The Adventures of Blinky Bill

ABC1 (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Blinky Bill And The Bird Smugglers
      After being so close to getting back home to Greenpatch through Ms. Pym, Blinky and his gang resign themselves to believe it will take them a very long time to get back home, if at all. Along their travels, the gang come acorss Henk, a lizard, whose parents have been kidnapped by smugglers. They agree to help locate the smugglers and get his parents back, and while they rescue a few parrots, the rescue attempt only leads to Flap being captured by the smugglers. The smugglers escape on a boat, but not before Blinky and his friends jump on board. Will they be able to rescue Henk's parents? Will they ever see Flap again? Will they avoid capture? And will the smugglers be brought to justice?moreless
    • Blinky Bill's Holiday
      Many months have passed since Blinky Bill and his friends found themselves lost, unable to get back home to Greenpatch, and in all that time they have never been closer to getting home than they are now. While wandering aimlessly in the desperate hope of finding any signs that can tell them where Greenpatch is, Blinky Bill spots Ms. Pym, the greengrocer from the neighbouring town to Greenpatch, on a bus. The gang desperatelt try and follow the bus, which takes them to a holiday resort. Ms. Pym, it appears, is having a holiday. But she has taken her budgie with her, and the resort has a strict "No Pets" policy. The gang then propose a plan to get Ms. Pym tossed out of the hotel, thus allowing the opportunity for them to follow her home. Will Ms. Pym be kicked out? Will she notice Blinky Bill and his gang? Will the plan work out? And will Blinky and his friends eventually make it back to Greenpatch?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Egg Rescue
      While on their extraordinary adventure, Blinky and co. come across an abandoned Cuckoo's egg. Flap makes it is responsibility to find an appropriate nest for it. However, this proves to be a difficult job, as Mr. and Mrs. Plover refuse to take the egg, as do the ducks, and Mr. Wren. But what happens when Blinky and the gang spot a bulldozer heading towards all of the birds nests'? Will they try to rescue the eggs? Will they find anyone willing to take the Cuckoo's egg? Will any of the eggs hatch? And of great importance for Blinky and his friends - will they ever get to see Greenpatch again?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Apple Thieves
      While on their quest to get back to Greenpatch, Blinky and the gang come across an apple orchard run by humans. However, Shifty is mistaken as one of the apple thieves and the humans lock him away. The rest of the gang try to find out who the real thieves are so they can help clear Shifty's name. Will they find the real crooks? Will Shifty be released? Or rescued? And was Shifty really the crook in the first place?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Lighthouse
      While on their seemingly endless trek back home to Greenpatch, Blinky Bill and his friends stumble across a lighthouse. Once inside, they find a sea bird and a penguin lighthouse keeper in the middle of a heated argument. The sea bird wants the penguin to extinguish the lighthouse as they believe that the penguin is using the light to catch all of the fish that the sea bird needs for her chick. However, what happens when the chick gets lost at sea in the middle of the night? Will the penguin be willing to help the sea bird? Will the lighthouse be used? Will the chick be found? And how will their argument finally be resolved?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Polar Bears
      Blinky and his friends decide to take a break and play a game of hide and seek. Shifty finds a great hiding place, but as he discovers, he isn't alone - there is a polar bear standing right next to him, causing Shifty to faint in shock.

      The polar bear is from Siberia and had joined the circus with his family in his quest for a better life, but Australia's climate has been harsh on the bear. Will Boris the Polar Bear decide to stay in Australia? Or will he return home to Siberia? What will Boris teach Blinky Bill? And will Blinky and his friends ever find home so he can share his adventures with everyone from Greenpatch?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Winter's Tale
      Resigned with the fact that it will not be an easy task to get back home, Blinky and his friends continue their journey through the wilderness. That is, until it begins to snow, causing them to seek shelter in an old house, inhabited by a family of owls. The mother owl is struggling to look after her three owlets by herself, as the father has left in order to write a book. Blinky and his friends decide to help her out around the place while it still continues to snow. However, Blinky later comes face-to-face with the father owl. Will Blinky be able to convince him to go home? Will the snow ever cease to fall? And will Blinky and his friends want to leave this house? Or will they choose to stay?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Lost Puppy
      After hearing a whimpering sound, Nutsy finds a puppy trapped underground. But once they free him, not only does he wish to join them, but he thinks that he is a koala, and that Nutsy is his mother. Nutsy and the puppy take a nap, but are woken by a pack of vicious dogs who chase them. Will they get away? Will Blinky come to Nutsy's rescue? And will the puppy return to its owners? Or will he join Blinky and his friends?moreless
    • Blinky Bill Is Kidnapped
