The Adventures of Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids - Season 1



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Episode Guide

  • Attitude of Gratitude
    Fat Albert gets a job feeding 'Marvin the Elephant' at the local zoo and seems to be coping well - juggling school, homework and his new responsibility - that is until his Aunt Sally falls ill.
  • No News Is Good News
    When the school Journalism Class goes away on a field trip, Fat Albert and the Cosby kids are asked to take their place and create the school newspaper.
  • Say Uncle
    Say Uncle
    Episode 48
    Weird Harold's Uncle Marcus moves in with his family and Weird Harold has to share his bedroom with him. Weird Harold is having difficulties adjusting to sharing his personal space with his Uncle and his different taste in music
  • Cable Caper
    Cable Caper
    Episode 47
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids have to do a school project on people in the neighbourhood. They go to the public TV station and borrow equipment to film people in the community.
  • Write On
    Write On
    Episode 46
    Richard, a classmate at the kids' school, is ashamed to let people know that he likes poetry. Rudy finds out and teases him about his poetry, but Fat Albert encourages him not to be afraid to let people know of his passion.
  • Faking the Grade
    Faking the Grade
    Episode 45
    Dumb Donald's is struggling with his schoolwork - especially in Math. Miss Wucher speaks to him regarding his grades, as she is concerned that if he doesn't work harder at school that he may not be able to go on to the next grade.
  • Wheeler
    Episode 44
    A new kid named Chuy, better known as 'Wheeler' (who uses a wheel chair) arrives in the neighbourhood.
  • Rudy and the Beast
    Rudy and the Beast
    Episode 43
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids meet a new girl named Joyce whose father is a big time movie producer. Rudy sees this as his big break to get into acting, but will he compromise his friendship with Joyce to get to the top?
  • Painting for the Town
    Lenny, a young talented painter and friend of Fat Albert and the Cosby kids is leaving town because he can't find a job.
  • Superdudes
    Episode 41
    Everybody loves a super hero, especially Dexter who idolises the great TV superhero, 'Captain Cougar'.
  • We All Scream for Ice Cream
    Weird Harold is excited about his new job serving ice cream at Mr. Cooper's Ice Cream Shop. Peer pressure from all of the kids except Fat Albert puts Weird Harold in a sticky situation?ut will it cause him to lose his job?
  • Computer Caper
    Computer Caper
    Episode 39
    Russell is trying to finish his American History assignment and his friend Greg, a computer whiz kid, offers to help him do his research on the computer.
  • Gang Wars
    Gang Wars
    Episode 38
    Being part of a gang is dangerous! Fat Albert tries to convince his friend Tito's older brother Fernando not to force Tito into his gang. Tito is caught in-between the gang wars when a tragic accident happens.
  • Amiss With Amish
    Amiss With Amish
    Episode 37
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids visit an Amish community along with their friend Sharon. Amongst a life-threatening situation, they all learn the values of the Amish society.
  • You Don't Say
    You Don't Say
    Episode 36
    Everybody wants to be on the school 'pep' squad (who promote solidarity and positive aspects of the school) including Fat Albert and Weird Harold.
  • The Jinx
    The Jinx
    Episode 35
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids leave the big city to go on a trip visit Rudy's uncle's ranch. Rick, Rudy's cousin, is plagued by superstition - but is it really bad luck that is making things go wrong for him?
  • Not So Loud
    Not So Loud
    Episode 34
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids have entered the Sound City Television Show competition in hopes of winning $100 and a spot for their band to play on television!
  • No Place Like Home
    No Place Like Home
    Episode 33
    Why doesn't Violet want anyone to find out where she lives, especially Weird Harold? Fat Albert and the Cosby kids find out that it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor to your real friends but its who you are that's important.
  • Hot Wheels
    Hot Wheels
    Episode 32
    Fat Albert persuades the Cosby kids to visit the Museum of Natural History to see a Bicycle Exhibit; to their surprise they actually enjoy it.
