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  • Gothic, Dark Show, yeah!

    1st ep (09)
  • I started watching "The Addams Family" as a kid in the 80's when it was in syndication, and remember my stepfather commenting to me the first time I watched it that he had also watched the show when he was younger. After watching it on a daily basis afte


    r school for awhile, I became fascinated with the show. But more than anything, I became fascinated with their house. As a kid I really thought that the house was real. I knew that it was a show and it was being filmed for TV, but I thought that they were filming it in a real house….that house! That beautiful 3 story, Second Empire, Spooky old home. As I got older and watched the show I eventually realized that the house was a painting/picture and the show was filmed on a Set, needless to say I was disappointed. But still loved the show and the house no question. If anything it fueled my interest as a young adult in the show, drawing pictures of the house and floor plans,fantasizing about owning a home like that. And then…..

    When the internet came out, it opened up a whole new world for me. Not only did I find out that there WAS a real house at one time (but without the 3rd floor and tower)! But I could not believe how many other people loved and obsessed over this show and the cult following of fans it has. Not to mention the continuous fan clashes over "The Addams Family VS The Munsters", that keeps the two shows legacy alive Halloween after Halloween. I am more obsessed with the show and the house than ever, thanks to the internet. Even made my own site on The original Addams Family House that they used in the 1st episode and modeled the look of the house after, it was a real home. It's at

    A shame that the show was only on for 2 seasons worth - 64 episodes.Luckily the shows content is still relevant, still enjoyable to watch today. Or at least I do!

  • thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhis rocks!!!!go the addams family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this show rocks!but i miss it!!!wahhhh!i wish this did not end it!!!!i love this show!!i wish they did not end it.i am sad!!!my favorite charter was Thing!!!!Thing was aways helping the family!i love thing!thing rocks!if they stared the show with the same people i'll be watching there eating popcorn!laghing at Thing because he s funny!wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!toooooo bad they ended it.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanx.i am mad they ended think it it was gana last longer but it did not!go thing!!!!!!i know who played him!goooo the a.d.d.a.m.s. f.a.i.m.i.l.y!sooooo sorry who love them it ended!me and my mom really love it!it was gone 1960.
  • Gomez: The ideal dad

    Gomez Addams is my role model. Well, actually I'm nothing like Gomez, but I'd like to try. Maybe I'll go blow up a model train this afternoon. And start raising piranhas, and smoking cigars. But it's not all the accessories that I envy so much as Gomez' boundless and intense enthusiasm for everything. Nothing could upset him; he was just thrilled about everything -- blossom-less roses, explosions in the basement, daughter Wednesday taking up home surgery -- it was all great to the gleaming-eyed Gomez.

    '60s television is such a strange place. On the one hand you've got Bewitched, on the other, something like this. The Addams Family was like an island of barbarism in a sea of sitcom domesticity, and I will always appreciate it for that.
  • They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky, The Addams Family. Their house is a museum when people come to see 'em, they really are a screamum, the Addams Family.

    Monsters made fun. Sensually delightful, Gomez and Morticia are madly in love with each other and show more faithfulness towards each other than many more "normal" couples. Culturally sophisticated, the family is learned in the arts of Medicine, Horticulture, Music, Dance, and Art. They practice the fine sport of fencing; support the environment by protecting endangered species such as Lions and Dragons, and who could forget Morticia's carnivorous plants? Uncle Fester conserves electricity by being the family's generator. Mama does the cooking and is also the family physician. Pugsley is the family's demolition expert who may one day discover oil during one of his explosions. Wednesday is the precocious younger child who sees eveything. Then there is darling Lurch, the butler, and Thing the . . . well . . .thing, who pops up in the most unusual places - usually with the mail, or a guest's hat. Of course, there is Cousin It, the walking hair-mound, and Ophelia the golden throated singer. With such a family who could ever be bored? Frightened maybe, terrorized . . . definitely, but never, ever bored! Well worth the effort of finding and watching again!
  • They may be creepy and kooky - but this show is never ooky.

    Very few Black & White shows have ever caught my attention. Growing up in 'the age of color', I can't really stand to watch shows or movies that aren't colorized. People can say "well I'm glad you didn't grow up in my day then" - but that is exactly my point. It's not that I am against watching shows in B&W - I just prefer when they are in color.
    However - "The Addams Family" is an exception to that rule. It wouldn't look the same without being in B&W - I believe this is what gives the show it's atmosphere.

