The Addams Family

ABC (ended 1966)





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  • I absolutely love this show!

    Addams family has something special about them - not that they are strange, creepy or so... but they are such a real loving family. Gomez and Morticia is a perfect, loving married couple. And they all are wonderful, kind people who live full life, opposite to some other "normal" people. This show is very well written. Its for everyone - children and adults. But quite a lot of things are for older viewers, not very small children - political themes, for instance... Characters are great. Gomez- impulsive and energetic, always ready to do something new. Morticia - the main word to describe her, would be - elegant. She can be as energetic as Gomez, but in a bit different way - she is more stable and realistic - cool and beautiful. Uncle Fester gives some crazier and creepier component to this family. Lurch is an awesome, original character itself. He has his own "style". This show is unique, funny AND CLEVER - not just another dull comedy.
    When you watch them you just want to be a part of their family.