The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

FOX (ended 1994)





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  • In a short story this tv show is about the old west and how things used to be. Good versus evil and you all know how that goes. We have Brisco County Jr. who fights for anyone with a solid cause and the truth. Along the way is his trusty horse Comet.

    After recently watching this whole tv show again. I will admit. This was a really good show. Not in the top ten for ratings but a show worthy of coming back for maybe another season or two. So many things get taken out of our reality these days. We somehow forget how once things used to be. We get older and we start to miss all these great tv shows that used to be on. Where does all the time go you may ask. I was impressed with how Briscos character was coming along in the story but I figured they could of put to rest the story about Bly sooner then later. I also liked all of the shows characters were coming together to help one another when it mattered most. This could of been so much more and I wonder if the networks cared about it or not. Maybe one day time will tell us all why Brisco County Jr. could of been so much more to all of us. Will just all have to wait for that coming thing Brisco always says.