    Such a dark comedy for it's day. Doom and gloom are what this show is about - but it does it in such a manner that it turns the (usually) somber situations into something hilarious.
    It is really no wonder that this show has been a firm favourite for almost 5 decades and spawned a number of movies and spin-offs (including an an animated series of the same name).
    Although (for most of us) we can't relate to them - there is still something about them that touches us, while letting us view life from a different perspective.

    This show has proven to be ageless - comedy like this is sure to appeal to many people for a long time to come.
  • a very mysterious spook and kooky show

    the addams family avery classic show from the 1960s it takes place in spooky home . which had lots of weird things in it the family was not your avarge family and they were not really accepted by the community people would run when they saw them there was a hand that movied throughout the house and there was a tall guy that was like frankenstien that anwserd the door and fetus was a guy that worked down in the basement and mother mortish was a vampire and father. they had a daughter and son. they wer human. the show was great and it also had a catchy toon to it like all shows back then had. they had classic eps and also had lots of funny momements to the show which made it a classic
  • I absolutely love this show!

    Addams family has something special about them - not that they are strange, creepy or so... but they are such a real loving family. Gomez and Morticia is a perfect, loving married couple. And they all are wonderful, kind people who live full life, opposite to some other "normal" people. This show is very well written. Its for everyone - children and adults. But quite a lot of things are for older viewers, not very small children - political themes, for instance... Characters are great. Gomez- impulsive and energetic, always ready to do something new. Morticia - the main word to describe her, would be - elegant. She can be as energetic as Gomez, but in a bit different way - she is more stable and realistic - cool and beautiful. Uncle Fester gives some crazier and creepier component to this family. Lurch is an awesome, original character itself. He has his own "style". This show is unique, funny AND CLEVER - not just another dull comedy.
    When you watch them you just want to be a part of their family.
  • The Adams are strange but they are also very weird and fun. If you are crazy you will compleatly love this show!!!

    Their creepy and their cooky mysterious and spooky The Adams Family their house is a museum Isn’t it a scram um... it's neat isn’t it sweet of course it is! The Adams Family!They are all so very strange but who are they realy? just watch and see. beacause when you are watching the Adams family then you are also. Your head will pound your hart will fall because when you see these cooks then you will absolutely just fell weird but in a great way. This is because when you are dealing with the Adams you will watch their weirdness and strangeness.
  • The theme song says it all.

    "The Addams Family" is about a weird sort of family. The patriarch, Gomez, enjoys blowing up trains. His wife, Morticia, speaks French in order to entice Gomez to kiss her. The children are Pugsley and Wednesday; the daughter has a pet spider named Homer. She also has fun chopping off the head of her Marie Antoinette doll. Uncle Fester gets a kick out of shooting off fireworks. He can also make a light bulb glow by placing it in his mouth and puffing his cheeks. The hairy Cousin Itt is a fast talker; thus, he is incomprehensible. He likes to hide in chimneys and broom closets. Thing is a living hand. The butler, Lurch, walks like Frankenstein. Cleopatra is a man-eating vine.
  • They're creepy and they're kooky Mysterious and spooky They're all together ooky The Addams Family

    The Addams Family is a great tv show! (Way better than the Munsters in my opinion!)They were all so cool! Gomez was always blowing up his train set or standing on his head or doing something else out of the ordinary. Morticia was always tending to her scary plants. Uncle Fester could always light up a light bulb in his mouth. Lurch was always one step away from where he was needed. "You rang?". Or he was playing his harpischord! Grandmama always had some spell up her sleeve. Wednesday and Pugsley were always up to something. And Wednesday always had her headless doll Marie Antoinette with her. Thing was always lending a helping hand. Cousin Itt was always speaking so fast that no one could understand him. They were just so different that it was cool!

    I love the Addams Family. Sometimes I think it would be cool to be a part of their family. I love the theme sing too. It's one of my all time favorites! :

    They're creepy and they're kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    They're all together ooky
    The Addams Family

    Their house is a museum
    When people come to see 'em
    They really are a scre-um
    The Addams Family




    So get a witches' shawl on
    A broomstick you can crawl on
    We're gonna pay a call on
    The Addams Family
  • off the hook.

