The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon - Season 1

TVO (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Dudley and the Dodo
    Dudley and the Dodo
    Episode 12
    What's Dudley doing with a dodo? And what's the dodo doing with the notion that Dudley is his mother?
  • Dudley in the Rainforest
    Is there no way to describe the rainforest without lapsing into the usual diatribes? Dudley and Aggie are forced into a rainforest on a rescue mission.
  • Dudley Goes Camping
    Dudley Goes Camping
    Episode 10
    Dudley and Sally want their camp-out to go swimmingly, but not if The Force of Nature can help it.
  • Dudley and the Toxin
    Dudley goes through a nightmare thanks to a poisonous substance called Vernon.
  • High Flyin' Dragon
    High Flyin' Dragon
    Episode 8
    Dudley leases a hot-air balloon, and in it, he winds up in a breathtaking hazard.
  • Dudley Meets a Tiny Giant
    What's with a tiny giant? Maybe he can teach Dudley a thing or two about insects' relationship with plants.
  • Dudley Has a Tummy Ache
    A bitter wind rumbles through, as Sally is convinced Dudley is poisoned.
  • Dudley Meets Mr. Can
    In the wake of a birthday party, Dudley runs into a nasty attitude problem from his garbage can. Dudley says he's totally absolved from the blame for making a pile of garbage, but is he?
  • Dudley and the Genie
    Just how good is this genie Dudley has discovered? He really wants Dudley to waste his energy resources.
  • Mr. Crabby Tree
    Mr. Crabby Tree
    Episode 3
    The first appearance of Mr. Crabby Tree leaves Dudley spinning through the tree rings of time.
  • Dudley's Tea Party
    Dudley's Tea Party
    Episode 2
    A planned tea party goes awry when all the water around Dudley dries up.
  • Dudley Finds His Home
    Dudley emerges from a 100-year slumber and finds to his horror that everything has changed. It's up to two children (who are as amazed at Dudley as he is about this new world) to convince Dudley that he is still on familiar ground.