The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Season 1 Episode 19

The Brooklyn Dodgers

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 1994 on FOX
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The Brooklyn Dodgers
Brisco and Bowler run afoul of two orphans, who are being hunted by the New York City mob because of their inheritance. The bounty hunters agree to help get the orphans to San Francisco, while Socrates looks into their origins to give them legal help.

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  • Brisco and Bowler end up trying to help two orphans who have inherited a substantial fortune but need to get to San Fransisco in a few days. Unfortunately there are a few different parties trying to get their hands on the childrens money.moreless

    Actually some bad acting in this episode and Brisco and Bowler come off as a little slow witted this time around. The bad acting comes from the Irish crew from Brooklyn, the kids, and a man pretending to be their Uncle who was doing a bad acting job on purpose because we were suppose to recognize he wasn't who he said he was. One person of note is the girl that played Shannon Trahern. She was played by Mercedes McNab who also played Holly on Buffy and Angel in the late 90's and early 2000's.

    There is an interesting secondary story with Socrates that almost makes up for the problems with the episode, but the bad acting seemed to befall that part of the episode as well from the former Captain to the alleged mother of the children.

    Not a terrible story, just poorly driven and probably the worst of the season. I'm beginning to wonder if the last section of episodes got a little too spoofy for their own good. Bowler and Brisco work fine together and Socrates is great, but a lot of the other characters from the criminals to the common folk seem a little two dimensional which wasn't really true in the earlier episodes. If that is true it might have explained a lot about the cancellation of the show. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Brisco and Bowler meet two orphans when the youths try to steal Comet. The pair are on their way to San Francisco to claim an inheritance, and Brisco decides that they should help the pair. But a mob wants the money for themselves. Not the best episode...moreless

    I'll say it straight off – this episode didn't do much for me at all. Not compared to some of the other great instalments in the series. I found the story to be mostly quite dull, and the whole thing to me felt like a 'filler' episode to bump up the season's episode count.

    I found the male orphan to be very generically 'poor orphan trying to be tough', and extremely annoying. The girl was slightly better, but even she wasn't outstanding.

    The New York mob that are after orphans so they can claim the inheritance for themselves could have been fairly interesting, but sadly they don't get much to work with in a pretty duff storyline.

    Thanks to Socrates' investigating, things turn out with a happy ending, and that's probably the only good thing about the episode.

    Maybe I'm being a little over-harsh (there are one or two nice little touches, as with every episode of 'Brisco'), but this one for the most part just feels like a by-the-numbers filler I'm afraid.moreless

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