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    I'm almost through with watching "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.". I hadn't seen it in ages, but my memory hadn't deceived me, when it told me, that I had really liked it the first time around. What I hadn't been able to remember though was anything about the story. So after the first few episodes, when I was rooting for it over at Twitter and people asked me what it were about, I told them, it were some kind of western show with a great deal of comedy. By now, with so many Sci-Fi elements brought along by the orb, I couldn't tell anymore and that's what I particularly like about the show, you can't place it in a certain genre really.

    So what would you describe it as? Western-SciFi-Mistery-Comedy show?

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    There are many shows that cross genres. This one is one of the better ones and crosses 3.

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