The Addams Family

Season 2 Episode 2

Morticia's Romance (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1965 on ABC

Episode Recap

On Morticia and Gomez's thirteenth wedding anniversary, Morticia tells the children a bedtime story of how she and Gomez met.

Gomez was supposed to marry her sister, Ophelia (also played by Carolyn Jones). Gomez was 22, and a hypochondriac. Grandmama invited Ophelia and her mother, Mrs. Frump, over. Ophelia is a blonde, sweetly good-natured and with a habit of strewing daisy petals everywhere. Gomez is unimpressed, but when her younger sister Morticia arrives, it's love at first sight. She has Kitty and Cleo with her. Mrs. Frump insists that Ophelia the older sister, marry first, but Gomez hates her. She's not only too bright and cheery, but also a judo expert with a penchant for flipping Gomez. Using judo, Ophelia forces Gomez to propose to her. Morticia goes to Gomez, who is playing with his train set, and tries to congratulate him. They blow up trains together. Morticia is obviously the one for him. When she speaks French it inflames his blood and Gomez is convinced. But what are they to do about Ophelia?

Morticia calls her Uncle Fester, but he's no help. Gomez tries his Cousin Itt, who's better. He suggests Gomez shoot himself. Morticia thinks it's a good idea, and aims to join him (ala. Romeo and Juliet). Thing, however, stops them.