The Addams Family

Season 1 Episode 1

The Addams Family Goes to School

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1964 on ABC

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  • The Addams children are forced to attend school.

    Mr. Hilliard, the truant officer, pays the Addamses a visit. He is shocked by the way the Addams residence is furnished. The visit concerns the fact that Pugsley and Wednesday are not in school. Hilliard is frightened by Lurch, the Frankenstein-like butler. Also shocking are the pet lion, the man-eating vine, and the live bearskin rug. Gomez Addams, the patriarch, frightens Hilliard by suggesting that he relax by stretching out on the rack. Later on, the children enter school. They are frightened by their reading texts. They talk about slaying dragons. This leads Gomez and Morticia to go to the school to demand a change in the reading book used.
  • A truant officer visits the Addams family because neither of the children has ever set foot in school, but is nearly frightened to death by the Addams household. He and the school principal convince the Addams to put Wednesday and Puggsley in school.

    Sam Hilliard, a truant officer, visits the Addams family because neither of the children has ever set foot in school. He convinces Morticia and Gomez to meet with the principal, Miss Comstock. Miss Comstock, who doesn\'t think much of Mr. Hilliard, persuades the Addams to put Wednesday and Puggsley in school, but also asks Hilliard to revisit the Addams home. The Addams chldren are disturbed by the Grimms\' fairy tales that are read at school; they think that dragons are really being killed. Hilliard is frightened by the Addams, especially Lurch and the loud gong, but he is most shocked when Gomez suggests that he try the wrack for relaxation.

    Refreshingly funny combination of a lugubrious setting with bizarre characters. Thing, a disembodied hand, is shown snatching letters from the mailman directly through the mailbox at the front gate. Later, Thing answers the telephone and hands the receiver to Morticia. A resounding gong summons Lurch, the towering servant with the sententious, basso profundo voice, who startles Hilliard at each of his appearances. Grandmama chides Uncle Fester for not cheating at cards. The mordancy of transforming sad and gloomy subjects into humor is a very successful formula.