The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 15

AKA Kansas

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 1993 on FOX

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  • Brisco is chasing Doc McCoy one of Bly's men. It turns out he is Dixie's ex and he wants her back. Brisco uses her to get to Doc, but regrets it later. Rita escapes with Doc's help and goes after Socrates who is hiding at Bowler's residence.

    A really good plot and well put together twists. The part with Mongoose was funny, but definitely the weakest. After all we've seen Brisco shoot and his speed. So unlike in the earlier episodes it is obvious Brisco is one of the fastest guns in the West.

    The major plot points this week were Bly's attempt at getting the orb using Doc played by Christopher Rich. We get to see the conception of the howitzer type weapon that the army is experimenting with. We find out about some things about Brisco and the orb. Bowler has a very nice home and you shouldn't trust Socrates to house sit! :) Finally and the most important, Dixie and Brisco's relationship is going to the next level. Kerry Rutherford reaches Special Guest Star status in this episode.

    We have really seen a few changes that are interesting in this beginning of the second half of the season. Brisco and Dixie. Brisco and Bowler.

    I remember seeing this show when it was first on with X-Files and this show definitely had more pizazz than X-Files yet X-Files which had poor ratings the first few years lasted a long time. Brisco, one season period. You really have to wonder about FOX's criteria for renewal sometimes.

    Another entertaining and well acted episode of Brisco County Jr.. It's been really fun to watch this show over again after fifteen years. Thanks for reading...
  • Brisco asks Dixie to help to stop one of Bly's gang, Doc McCoy, from stealing a powerful new weapon from a Government facility. But there is a twist when Brisco finds that McCoy is Dixie's ex-husband. A not bad but mostly average episode...

    I found this to be a watchable episode, but ultimately not an outstanding example of the series.

    The story features a lot of Dixie; although her accent was always a bit dubious, I still really enjoy episodes featuring the character, and in that respect this one doesn't disappoint.

    Director Rob Bowman, a veteran of many TV productions over the years, does a good job bringing the episode to life. I particularly like the silhouette scene with Dixie and Doc having supper under the trees.

    Also of note is the scene(s) where Brisco and Bowler are setting up trick shots to convince McCoy to let them into his gang. These scenes are well written and good to watch. There is also a b-plot that brings back Rita from 'Deep in the Heart of Dixie', who has escaped from prison and is besotted with Socrates. This sub-plot is mostly used for story padding, but doesn't fit in too badly.

    But somehow, even with all those plus points, this episode somehow only ended up as an average example in my eyes. Not bad, but average.

    I do like the final scene though, with Brisco and Dixie getting their photo taken.