The Adventures of Batman and Robin

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The Adventures of Batman and Robin

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After the success of the live-action series of 1966, The Adventures of Batman and Robin was created. It was the first ever Batman animated series to hit the airwaves. Batman and Robin would face off such villains as the Joker, the Scarecrow and Catwoman. The show consisted of a thirteen minute "Adventures of Batman" segment followed by a six minute "Adventures of Batman and Robin" segment. The show originally aired as part of the Batman-Superman Hour before being re-aired the next year as The Adventures of Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder. The show lasted for 17 segments of each "The Adventures of Batman" and "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" for a total of 34 episodes before its cancellation.

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  • batman tells the story of a young boy named bruce wayne whome after witnessing the murder of his parents has sworn to fight crime as batman.

    of course there have been numerous adaptations of batman either as an animated show,movie or various different comic interpretations,however this one is by far my favorite animated retelling of the story and the mythic characters and of course batman.the batman animated series which began in 1993 and ended i believe around 1997 was by far one of the coolest cartoons that you can watch on weeknight with both mom and dad watching as well,due to the emotional depth and detailed story telling that made this cartoon such a great retelling of the batman lore and mythology.this show also made great leaps in terms of depth and emotional story telling for a kids show!(go figure)even now as i grow older into my early 20's the show still has an impact in me just as powerful as it did when i was still wearing pj's and going to bed at 8:00 clock sharp.the series also marked the voice acting debute of kevin conroy who has provided the voice of batman/bruce wayne well into the shows ending and beyond into other animations which called for his talent of portraying the dark night such as...btaman beyond,the justice league,and the short lived justice league unlimited.the show also marked the legendary debute of a legend himself known only as mark hamill(star wars/luke skywalker) as the clown prince of crime himself the joker and who would continue to provied the voice for joker well on through even the shows ending in to two animated feature films (batman:mask of the phantasm,and batman beyond:return of the joker whom conroy also stared in as batman and bruce wayne in both films.overall the series and it's short film releases have made a strong footprint in the batman history as being one of the few good and well writen dc animated shows to be seen in this century.well i deffinately recommend this one to anyone that loves dc,cartoons and just batman himself so enjoy.moreless

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