."

    • Goof - Factual Error: Of the 26 people who died in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, none were burned (as supposedly happened to Great Aunt Singe). 20 were executed by hanging - actually the most common form of execution for witchcraft - one died being questioned under torture and five died while being held in jail waiting for trial.

      In all, fourteen women and six men were hanged; over 175 were arrested and jailed.

    • In this episode, they bob for apples by means of a see-saw. In the first season Halloween episode, they bob for the (live) crab.

    • Morticia mentons Cousin Cackle used to live in the attic, but in "Morticia, the Decorator", the attic is filled with antique furniture, presumably leaving no room for Cousin Cackle.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Morticia: Mama, how's that porcupine taffy coming?
      Grandmama: About done. Just have to add a few more quills.
      Morticia: And the punch, Uncle Fester?
      Fester: (the pot explodes) Thar' she blows!
      Morticia: Ah, well. We're almost ready for the little trick or treaters.

    • Fester: Oh, I love séances. Last time I talked to my dear departed brother, Clump.
      Gomez: Did he answer?
      Fester: No, that's how I knew it was my brother Clump. He was a quiet one.

    • Morticia: Now, now we should really have the jawbone of an ass.
      Fester: Don't look at me.

    • Morticia: O Fire of Salem, O flame of Satan. Come in, Aunt Singe, we're all awaiting.

    • Gomez: (reading Morticia's painting) "Welcome Aunt Singe." I hope Aunt Singe likes children.
      Morticia: Oh, all witches love children. Remember "Hansel and Gretel"?
      Gomez: They almost wound up in an oven. Until then that old witch couldn't have been nicer.
      Morticia: Couldn't possibly. And then she wound up in the oven. Ah, some children are so unappreciative. I hope Aunt Singe doesn't disappoint Wednesday.

    • Gomez: Not only a beautiful animal, but smart, too. He can count to 10.
      Fester: Huh. Big deal. I can count to 20.
      Morticia: The horse didn't go to school.
      Fester: Well, neither did I.
      Gomez: Good point.

    • (Pugsley is mentioned 3 times in this episode, but is not seen.)
      Gomez: Ah, it was just Pugsley and Wednesday rehearsing their trick or treat approach.
      Wednesday: I didn't scare anybody. Pugsley's still out trying.
      Morticia: All except Pugsley - he's still out tricking and treating.

    • (Morticia rings for Lurch right after the séance.)
      Lurch: (in high-pitched voice) You ra- (in "normal" voice) You rang?

    • Morticia: Uncle Fester! You don not make friends by whipping people.
      Gomez: You're right, my dear. We must be civilized about these things. I'll reason with him. (shouts into the phone) Thompson, you lying scoundrel! What are these vile canards that you've been telling my children?
      Morticia: What is he saying, dear?
      Gomez: He doesn't know what a vile canard means.
      Morticia: How uncouth.

    • Gomez: I'll reason with him. (speaks into the phone) Thompson, you lying scoundrel! What are these vile canards you've been telling my children?!

  • NOTES (4)