      Blinky and his friends, while on the search to find home, come across a ranger's release cage, and mistake it for a trap. Blinky and Marcia then attempt to 'save' the possums in the cages by stowing away in the van. When the van stops they are in the city, miles away from the rest of their friends. Here they meet a possum by the name of Slick, who shows them what city life is all about. Will Slick join Blinky on his quest to find his home? Will the rest of Blinky's friends be able to catch up to him? Or will they be forever separated? And Will Blinky and Marcia find a way back to the bush? Or will they decide to stay in the city?moreless
    • Blinky Bill Down On The Farm
      Blinky and his friends come across a computerised farm, complete with robot guard dogs. There are many different animals on this farm, all dependent on computers, and two human scientists run the farm. Flap jumps the fence, but is captured by one of these robot dogs. Blinky and his gang try to rescue Flap, causing chaos as Blinky meddles with the computer system. Will Blinky be able to evade capture at the hands of the humans and robotic dogs? Will they manage to rescue Flap? What of the other animals on the farm? And will Blinky and his friends manage to get back home?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Earthquake
      The school children, led by Miss. Magpie, are taken on a nature trip for an excursion. That night, while Miss. Magpie sleeps, Blinky, Nutsy, Marcia, Shifty, Splodge and Flap sneak out to do some exploring, when they come across an abandoned goldmine. However, once inside they become trapped. But that is not their only worry, because lurking inside the mine is an evil goanna who does not want them to escape. Will they manage to get past the goanna and his traps? Is there another way out of the mine? Will they be able to get back to Miss. Magpie? And will they get back home?moreless
    • Blinky Bill Goes Camping
      Blinky Bill and his friends are surprised when Ms. Magpie reveals to them that they will be going on a school camp. Blinky doesn't like the idea, but once on the camp, he begins to enjoy himself. Danny and Meatball are camped nearby, and then find themselves in trouble following a thunderstorm. Blinky runs to help them. But will he be able to save them? And will Blinky then need to be rescued?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Blue Mystery
      There is a thief in Greenpatch who is stealing all of the blue coloured items that they can put their hands on. Blinky is blamed, and in order to prove his innocence, he turns detective to find the real culprit, believing Meatball and the Mayor are to blame. Who is the thief? And why are they stealing blue items?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Mystery Pollution
      The whole township of Greenpatch have broken out in spots, covering their bodies, and blame is thrown around as to who and/or what caused it. Mayor Pelican convinces the township that it is Blinky at fault, before the blame shifts to Daisy's hair salon. What is really causing the spots? Who, if anyone, is to blame? And will they be able to fix the problem?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The House Guest
      On an extremely windy day, Mayor Pelican falls out of a tree, injuring his leg. The Mayor is given no choice but to board with someone else until his leg heals and so stays with Blinky Bill. But, as can be expected, the two or them do not make ideal housemates. However, the Mayor is pretending his injury is worse than it really is to eat more of Mrs. Koala's cooking. How long can the Mayor continue to fake his injury without something going wrong? And will he be able to continue eating Mrs. Koala's meals?moreless
    • Blinky Bill Meets Mr. Echidna
      Fed up with Blinky's mischievous behaviour, Ms. Echidna leaves Greenpatch. Following her departure, the trees mysteriously begin to wilt and die, and the birds fly away from the area. Blinky and Nutsy eventually realise the source of the problem - Whiteants. Their numbers were increasing as Ms. Echidna wasn't there to eat them. Greenpatch desperatly need Ms. Echidna to return to the town. But will she return? Is there anyone else who can help with the problem? And will Greenpatch be restored to its former self?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Baby Show
      Mrs Frog needs to run an errand, leaving Blinky to babysit her babies. Blinky promises to take them to the baby show if she is not back in time. However, one of the babies goes missing right before the show, resulting in Blinky disguising Flap as one of the babies. Will Flap's identity be found out in the show? And will they find the missing baby?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Old Wombat's Home
      The doctor informs Wombo that his back is getting worse and he is too old to look after himself, suggesting he move to a retirement home. Wombo decides that it is best, and Blinky and his friends, though upset over his leaving, help him to pack. Blinky is even more upset when he sees that the workers in the retirement home are strict, and the residents are dull and cheerless, causing Blinky and his friends to put a show on for them. Will they cheer up? And will Wombo have to stay there forever?moreless
    • Blinky Bill And The Hypnotist
      The commencement of season two, which was titled Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion. Much has changed from last season, most notably the fact that the dingoes are no longer the townsfolk's enemies, and Shifty has now joined Blinky's gang. Blinky comes across a comic book teaching hypnotism. Blinky proceeds to successfully hypnotise the whole town, making them behave like one another. However, when a group of thieving goannas arrive, everyone is too confused to do anything about it. Can Blinky stop the goannas? Will the town be lifted from their tranced state? And will Blinky be punished for his actions?moreless
  • Season 1
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