The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 11

Deep in the Heart of Dixie

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1993 on FOX

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  • Brisco comes to Dixie's aid and learns that an assassin is trying to kill her. He is sent to bring her back to San Fransisco and Bowler is sent by the US Attorney. They end up working together to save her while Socrates is dealing with a new beau.

    Another solid episode of Brisco County Jr.. We get to see the incomparable David Warner as the assassin Winston Smiles a truly decadent but seemly enlightened Englishmen that has been paid by Bly to stop Dixie from testifying against a possible Presidential candidate who had received a bribe from Bly.

    We get to see the invention of the voice recorder and some of the many ways in which it might be used from music to important conversations. It seems that County and Bowler may be teaming up from now on as partners, but we'll see if they work out their differences. Of more importance is Brisco's and Dixie's relationship and whether they will be taking it to the next level.

    Socrates ends up falling for a new secretary working at the Westerfield Club but you'll have to see the episode to really understand what happens in the end.

    A wonderfully enchanting episode with plenty of Brisco, Dixie, Bowler, and Comet. Comet is great with his many moods and reactions to Brisco and his many antics. Well written, acted, and produced. Thanks for reading...
  • Brisco must rescue Dixie, whose life is in danger from a ruthless hitman and his gang after she accidentally gains some incriminating evidence. An exciting episode...

    I've gotten slightly sidetracked of late, but wanted to continue with my reviews of this enjoyable series.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode. It had a good story and a number of exciting scenes. And although Kelly Rutherford might not be 100% perfectly cast as Dixie, she still has a good rapport with Brisco.

    I particularly like the traditional mid-episode cliffhanger, with Brisco about to be ripped in half behind the train. Just *how* will he get out of this one?

    Once again, I guessed who the 'leak' was pretty soon on. I guess I've been watching just *too much* such TV shows over the years!

    All-in-all, an enjoyable episode.