    Omg every bodii knows this show and i love it and the reason why is because it wasnt the typical family that bore us ury day , but these people wernt normal they were like us they were different and i love this show because of it. I mean this shows that every family is different in some way you know they got their moments they cry they fight ,but uh hopefully they aint half dead lookin lol. So over all for them to think of something like this is ahead of its time even now it think and we still know about it today.
  • off the hook.

    Omg every bodii knows this show and i love it and the reason why is because it wasnt the typical family that bore us ury day , but these people wernt normal they were like us they were different and i love this show because of it. I mean this shows that every family is different in some way you know they got their moments they cry they fight ,but uh hopefully they aint half dead lookin lol. So over all for them to think of something like this is ahead of its time even now it think and we still know about it today.
  • This is one of the greatest dark comedy shows of all times.

    This show is over 40 years old, and is still as fresh and witty as many of its imitators. Spawned by legendary cartoonist Charles Addams from the pages of New Yorker magazine, the dark humor this show displays is unmatched even today. Spawning movies, cartoons, remakes, comic books, board games, trading cards, video games and even the best selling pinball machine of all times (addams family pinball sold over one million units and is still considered one of the greatest things to ever happen to the gaming world)...its legacy is unparalleled. The 1960's show is the most fondly remembered dark humor classics the world has ever known. The actors in the original were perfect, the execution was grand and the morbid humor made it shine above all others in its field.
  • My favorite series on the Nick at Nite block!

    They’re creepy and they're kooky,
    Mysterious and spooky,
    They’re all together ooky,
    The Addams Family.

    Their house is a museum.
    When people come to see 'em
    They really are a screa-um.
    The Addams Family.




    So get a witch's shawl on.
    A broomstick you can crawl on.
    We're gonna pay a call on
    The Addams Family.

    I love the theme song and I love the show! I think Gomez Adams is a great man and is also a great actor. He is funnier than any other character of the series and shows that he really loves Mrs. Addams. Uncle Fester is also great. And thing is good too. It is sad that most of the cast has died but I know the Addams Family will live on.
  • A Good show but The Munsters were better.

    I posted a review recently for The Munsters and I commented on how they were the perfect family because they loved each other and made each other happy. Well, The Addams Family were also a lovely family.

    Like the Munsters, they were weird and ugly but in a way this series taught us one thing; never judge people by appearance. As I said, the Addams were ugly but they were beautiful on the inside where it really counts.

    Of course, the stories were really funny too and I loved the theme tune. And just like The Munsters, the Addams Family were totally innocent. No bad language, fighting or heartbreak-just fun and games.

    I did think The Munsters was a better series but I did enjoy the Addams Family.

    Uncle Fester was a bit creepy though for my young eyes, a lot creepier than Lurch.
  • I grew up watching this show, even though it creeped me out a little.

    This was another show that I literally grew up watching. It is a family comedy about a very strange family. I got confused between this and "The Munsters". Most of my time was spent trying to figure out who was dead, undead or just really strange. Their neighbors had about as much trouble as I did I think. I can remember Uncle Fester putting a light bulb in his mouth and then it lighting up. Then there was cousin It. Talk about strange. Looked kind of like an early attempt at a Muppet that failed. The kids were very creepy. I would not have wanted to go to school with them.
  • The Addams Family series showed a supposedly weird family that turned out to be one of the most well-adjusted on television, possibly of any era.

