The Adventures of Chico and Guapo

MTV 2 (ended 2006)


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  • i like this show

    this show is the best i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    This show its the best itssss so good good its really really really really really really really really really really really
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    great. I love it the lil kwim was good and lil kwim was butt naked there is sometimes a lot of nudity and they like to talk about pubes. I believe the shows characters are spanish likie chico and guapo and they talk like it Even the music is spanish i Like this show.
  • great

    I've only seen one episode and i allready love this show. the things showed on this shoe are great and funny and the charachters talk fast. make sure to watch this show ion MTV2's sickamation saturday at noon along with beavis and butthead, where my dogs at, celebrity deathmatch, and ren & stimpy i think. its very odd that this show only has 10 reviews should have more such a great show. i loved the episode when that guy got his first pubic hair and it turned into the end and the guy had BBQ flavored pubic hairs thanks for reading my review
  • The show is about wannabe interns at a music industry who waqnt to be recording artists.

    the show first loooks. kind of weird or stupid. but soon it starts to catch your attention and will start getting funnier. it reminds me of a mexican beavis and butthead meets a decent show. the show does need help in keeping it fast paced though. but the show is pretty funny. i would say any 1 who does like beavis and butt head and the simpsons with a weird sense of humor. but i do find it weird they premiered it recently and not in september the dvd of this tv show is coming out. but anyway it is the new animated sitcom check out
  • This show will make you appreciate blue stretch pants and long monster fingernails.

    This is seriously one of the funniest shows I\'ve seen in a while. The jokes come pretty fast and are on point, so if you don\'t have a quick sense of humor, you\'re going to be lost. When the Gelatinous rapper fell out of the closet onto the receptionist, I LOST MY MIND! Seriously, this show is crazy funny!
  • I could not stop laughing. A winner from the start.

    I could not stop laughing when Chico was trying to stuff Guapo into the oven. slapstick at it's best. can't wait until the next episode.aaaa aaa aaaaa a aa aaaaaa aa aa a a aa a aa aaaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aa aaaaaa aaaaaa aaa aa aaaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaa aaa aa aaa aa aa aa aaa aa aa aaaa aaa aa aa aaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aa aaaaaa aaaaa aaaa aa aa a a aayapaulieaa aa aaaaa aa aa aa aa aaa aaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaa aaapjaaaa aaagoodjobaaa aaaaa aaa aaa aaa aa a a aa a a
  • This new program offers a bracing interrogation of race, work, gender, language and urban life. It keenly addresses social and cultural issues not from the prison of white suburbia (Beavis) but from the electric environment of brown, urban America.

    This new program offers a bracing interrogation of race, work, gender, language and urban life. It applies a frame tale structure as in Beavis and Buthead but keenly addresses social and cultural issues not from the prison of white suburbia but from the electric environment of brown, urban America. Two Puerto-Rican young men, made in the model of Laurel and Hardy (fat and skinny) watch TV and experience what 200 million Americans do every day—the spectrum of terror, horror, medical science, sex and current events on TV in rapid-fire-channel-changing quest for something of substance and pleasure. The overload includes some tongue touching images from Girls Gone Wild, to which Guapo retorts something to the effect of “I don’t care if they are pretending, it still excites me.” The entire show is full of such comments on the nature of fiction, illusion, belief and their relationship to desire and pleasure. How is desire possible, how is it constructed in a world of technological overload and commodification, in a world of imaging making and packaged performance?

    To this end, the show explores desire in all its modern cultural forms, including the desire of white kids to be black and, more seriously amidst the humor, the desire of brown men to achieve self-respect. But the show also employs many classic, proven and artfully enacted paradigms: it is a workplace show, emphasizing loyalty and love among the workers; it featured in its debut, a fight scene that was both an homage to \"Bugs Bunny and the Crusher\" and a send up of the ubiquitous “smack-down” wrestling programs, here wittily rendered as “slap down.” And like Bugs Bunny, there is plenty of cross-dressing and gender-bending here. The show\'s writers are obviously comic historians, and they know how to play both to a new young audience and to Boomers who van catch the cascade of visual and verbal allusions: Last Tango, Deliverance, etc. The writing is rich and allusive and will repay multiple viewings. There is even something Welsian in the overlapping dialogue.

