The Addams Family

Season 2 Episode 7

Halloween - Addams Style

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1965 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The opening scene, with Gomez carving a jack o'lantern based on Fester, is recycled footage from the first season episode "Halloween With the Addams Family."

    • Goof - Factual Error: Of the 26 people who died in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, none were burned (as supposedly happened to Great Aunt Singe). 20 were executed by hanging - actually the most common form of execution for witchcraft - one died being questioned under torture and five died while being held in jail waiting for trial.

      In all, fourteen women and six men were hanged; over 175 were arrested and jailed.

    • In this episode, they bob for apples by means of a see-saw. In the first season Halloween episode, they bob for the (live) crab.

    • Morticia mentons Cousin Cackle used to live in the attic, but in "Morticia, the Decorator", the attic is filled with antique furniture, presumably leaving no room for Cousin Cackle.

  • Quotes

    • Morticia: Mama, how's that porcupine taffy coming?
      Grandmama: About done. Just have to add a few more quills.
      Morticia: And the punch, Uncle Fester?
      Fester: (the pot explodes) Thar' she blows!
      Morticia: Ah, well. We're almost ready for the little trick or treaters.

    • Fester: Oh, I love séances. Last time I talked to my dear departed brother, Clump.
      Gomez: Did he answer?
      Fester: No, that's how I knew it was my brother Clump. He was a quiet one.

    • Morticia: Now, now we should really have the jawbone of an ass.
      Fester: Don't look at me.

    • Morticia: O Fire of Salem, O flame of Satan. Come in, Aunt Singe, we're all awaiting.

    • Gomez: (reading Morticia's painting) "Welcome Aunt Singe." I hope Aunt Singe likes children.
      Morticia: Oh, all witches love children. Remember "Hansel and Gretel"?
      Gomez: They almost wound up in an oven. Until then that old witch couldn't have been nicer.
      Morticia: Couldn't possibly. And then she wound up in the oven. Ah, some children are so unappreciative. I hope Aunt Singe doesn't disappoint Wednesday.

    • Gomez: Not only a beautiful animal, but smart, too. He can count to 10.
      Fester: Huh. Big deal. I can count to 20.
      Morticia: The horse didn't go to school.
      Fester: Well, neither did I.
      Gomez: Good point.

    • (Pugsley is mentioned 3 times in this episode, but is not seen.)
      Gomez: Ah, it was just Pugsley and Wednesday rehearsing their trick or treat approach.
      Wednesday: I didn't scare anybody. Pugsley's still out trying.
      Morticia: All except Pugsley - he's still out tricking and treating.

    • (Morticia rings for Lurch right after the séance.)
      Lurch: (in high-pitched voice) You ra- (in "normal" voice) You rang?

    • Morticia: Uncle Fester! You don not make friends by whipping people.
      Gomez: You're right, my dear. We must be civilized about these things. I'll reason with him. (shouts into the phone) Thompson, you lying scoundrel! What are these vile canards that you've been telling my children?
      Morticia: What is he saying, dear?
      Gomez: He doesn't know what a vile canard means.
      Morticia: How uncouth.

    • Gomez: I'll reason with him. (speaks into the phone) Thompson, you lying scoundrel! What are these vile canards you've been telling my children?!

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