The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 3

No Man's Land

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 1993 on FOX
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No Man's Land
Brisco is ordered to chase after the Swill brothers, a gang who stole an experimental tank from the Army. When he is injured in pursuit, Brisco is taken to a town populated by only women. When the Swill brothers show up shortly after him, it's up to Brisco and his new allies to stop them.moreless

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  • A new weapon developed by the government is stolen and Socrates sends Lord Bowler after it. Meanwhile Brisco is following the Swill brothers and trying to bring them in. Along with Professor Wickwire they all converge on a town with only women.moreless

    A extremely fun and entertaining episode in the great spirit of The Adventures Brisco County Jr.. As Brisco always says the future is coming. In this case the Professor's rocket and what is called a war wagon, but is basically a diesel powered tank with a World War Two level weapon attached. I believe the only 70MM weapon I ever was familiar with was a Japanese Howitzer, but the American Sherman M4 Tanks standard weapon was a 75MM cannon.

    No Man's land is a ghost town that has been settled by a group of women and only women are allowed. The sheriff played by Denise Crosby a former maul of Bly's keeps the peace.

    After Brisco gets shot at and injured by the Swill brothers the Professor arrives and takes him into the closest town which is No Man's Land. The ladies reluctantly take him in. They are soon followed by the Swill's, Lord Bowler, and finally the Tank being driven by the Swills cousin. In the end Brisco comes up with an ingenious way to fight the tank. Using future weapons against future weapons! Great plot and delightful acting. Very tongue in cheek as always but with a touch of heart thrown in. An episode well worth seeing again. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • When Brisco is wounded while trying to apprehend the Swill brothers, the Professor finds him and takes him to a town totally inhabited by females. But the Swill brothers aren't far behind, and are planning to hijack an experimental tank. An enjoyable ep..moreless

    I found this to be a very enjoyable episode of the series. The story is more straightforward than some of the surrounding episodes, with less twists and turns in the plot, but wasn't any less enjoyable for it.

    It wasn't the first series to do an all female town / city / planet (!) storyline, and it was a change that the females of this story were not the enemies of Brisco and co.; Instead they teamed up to fight a common enemy (in this case, the Swill brothers).

    The women of No Mans Town are headed by Sheriff Taylor ('Star Trek: The Next Generation''s Denise Crosby). The Swill brothers are in some ways a bit generic, but still have the quirks that we've come to expect from the series (in this case, their name all rhyme – Will, Bill, Gil and Phil Swill).

    The prototype is a good match for Brisco, but I can't help but feel maybe a bit more could have been done with the idea; it seemed slightly tacked on to the rest of the story.

    Just about any episode with Professor Wickwire is a good one, and here he is refining his rail rocket seen in the Pilot, which just happens to save the day.

    Once again, Socrates gets little screen time (he only appears in one scene near the beginning), but – although I like the character – I didn't miss him that much in this episode.

    All-in-all, maybe not quite a classic, but a very good episode.moreless
Denis Forest

Denis Forest

Will Swill

Guest Star

Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts

Bill Swill

Guest Star

Judson Scott

Judson Scott

Gil Swill

Guest Star

John Astin

John Astin

Professor Albert Wickwire

Recurring Role

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    • Professor: Now that seemed to work quite well.
      Brisco: Yeah, but there's still two of them out there.
      Professor: I'm thinking of something that could be quite effective. I need some fishing line, coathanger, soap, and some cheese.
      Brisco: Cheese?
      Professor: I'm hungry.

    • Gil Swill: We're moving to the big time. You remember our cousin Ed?
      Bill Swill: The one that married Aunt Merriam?
      Phil Swill: I thought he married his mother.
      Bill Swill: That's what I said.
      Gil Swill: Until recently, Ed was one of the Army's top test drivers. The man is fearless.
      Phil Swill: You have to be fearless to marry your mother.

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    • Chapter title: Tanks for the Memories
      Entertainer Bob Hope was known for singing a song called "Thanks for the Memories".

    • Dr. Quintano: "I am Doctor Quintano, Medicine Woman."
      The town's only doctor utters this line, an in-joke reference to the TV series Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman. Dr. Quinn was the only other Western series on at the time, although it was never in direct competition with Brisco County.

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