    The Addams Family series showed a supposedly weird family that turned out to be one of the most well-adjusted on television, possibly of any era. And it's important to note that this was a contribution of the show producers and writers that was added to the basic characters of Charles Addams. The original cartoons were single-joke frames, but the series developed a tight group of complimentary characters, among other things vindicating the comedic promise of former kid actor Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester. The Addams Family was, in its own strange way, the healthiest TV family ever presented. The mother and father are utterly smitten with one another. They dote on their children and pay meticulous attention to their upbringing. The children, for their part, are respectful of their elders but brim-full of curiosity and mischief. The grandmother and uncle are loved and respected. Extended family members are admired and included. The butler shows great devotion to his employers, who repay him by providing a loving family. Thing (whatever it is) is appreciated for his omnipresent helpfulness. And visitors are always welcome and treated with the utmost courtesy.
    One memorable thing is Cousin It's tiny room. Everyone else had to crouch in and they hit their heads on the ceiling (now you know what Being John Malkovich was a rip-off of). But most important is the sexual chemistry between Morticia and Gomez: "Querida, that's French!" as he kisses his way up her arm. They never fought and prompted a psychologist to comment, "This is the healthiest show on TV". Gomez and Morticia were the first TV sitcom couple to have an implied sex life (and a rather kinky one I might add!), and the whole family was healthy and happy. It was so touching to have the family thinking of others as being troubled and confused, while their own world was so blissful and joyous!

    Carolyn Jones is gorgeous! One of the prettiest, sweetest women ever! A doll-like face, a pair of huge deer-like eyes, a beauty almost out of this world! With a great soothing voice and a figure perfect enough to fit into that tiny black dress.

    Carolyn Jones' epitaph reads, "She gave joy to the world".
  • A show about a bizarre family and their strange habits.

    This was another show that I literally grew up watching as it started when I was just a few months old. I got confused very often between this and "The Munsters". Most of my time was spent trying to figure out who was dead, undead or just really strange. Their neighbors had about as much trouble as I did I think. I can remember Uncle Fester putting a light bulb in his mouth and then it lighting up. Of course my brother and I just had to try this out for our selves. The result was a blown light bulb when we screwed it back in still wet and probably a swat or two for being so stupid.
  • The show was great. The cartoon was great,and the movie was great.

    The show was great. The cartoon was great, and the movie was great.The Addams Family was a was different show tahn any other. Well Except for the Munsters. To me most of the familys on tv at this time were so happy. And they would have tiny issues. But this show was much more than happy. It was great.
  • Much Better than The Munsters!

    The Addams Family was a show created from the mind of cartoonist Charles Addams. The Addams Family consists of Gomez and Morticia Addams and their two children, Pugsley and Wednesday. Also included are Uncle Fester, Grandmama, the hairy Cousin Itt, a disembodied hand named Thing and the butler Lurch. From 1964-66 this show appeared on ABC the same time The Munsters were on CBS. The Addams lived in a creepy mansion along with a full grown lion named Kitty cat and a hungry plant Cleopatra. It is normal to hear earth shaking explosions and see the most unusual objects in the confines of the Addams home.
    I love it!
  • A Classic in absurdum

    The Addams Family is frequently compared to The Munsters, because each deals with a family comically outside the mainstream of life. Growing up, I always preferred The Addams family. First, TAF relied less on death topics for it's humor. Second, in my judgment TAF was better cast. John Astin is a happy man in his own world, whether Gomez in The Addams Family, the Riddler fill-in in Batman, or as Buddy in Night Courrt. Third, TAF had a wider range of characters - the hyper-tall butler, the hand-only Thing; the combined energies of Cousin Itt and Uncle Fester, the subdued tone of Morticia.
  • "They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Addams Family."

    One of the more bizzare comedies of the 1960s, The Addams Family was the other "goulish" prime time show that baby boomers delighted in.

    The Addams' lived in that house down the street that everyone thought was condemmed but wasn't, and on occasion, the outside world would have to interact with these social rejects.

    In charge of the family, was Gomez Addams, played wonderfully by John Astin. Gomez, an entrepreneur of some kind, was constantly making and losing money, and it was the game that counted, not the numbers.

    Always at his side, Gomez's wife Morticia, so sultrily played by the fetching Carolyn Jones, has roots for feet and though she so often acts naive, is usually the voice of reason in this family.

    Of course, you wouldn't have a family unit without kids, but these two are what nightmares are made of. Taking great pleasure in activities like pulling wings off of butterflies, Pugsley and Wednesday are the poster children for increased funding to juvenile detention centers.

    And The Addams gang would not be complete without it's extended family members: Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan), Grandmama (Blossom Rock), and Cousin It (the hand of Felix Silla). Top it off with 6'9" Ted Cassidy's character, Lurch, the butler, and you've got one terrifically goofy bunch.

