The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 20

Bye Bly

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1994 on FOX

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  • Pepe Bendrix the last of Bly's gang still at large cracks Bly and the orb out of the bank vault they were in. Rogue government agents kill Pepe and take the Orb, but it is stolen by Bly. Brisco is told where he is by a woman from the future.

    The end of the Bly tale on Brisco County Jr.. This was the motive for Brisco from the beginning and the story finally comes full circle in this twentieth episode of the season.

    A very tight plot line in this episode involving Bly, the Orbs, a woman from the future, and the death of Bowler! Brisco finds out what his and Bowler's destiny with the Orbs really is and how he will stop two thousand years of servitude in the future.

    A well defined use of scenes from former episodes that now make a lot more sense and a story line that allows Brisco, Bowler, and Socrates to move on to other endeavors together.

    So we get to the end of the John Bly story line and move on with Brisco's Adventures. It will be interesting to see where things go with seven episodes left to go in the this the only season of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. Thanks for reading...
  • Brisco is in pursuit of the final member of Bly's gang, but is visited by a woman from the future, who explains the origins of the Orb, and how Bly plans to use it. An excellent conclusion to the season long plot arc...

    This review contains spoilers.

    After the (almost) season-long story arc concerning Brisco hunting down Bly and each member of his gang, and Bly's hunting for the Orbs, here things are wrapped up very well. It's not the last episode of the entire series, but it very well could have been, and as such would have rounded things off perfectly.

    Although there have been elements of it running through the series, this story has much more of a sci-fi feel to it, and is by far the most sci-fi heavy of the series.

    The episode doesn't have the traditional mid-episode cliff-hanger, but doesn't suffer for it, as there's more than enough going on in this episode to grab the attention.

    The sequences of Bowler being shot by Bly and dying are very well played out. I really did wonder if this was the end of Bowler and would be his last appearance. Thankfully, due to the time travelling powers of the Orb, Brisco is able to go back and put things right.

    At the end of the episode, the new working arrangement for Socrates, Brisco and Bowler looks to be an interesting one. I haven't watched any following episodes yet, but I wonder how it will continue.

    All-in-all, a perfect round off to the season-long plot.
  • The character of John Bly goes bye bye in this conclusion to the major story arc for "Brisco".

    The story arc involving the Orb, John Bly and Brisco's quest for justice in rounding of Bly and his gang comes to a conclusion. This isn't the last episode of the series but it would have worked quite nicely as such. Bly achieve his goal--possession of the Orb and (SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Bly reveals that he's from the future and has traveled back in time to gain possession of the Orb which offers limitless power. In his conflict with Brisco over the Orb in this episode Bly kills Lord Bowler. Brisco uses the mysterious power of the Orb to go back in time and prevent Bowler's death. He also uses the Orb to "eliminate" Bly and, in the process, bring closure to his mission to bring the 13 men who killed his father to justice.

    As with all Brisco episodes there's a deft element of satire and plenty of humor to off set the incredible storyline.
  • A woman from the future came through time to help Brisco stop Bly for taking the orbs to take over the world.The orb's energy gave Brisco a power to defeat Bly.Bly was defeat by turning into a bile of dusk. Karina went back to her time,taking the orbs wit

    "Bye Bly" is my favorite episode.Melanie Smith was terrific.She played Karina from the year 5502.She traveled to Brisco's time to help him to stop Bly for taking over the world with the orbs.Karina showed up naked because she said it's easier for long distant time travel.She didn't feel worry about showing nudity.She put on a jacket for the rest of the episode.When she ready to go,Karina took off the jacket and went back home naked again.I think the people in her future didn't cares.
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