The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 5

Socrates' Sister

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1993 on FOX

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  • Brisco catches Jack Randolph a member of Bly's gang and a counterfeiter who is planning on printing a substantial amount of illegal currency. Socrates sister comes from the East to defend him and breaks Randolph out only to have Brisco give chase again.

    This is the second episode on the DVD after the Pilot, but the fifth of the series. We learn that Iphigeneia Poole, Socrates sister played by Judith Hoag is hired by Randolph to defend him and then he woes her into breaking him out.

    It seems that Randolph has got together with Pete Hutter, the man who doesn't like his gun touched, who we believed was killed in the Pilot. Pete has half of the bill plate and Randolph had buried the other half in a town that is now 50 feet under water. Fortunately for Randolph, Professor Whitwire has a new underwater suit that will go at least that far down and he kidnaps the good professor.

    Brisco, Comet, Socrates, and Iphigeneia must save the professor and stop Randolph and Pete. In the end we think Randolph is dead and Pete disappears I'm sure to reappear later. Bowler manages to get himself caught in the line of fire as well and must be saved.

    Not as slick a plot as the pilot. Not sure why the episodes are out of order on the DVD, but this was still very entertaining. I think I'll check the order before I watch any more of the DVD! Thanks for reading...
  • After Brisco captures the slippery Jack Randolph, a member of Bly's gang, Socrates' lawyer sister Iphigenia is tricked by Randolph into helping him break out of jail, as he sets of to recover his hidden loot in a submerged town. A reasonable episode...

    Although shown a few episodes in, this was the first episode to be produced after the Pilot. So watching the series on DVD, where the episodes are presented in production order, this was the first regular episode that I saw after the Pilot.

    It might have a very faint trace of the series finding it's footing, but is still a very reasonable episode. Like the Pilot, it has a plot with a number of twists and turns.

    I didn't find the writing quite as sharp or as humorous as the Pilot, but it still had its moments.

    I liked the mid-episode cliff-hanger as Brisco and Iphigenia are tied to a tree bound with leather, which will fire a rifle at them as the leather tightens in the heat. You can't accuse them of not coming up with creative cliff-hangers for Brisco!

    We also see the return of Pete Hutter, despite him being killed in the Pilot. He is killed again here, establishing a running gag for the series (long before Kenny in 'South Park'!).

    The episode also features Professor Wickwire, which is always a bonus. This time he's invented a diving suit, which – wouldn't you know it – conveniently is needed by the villains of the episode to try and reach their sunken booty. Talk about coincidence!

    With it being the first standard episode of the series that I have seen, I'm not really sure how to sum up this story, as I've got no benchmark to compare it against. It wasn't quite as sharp as the Pilot, but was a good enough episode in itself.
  • The episode has all the classic elements of a western action, science fiction, melodrama and humor. Oh, of course Briso gets to kiss a pretty girl. And by the way, Scorates' nick name is bunny.

    I love this episode because it shows another side to Socrates Poole. You meet his sister and find out that they were dirt poor growing up. They mother was instruct mental in them both becoming lawyers. She use to read to them the classics as children. In this episode Socrates’ sister has fallen in love through letters with a criminal. She breaks him out of prison and escapes with him only to find out that he has used her. He breaks her heart and leaves her on the road. Brisco goes after her and the criminal. Socrates gets a wagon and horse to go after her but he can not leave the comforts of home during his case. Now that the conflict is set up, we get our usually entertaining aspects of the show. As usual, Brisco gets tied up with the girl and they are about to die. The cliff hanger is great because it has so many elements of science. They are tied up with leather than has been wet and with the heat of the sun is tightening. The leather has been rugged to a gun pointed at them. When the leather gets tight enough the gun goes off. Not to worry Brisco finds a way out of it. What show is without a crazy invention from our professor? He has invented a driving suit. One of the criminals goes driving for US treasurer plates. In the end the criminals are caught. The US Treasurer thinks that Socrates' sister has master minded the recovery of the plates. Brisco makes sure the girl goes free. The episode has all the classic elements of a western action, science fiction, melodrama and humor. Oh, of course Briso gets to kiss a pretty girl. And by the way, Scorates' nick name is bunny.