The Addams Family

Season 1 Episode 17

Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 1965 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • As Lurch's mom is leaving, Thing waves goodbye to her from a hole in a tree. You can see the arm inside the tree.

  • Quotes

    • Morticia: Now isn't this better than shooting apples off of Lurch's head?
      Gomez: Oh, much safer, and less expensive. These poor steel-tipped arrows haven't a chance against his head.

    • Morticia: (about Lurch) He's been terribly depressed ever since he got got that letter from his mother this morning. Not himself at all.
      Gomez: How can you tell?
      Morticia: He smiled.

    • Morticia: Well, we always think of you as one of the family, Lurch.
      Lurch: A servant.
      Morticia: A very good servant.
      Lurch: And a liar.
      Gomez: And a very good liar! Oh, sorry, I got carried away.

    • Gomez: Why not have Lurch play dead?
      Grandmama: Good thinking!
      Fester: You think Lurch could be convincing? He looks so... alive.
      Morticia: It was a very sweet thought, darling, but that's true. Lurch is so vivacious.
      Gomez: His most outstanding characteristic.

    • Morticia: Castillians are so fiery.
      Gomez: Yes. Cousin Manuelo was a pyromaniac!

    • Morticia: Do you know she hates Pugsley's octopus?
      Gomez: Anyone who'd hate an octopus is warped.
      Morticia: She even tries to feed it to Cleopatra.
      Gomez: That's inhuman.

    • Gomez: Tish, when you help me with my coat, it goes right through me!
      Morticia: It's impossible.
      Gomez: What's impossible?
      Morticia: That blondes have more fun.

    • Grandmama: I won't give up my bed. I just got the nails nicely broken in.

  • Notes

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