The Addams Family

Season 2 Episode 17

Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

The children are bored. They ask if they can go out to play, but Morticia absolutely forbids it; the weather is bright and sunny! Dreadful weather, if you're an Addams. Then, Grandmama comes in, and comes up with the perfect solution to the children's boredom; She invites them to come watch her wrestle the alligator. The children are reluctant at first, so Grandmama offers to do it in the quicksand, and they happily oblige. Morticia comments on how Grandmama is spoiling the children; she's been letting Pugsley sleep with his tarantula, she lets them sit on her back when she does pushups, "And I KNOW she's been telling them where I keep the yak fudge!". Then, they hear a knocking. They answer it, and Uncle Fester falls into Gomez's arms, carrying a big crate. Morticia demands to know what Fester was doing out there in this dreadful weather. Fester explains that they were clear out of dynamite, which he has in the crate! Now, they're both convinced that Fester and Grandmama are spoiling the children. Grandmama, Pugsley, and Wednesday return, and go upstairs, but Morticia explains to Grandmama how she's spoiling the children. Gomez adds "Plus, you're wearing out the poor alligator." Fester and Grandmama get the crazy idea that Morticia and Gomez think they're too nice to the kids. They try to move out, but they're flat broke. They also have lost their priceless ruby, because Fester shot it at a cat who was yowling. "It was the only rock in the house!" Fester argued. They then decide to stay, but on one condition; they split the house in half. They do so, but Lurch mixes up which section of the newspaper goes to whom. Then, the radio gives a warning of Hurricane Zsa-Zsa. Gomez and Morticia decide to have a romantic outing to see it. They hire a governess called "Thudd" to watch the children. Grandmama and Fester are outraged that they weren't trusted to do so. So they leave, for real. Then, Thudd arrives, but Lurch accidentally mixes up their 2 bags- Thudd's bag is identical to Morticia's! When Gomez and Morticia arrive at the Last Chance Motel, and start to unpack, they find Thudd's horrible stuff! Sugarplums, Nursery Rhymes, Dr. Spock (Gomez mistook it for Dr. Spook), etc. The two realize Thudd is a fraud, so they rush back to fire her, but Fester and Grandmama beat them to it, proving they ARE responsible, after all! Then, it starts raining at the Addams house! Everyone goes outside to watch, but Gomez tells Morticia that they're going to the attic; Gomez knew that Morticia was very sentimental about the Last Chance Motel, so he tore a big hole in the roof.