    Each week, the Addams Family would find it's members involved in some kind of mischief that would cause all kind of trouble for both themselves as well as the poor, unsuspecting citizens of their community, who would be unlucky enough to run across their paths.

    As a child in the sixties, I have to admit that I loved the television shows of that era, and yes, I'll fess up to it, The Addams Family was indeed one of my favorites that I never missed. And though the shows still appear in syndication now and then on cable channels like TV Land, programs like this just aren't on enough. I guess for the young people of today, the humor is too sophisticated, or is not dirty enough.

    Either way, The Addams Family will go down in my book as one of those guilty pleasures from my childhood that I still like to partake in.

    You rang?
  • The Addams Family.

    A great sitcom that relies on a whacky family of extreemly twisted individuals. Some of the best character traits are shown by the evil and depressed Wednesday Addams. Her torture of her brother and disregard for anything that should be _right_ makes for some great stuff. Also when Tish speaks French its hilarious. The movies are also decent but the original show had lots of groundbreaking in comedy. This show has held up well. I would like dvds of it when I can find them.
  • It passes the test of time, when Halloween costums for it are still being sold.

    One of my favorite childhood shows. It passes the test of time, when Halloween costums for it are still being sold. When over 30 years later everyone can still sing the theme song and know who "Cousin It" or "Thing" is. The show has wonderful complex characters who are not aware that they are not within the norm or society. Yet as we actually explore the characters, we come to realize maybe we are all out of the norm. What is the norm anyway? And yet this abnormal family is functional and loving. I like that though the show is a comedy, it has more levels than just to make you smile. It has great symbols and great depth. That is why, it is still recalled today.
  • Based on Charles Addams' cartoons in the New Yorker magazine, The Addams Family spotlighted a creepy, kooky, mysterious, and ooky family that was hardly who you'd want for your next door neighbors.

    I've always been more of an Addams Family person rather than a Munsters person. I love Gomez, Mortitia, Uncle Fester, Wednesday, Pugsley, Grandmama, Lurch, and Thing. It's a great show with just the right amount of weird humor. John Astin and Carolyn Jones had just the right chemistry especially when Gomez went wild whenever Mortitia spoke French. Ted Cassidy was fantastic as Lurch. Sure, the Munsters might be great to go visit, but I'd like to live next to the Addams Family.
  • A work of art

    One of the funnier and more enjoyable series of the period about a ghoulish family that just seems to be totally unaware of their strangeness. Led by John Astin and Carolyn Jones, the group included the two aforementioned performers as the parents to two creepy youngsters and the odd voices of reason to various other family members. Jackie Coogan definitely stole the show as the creepy Uncle Fester. A short run of success for three seasons ended in 1966 with only 64 episodes being made. Used to have a home in syndication, but is harder to find on television these days. The series had a renaissance in the early-1990s with two theatrical installments starring Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and Anjelica Huston. The movies are not on par with the series, the main reason for this is the fact that the situations and characters play out so much better on the boob tube. 120 stars out of 100.
  • Before my time but wonderful!

    The original adams family was wonderful!! I remember when i was little i would come home after school and watch the re runs of it on T.V land and i wold allways freak my mother out when i impersonated Wensday. But i love it! Morticia and Gomez were funny but i liked how the kids yused to torture each other it was funny!
  • A sit-com based on the cartoons and drawings of Charles Addams

    Who would have thought that a sit-com based on the cartoons and drawings of Charles Addams could be this entertaining? The odd, but strangely normal Addams family cuts roses off stems to keep the thorns and has a pet lion. They are completely unaware that they are different from anyone else. They have enough unusual relatives to keep things moving along.

    John Astin was brilliant as Gomez. Carolyn Jones was simply beautiful as Morticia.
    Former child star Jackie Coogan was the perfect Uncle Fester.

    If you get a chance to watch this series, do so. It was funny, weird and witty all at the same time.
  • The Adams Family is about a family who are monsters in a human neighbourhood they have a nosey next door neighbour husband who doesnt care!!! Its a laugh an I think they should do it again choosing characters equally matching the last lot otherwise it won

    I think this show was excellent and that they should bring it back!!! I loved watching how the brother and sister, Wednesday and Pugsly. What they do and say is always a larf and I never had enuf wactchin it I really think they should bring it back in the future!!!