The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon

TVO (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • The Last Dudley
      The Last Dudley
      Episode 14
      Dudley needs companionship from another dragon. This promts a fortune-teller called the Great Mezmra to snare Dudley into her side show with the promise that they would find another dragon.
    • Lullaby Dragon
      Lullaby Dragon
      Episode 13
      Dudley's plans for a sleepover with his friends seems in jeopardy when he discovers he has lost his comforting bear.
    • Which Witch?
      Which Witch?
      Episode 12
      Willomena and Ernestina were the twin witches who had victimized Dudley and his friends. Now the two witches want to hold a birthday party. It seems impossible for the witches to agree on even that, and now DUdley and his friends may have to pay.
    • The Pumpkin King
      The Pumpkin King
      Episode 11
      In part two of the trilogy, Dudley, Julia and the Caveman all desire something badly à la The Wizard of Oz. They travel to the Pumpkin King, who will grant them their separate wishes if they can retrieve the hat of one of the witches who had threatened their habitat in the previous episode.moreless
    • The Boy Who Cried Witch
      The first in a three-part saga finds Mickey making up stories about witches that are out to get everyone in the forest.
    • The Great Dragonberry War
      Dudley and the Caveman go to war over care of a dragonberry bush called "Priscilla."
    • Dudley and the Knight Club
      Dudley wants to become a Knight in armor to improve his image. That prompts a knight called Pointdexter to put Dudley through dangerous tests to prove himself worthy of knighthood.
    • Cinderella Ha-Ha
      Cinderella Ha-Ha
      Episode 7
      The Prince commands a masquerade ball for his own amusement. This is evident when girls are deemed unfunny and are not considered for the ball. Chloe the Fairy Godmother has a plan in store for both the Prince and Julia to learn lessons.
    • The Wishing Well
      The Wishing Well
      Episode 6
      Mr. Crabby Tree wants to roam around. When a wishing well grants him a human body, Mr. Crabby Tree soon regrets it.
    • The Royal Cup
      The Royal Cup
      Episode 5
      It's a Tortoise and the Hare story as Dudley and the Prince race for the Royal Cup.
    • Dog Gone Dragon
      Dog Gone Dragon
      Episode 4
      The mischievous Troll takes a turn for the worse as he tries to create a potion that will make him stronger. He turns himself into a dog, much to the delight of Dudley and Mickey. But Mickey will not be happy for long.
    • Mr. Crabby Tree Falls in Love
      Whoe would have believed Mr. Crabby Tree would want to change his ways? He sheds his crabby ways on Valentine's Day in an effort to impress the lovely apple tree.
    • Dudley's Big Decision
      When Laura and her parents move away from the forest, Dudley seeks the Troll's help to sabotage Laura's plans.
    • Dudley and the Cowardly Ghost
      Dudley hears stories of a legendary ghost, but when he does meet "Jacob Spookem," he finds this ghost doesn't know how to scare people. It's up to Dudley and Laura to embolden him.
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