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  • "They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Addams Family."

    One of the more bizzare comedies of the 1960s, The Addams Family was the other "goulish" prime time show that baby boomers delighted in.

    The Addams' lived in that house down the street that everyone thought was condemmed but wasn't, and on occasion, the outside world would have to interact with these social rejects.

    In charge of the family, was Gomez Addams, played wonderfully by John Astin. Gomez, an entrepreneur of some kind, was constantly making and losing money, and it was the game that counted, not the numbers.

    Always at his side, Gomez's wife Morticia, so sultrily played by the fetching Carolyn Jones, has roots for feet and though she so often acts naive, is usually the voice of reason in this family.

    Of course, you wouldn't have a family unit without kids, but these two are what nightmares are made of. Taking great pleasure in activities like pulling wings off of butterflies, Pugsley and Wednesday are the poster children for increased funding to juvenile detention centers.

    And The Addams gang would not be complete without it's extended family members: Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan), Grandmama (Blossom Rock), and Cousin It (the hand of Felix Silla). Top it off with 6'9" Ted Cassidy's character, Lurch, the butler, and you've got one terrifically goofy bunch.

    Each week, the Addams Family would find it's members involved in some kind of mischief that would cause all kind of trouble for both themselves as well as the poor, unsuspecting citizens of their community, who would be unlucky enough to run across their paths.

    As a child in the sixties, I have to admit that I loved the television shows of that era, and yes, I'll fess up to it, The Addams Family was indeed one of my favorites that I never missed. And though the shows still appear in syndication now and then on cable channels like TV Land, programs like this just aren't on enough. I guess for the young people of today, the humor is too sophisticated, or is not dirty enough.

    Either way, The Addams Family will go down in my book as one of those guilty pleasures from my childhood that I still like to partake in.

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