The Adventures of A.R.K. - Season 1

Discovery Channel (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Animal Rescue 101: The Basics
    The volunteers learn a lesson in rescuing animals.
  • Tiger On Board
    Tiger On Board
    Episode 12
    The volunteers find a tiger on board of a ship.
  • An Elephant You'll Never Forget
    When one of the elephants are in danger the volunteers must protect it and then they must say goodbye to the elephant they saved.
  • Lions, Camera, Action!
    The volunteers find a lion on the set of a movie.
  • Fox Follies
    Fox Follies
    Episode 9
    The volunteers find a group of fox babies.
  • Cat Wooman
    Cat Wooman
    Episode 8
    The volunteers find a woman that loves cats but has too many.
  • Caution: Mountain Lion Head
    The volunteers must rescue a moutan lion and people at the same time.
  • Monkey Business
    Monkey Business
    Episode 6
    When a rumor is spread around that when a boy gets sick,the people blame it on the animal shelter,and thaey think that the cause is one of the monkeys that one of the volunteers owns is the cause of the disese.The boy goes through a tough time when they tell him that the only way to find out if the monkey was really the cause of the disese is to put him down and do surgery.When one of the other volunteers asks him why the monkey is so importamt to him.He says that the reason is that they found the monkey when he was sick because the previos owners had fed him bird food.His dad was a vet so they shared their love of animals.They had took the monkey with permission and promised to find a home for it,but then his dad got sick and they never got to find another home for the monkey,so he kept it as his pet and it reminded him of his father and because he had become attached to it.Meanwhile,two of the other volunteers search for the answer to the mystery to save the monkey,and they find out that he was inhaling a chemical in science class and then when he got sick off of it on purpose,he blamed the monkey.They rush back to the shelter just in time and save the monkey.The problem is solved and the boy gets to keep the monkey and they tel; the people about the other boys plan and he makes it through and the whole problem is solved.moreless
  • The Shopping Orangutan
    The volunteers find a orangatan being used to cheat on tests at school and must find a home for it before it is to late.
  • Operation Sea Turtle
    The volunteers must save a sea turtle from being guided away from the ocean because of an helopcoter buisness.
  • Burley The Hot Tub Bear
    The volunteers rescue a bear named Burley and who people call Burley the hot tub bear.
  • See You Later Alligator
    An alligator is loose on a golf course at a posh country club. The rescue kids have to work fast to save the ‘gator from an angry mob of scared club members.
  • A Day At The Races
    A Day At The Races
    Episode 1
    The rescue kids are called upon to help a racing greyhound who's being mistreated by his greedy owner. With the help of the mayor and Noah's handy "squirrel-cam," Barrett, Kat, Elissa and Noah wind up saving a racing-track's worth of Greyhounds.
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