The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 9

Brisco for the Defense

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 1993 on FOX
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Brisco for the Defense
Brisco is called upon by an old friend, a doctor, to serve as defense lawyer when the guy is accused of murdering a prominent citizen. Despite the hostility of the townsfolk, the sheriff, and the judge,who is disdainful of Brisco's Harvard roots, having graduated from Yale himself.moreless

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  • Brisco's college roommate Matthew from Harvard is now a Doctor in Crowsville. Brisco arrives to find him being arrested for the murder of Pete Crow the founder of the town. Brisco calls Socrates to help him defend Matthew against being hung.moreless

    Not the best of the episodes so far. Matter of fact it is probably the worst. Most of the early episode is spent with Brisco not being told what is going on while his friend is being railroaded into jail. Then Brisco gets beat up for trying to defend his friend after a trial is almost forced through without proper due process in front of what seems to be a legitimate court judge. Matthew insists that Brisco defend him as Brisco does have a law degree.

    This all happening in a town where no one liked Crow enough that the town name was being changed just a day after his death to Pleasantville. Everyone seems in a hurry to hang or get rid of Matthew so they can get on with their lives.

    Brisco sends for Socrates which means this town must be pretty close as the judge gave Brisco a day to get ready and Socrates showed up later that same day by stage. Logistics being what they are and with living in Arizona we have a sense for the large distances we have to travel.

    We do get some more future thinking and there are some twists to the plot of the story, but nothing too earth shattering. I think the direction the story takes at the beginning really was to set up some bad guy type characters we can consider to be guilty, but all it really does is annoy the viewer. Especially when they give away a major plot line without even saying a word. (The envelope she drops.)

    Overall a pretty entertaining second half to the episode that just doesn't make up for the first. Maybe if they spent a little less time trying to manufacture action sequences and a little more time setting the story up it might have been a little better or maybe there wasn't much of a story to begin with. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Brisco's services as a lawyer are urgently called upon by an old college friend, who has been accused of murder and faces hanging. With the town demanding justice, Brisco searches for the real murderer. A fair but average episode...moreless

    I found this to be a fairly good but ultimately average episode of the series.

    Lord Bowler does not appear, nor any of the recurring guest cast. Brisco and Socrates are the only regular cast to appear in the episode.

    The story is quite low on real action, being a more talkative affair, which I didn't particularly mind, as it's good to have a change occasionally. It is also one of the more serious episodes of the series, being less jokey than some of the others.

    The episode is plotted well, and I like the way that Brisco eventually deducts who the true culprit was, and uses coming technology (in this case, fingerprinting) to come to he conclusion. The climatic scene as Brisco reveals who the real killer was is well played out and exciting.

    This is not a bad episode by any means, but it didn't appeal to me quite as much as some of the other episodes, and maybe doesn't have as much re-watchable appeal. Still good though.moreless
  • Brisco is called on by a friend to be the defence in a murder trial. Upon arival Brisco must not only aquit his friend, but also find the true murderer.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Brisco. The mystery through out the entire think is intriguing. I absolutely loved the "next big thing" in this one. I think this episode did a good job of capturing Brisco's Harvard educated side, as well as the bounty hunter. I thought this particular episode did a good job of pulling the present into the past for a few jokes. I was particularly found of the Harvard vs. Yale joke made in the court room. I also like that it gave the viewer a look into Brisco's life pre-bounty hunter, which I always consider to be worth while. Although there are not many to choose from, this episode defiantly ranks among my top three.moreless
Edward Blatchford

Edward Blatchford

Dr. Matthew Carter

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Felton Perry

Sheriff Bumper

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Tony Jay

Judge Silot Gatt

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