The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 21

Ned Zed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 1994 on FOX
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Ned Zed
A father reads his son a bed-time story from a dime novel, of how Brisco County and his "loyal sidekick" Lord Bowler brought in the notorious Ned Zed.

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  • Brisco is after Ned Zed one of Bly's gang members. He heads to Lumberland where he finds an old flame, Bowler, and Socrates all there for different reasons. Ned Zed tries to rob the new bank that is opening and Brisco has to stop him.moreless

    This is an episode that was written before the episode in which Bly was finally put down. It is obvious as Socrates still works for the Tycoon's and Brisco and Bowler are not together. They put the story together by having it be told from the standpoint of a dime novel read by a father and his son.

    Not a bad episode and there were some interesting characters. We know that Brisco had captured all of Bly's gang so I was surprised at first when we were told that Ned Zed was a member of the gang. The pieces fall together as the story is told. There is a women that Brisco knew 12 years before that had broke his heart. Now he meets her again and she is a big distraction. Bowler is riding the payroll for her company to the new bank. Socrates is traveling with one of his employers Ethan Emerson who is opening a new Emerson Federal Bank in Lumberland. Ned Zed gets a suit made of armor to wear to crack the bank and he has a portable Gatling type gun. The weight does him in in the end. He didn't consider the extra weight in his escape.

    Fun episode that is quite entertaining and nicely told by the boy and his father, Sort of like a famous true myth of the old West. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • A father and his young son read a bet-time story telling of how Brisco and his then rival Lord Bowler tried to stop the notorious Ned Zed, who is pulling off a series of bank robberies. A very awkward feeling episode, not one of my favourites...moreless

    After the excitement, explanations and resolutions of the previous episode, 'Bye Bly', things come crashing back down to earth with this very awkward feeling episode.

    I did wonder why, if it was set previously, it wasn't set in a more interesting period, such as before Brisco was working before Socrates.

    Then when I read up on the episode, suspicions that I had turned out to be correct – this was in fact an early, unaired episode, that had been adapted to play in 'flashback' form so that it didn't interfere with the series' continuity. It is set before Brisco and Bowler become partners, which is the main reason that the episode was adapted to a 'flashback' story.

    If 'the powers that be' didn't like this episode, which is why it was held back, then I can't say I'm surprised – I'm not very keen on this one at all. I can't completely put my finger on it, but it just doesn't work for me. It doesn't have the usual 'Brisco' spark.

    It's positioning also doesn't help the episode. The end of 'Bye Bly' saw Socrates take up a job working for the Government, and I was keen to see how this was implemented into the series. So the fact that this entire story is set previously comes as somewhat of a disappointment.

    One of the few good moments of the story is when Comet comes into his own and save Brisco and co. I won't give it away here, but it is possibly Comet's finest moment in the series.

    Ned Zed, and his full body suit of armor, could and should have been an interesting adversary, but again, things just don't quite spark for some reason.

    All-in-all, one of my least favourite episodes of the series.moreless

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