The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 13

Steel Horses

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 1993 on FOX

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  • Juno Dawkins, one of Bly's men steal some new "steel horses" that are prototypes to chase down a wagon that is delivering an orb to a government facility in Nevada. Brisco and Bowler go after him not only to catch him but to save Socrates job.

    A fun and whimsical episode showing some of that future technology Brisco is so fond of and always searching for. Professor Wickwire and his two beautiful Schwenke sisters from No Man's Land are now living in San Fransisco and they help Brisco with his predicament. The motorcycles were stolen on Socrates watch and now the Tycoons are firing him. They want Brisco to go after Dawkins and his men, but Brisco won't unless they give Socrates his job back if he catches them and returns the bikes.

    They capture one of the bikes, but it gets messed up and that's when Brisco goes to the Professor. The Professor brings in the girls as they are blacksmiths and between the three of them they work their majic and get a motorcycle with a sidecar so Brisco and Bowler can chase Dawkins and his two remaining cohorts.

    An exciting episode with a lot of action and a lot of tongue in cheek stuff as well. The story was a little silly like a lot of Brisco's tales, but in a way that's what makes the show excel. Also Brisco seems to have Bowler ready to jump into the future with him now that they are partners together. A very solid twosome to say the least. Comet comes to the rescue at one point and Brisco continues to have to be careful what he says around Comet. He doesn't want Comet to get mad at him. Their friendship is too valuable to Brisco.

    A fun episode to watch and the secondary characters bring a lot to this episode. Another entertaining story and enjoyable acting. Thanks for reading...
  • Brisco and Bowler must capture some steal some prototype 'motorised bycycles' to use to rob a government wagon that is transporting the Orb. An excellent, likable episode...

    I really enjoyed this episode; In fact, it may very well be one of my favourites of the show's (sadly single) season.

    If the previous episode, 'Crystal Hawks', acted like a sort of season finale, this episode felt to me in many ways to be like a second season opener, with a refreshed sort of feel, and an exciting, enjoyable story.

    This episode sums up what is so good about the series: light-hearted comedy, with tinges of science fiction in the Western setting.

    By now, Brisco and Bowler are solid partners, and whilst I did enjoy them being rivals in the earlier episodes, they still have a good rapport together.

    I like the prototype motorcycles, and it sums up another good thing about the series – it might be a Western, but just about *anything* can happen!

    All-in-all, an extremely good episode.
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