The Addams Family

ABC (ended 1966)





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  • They may be creepy and kooky - but this show is never ooky.

    Very few Black & White shows have ever caught my attention. Growing up in 'the age of color', I can't really stand to watch shows or movies that aren't colorized. People can say "well I'm glad you didn't grow up in my day then" - but that is exactly my point. It's not that I am against watching shows in B&W - I just prefer when they are in color.
    However - "The Addams Family" is an exception to that rule. It wouldn't look the same without being in B&W - I believe this is what gives the show it's atmosphere.

    Such a dark comedy for it's day. Doom and gloom are what this show is about - but it does it in such a manner that it turns the (usually) somber situations into something hilarious.
    It is really no wonder that this show has been a firm favourite for almost 5 decades and spawned a number of movies and spin-offs (including an an animated series of the same name).
    Although (for most of us) we can't relate to them - there is still something about them that touches us, while letting us view life from a different perspective.

    This show has proven to be ageless - comedy like this is sure to appeal to many people for a long time to come.