    Finally, the show satirizes political correctness and sanctimony as it pokes fun at race—never tastelessly or mean-spiritedly-- but insightfully, as in the prophecy that soon there will be no color but mocha-late as in Derek Jeter, Lenny Kravitz and Hale Berry. The tightly packed episodes within the frame structure of the show are some of the smartest cultural studies satire one can see on TV. I endured a flash of Celebrity Death Match moments before C and G went on, and I quickly grew tired of the predictability and monotony of that gag. C and G, on the other hand, is full of levels and surprises, and, as Chico said twice in this debut, you might learn something from the stories. The writers are bold enough here to allude to Horace’s call for “dulce et utile” (pleasure and value) from art. The creators have put together a rich and dramatic show, and the coming attractions promise more of the same. I recommend this show to viewers of all ages capable of irony, and I’m sure the Modern Language Association will sponsor a scholarly panel on it someday.
  • Somewhat interesting, but stupid.

    First of all, I hate this title. Can't they think of something more creative? This show does have its interesting and funny moments, like telling the fat woman on the diving board she would jump if there was pudding in the pool and telling the Aflac duck his movies are no good, but otherwise this show is pretty stupid and I don\'t really get it. It also stereotypes the behavior/look/etc of current Spanish males and females, although the parody of the current state of caucasian culture was pretty funny. The stereotypical boss figure is a pretty good character for the show though. What reason does that black guy have for being in the show though? The intro is pretty well done too, the song is pretty catchy. Right now I'll give this show a 6 and hope it gets a little more tuning.

    EDIT- Why is everyone comparing this show to Beavis and Butthead. IMHO, they are absolutely nothing alike! I can't think of one thing that is similar between the characters or between the shows!
  • Really worth watching! The new Beavis & Butthead but PG-13. Don't miss it! You get so attached to the characters you can't wait to see them again. Really funny and diferent.

    Hilarious! Great idea, I love that it\'s two janitors in a record company. There is obviously a deep friendship between the two, which makes for the puns between them much funnier, cause it\'s not just two idiots (which they are) but it\'s two idiots who know each other very well and could not get more on each others nerves or on ours. One of my favorite characters is the secretary, she\'s the bomb, I love her. The animation is genius, it\'s really, really good. It\'s diferent from any other I\'ve seen before. I can\'t wait to see more episodes.... Gimme some more!!!!!
  • Pretty dang hilarious.

    Sometimes the jokes get a bit too "sit-commy," but the characters are great, especially when they just talk to each other and mock each other. I like the crazy old boss too, and the boy scout.

    Overall, I think this show could be a winner. Hispanic Beavis and Butthead janitors! It's best when it's really outrageous, like the fetus dancing in the mom's belly. The fetus should be a regular character, and they should make dolls of it. I'd buy one.

    I also really like when they watch tv and make fun of people.

    It's hard to come up with a hundred words--I just saw one episode! Sheesh! Give a guy a break!
  • Overall, I think there's a lot of promise here -- a combination of "dumb" but funny humor with smart concepts underlying the gags.

    Very funny. Unique characters, love the world. Fresh take on the buddy comedy. The first short Affirmative Reaction is really clever. I like the way it comments on stereotypes within the entertainment business without getting all serious about it. Well written and funny. I also like the last short, about the dancing fetus which is a spoof on shows like American Idol. The pardody of Notorios BIG is also good. I like the boy scout who mistakes BIG for a pile of garbage. It's idiotic but funny. Overall, I think there's a lot of promise here -- a combination of "dumb" but funny humor with smart concepts underlying the gags.
  • The 21st Century Beavis and Butthead!.

    My review mostly is about the pilot episode which is beeing streamed on .
    The show in itself, is not that bad, the jokes are good and original though sometimes idiotic. The show is a bit 90`s style. I mean the show formula is the same used by Beavis and Butthead show. Granted, the characters are not as irritating as Beavis and Butthead were, with Butthead`s laugh irritating everyone,but the main characters lack personality.We know more about the characters of the other characters in the show, rather than about the main characters!, at least from the pilot episode.

    I like MTV 2 cartoons like Daria and Celebrity Deathmatch, but this show seems to take its storyline from Viva La Bam, or Jackass shows. The jokes sometimes err on the side of stupid or plain dumb. A case in point is when the receptionist goes to open the closet and the black man falls on her, and then the boy who is a trash reducer, comes in and jumps on her.I have to admit though the last sketch the one with the fetus, was funny, especially seeing the fetus jump and acts as a rapper inside the mothers womb.

    This show seems, that it will have lots of potential viewers, especially with those in the age group from 14 - 25, but the authors have to balance the jokes, to more funny, rather than plain stupid. Who knows maybe these two characters Chico and Guapo will be the New millenuim Beavis and Butthead.
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