  • Double or Nothing
    Double or Nothing
    Episode 31
    When you gamble you take your chances at winning big and losing big. Rudy catches the gambling fever and Arnie, an unsuspecting pool shark, takes advantage of the situation - what will it take for Rudy to stop?
  • The Birds, the Bees and Dumb Donald
    Dumb Donald falls for a cheerleader - Elaine - but he has competition from the quarterback - Hammerhead Rex.
  • Rules Is Cool
    Rules Is Cool
    Episode 29
    They best way to get to know a person is to take time to get to know what they are really like. When Fat Albert's friend Tommy starts hanging around with the wrong crowd he misuses his parent's trust and throws a party - but why do the cops show up.?moreless
  • What's the I.D.?
    What's the I.D.?
    Episode 28
    Staying out late, after curfew and going to a disco is not possible when you are under age�unless you get a fake I.D. Rudy and his new friend, Hector, get into a sticky situation when they decide to go to a nightclub.
  • Three Strikes and You're in
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids have been challenged to a baseball game by the Junior League Champions. Fat Albert has found the perfect pitcher to help their team win the game, but there is only one problem - she is a girl! How do the kids cope with that?
  • Funny Business
    Funny Business
    Episode 26
    Waldo never has anything positive to say and nobody likes to be around someone who is always complaining! When Weird Harold and Waldo's little sister Mindy get trapped in a cave they all learn how important it is to have a sense of humour.
  • Call of the Wild
    Episode 25
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids take a trip to the country to visit Weird Harold’s uncle. Russell ends up taking home a newfound friend, Freddy, a wild fox. But could you and should you really take an animal from the wild into captivity and tame it?
  • Millionaire Madness
    Episode 24
    Weird Harold finds a pirate treasure map! Fat Albert is the only one in the group who doesn’t let the idea of getting rich quick go to his head. Just how far will the other Cosby kids go to find the mysterious treasure?
  • The Whisky Kid
    Episode 23
    Fat Albert notices that his friend Peter has been acting out of character. It turns out that alcohol is root of the problem, but what will it take for Peter to recognize that he has a drinking problem?
  • Read Baby Read
    Episode 22
    Mickey a friend of Fat Albert and the Cosby kids believes that you don’t need to be able to read to become a football player. Will Fat Albert and the star football player, Buck, be able to convince Mickey of the huge importance of learning how to read?
  • Harvest Moon
    Episode 21
    We all must take responsibility for anything we do that affects the environment around us. When Fat Albert and the Cosby kids help out their friend Roy on his father’s farm they are involved in a dangerous discovery around a chemical spill!
  • Film Follies
    Episode 20
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids try their hand at film-making – by creating an episode of the Brown Hornet! Rudy is the director and they all learn that teamwork, respect and treating people with dignity when you are in charge are all crucial to create good working partnerships.
  • Teenage Mom
    Episode 19
    Raising a baby by your self is a big job! Fat Albert and the Cosby kids all pitch in to help their teenage friend Liz, who needs support - but will their help be enough?
  • Kiss and Tell
    Episode 18
    Problems usually don’t go away by themselves – especially when it has to do with your health, as Bob, a friend of Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, soon finds out!
  • Second Chance
    Episode 17
    Fat Albert and the kids meet a new friend - Fast Teddy - who works at the local gym. When gym equipment goes missing and Fast Teddy is blamed, Fat Albert and the kids plan to catch the real culprits help prove Teddy's innocence.
  • The Joker
    Episode 16
    No one plays more practical jokes than Jason, Dumb Donald’s cousin. Fat Albert and the Cosby kids have had enough of Jason’s antics, but Jason doesn’t seem to realize that his jokes are getting out of hand until someone gets hurt.
  • Long Live the Queen
    Long Live the Queen
    Episode 15
    It's America Day, Fat Albert, the Cosby kids and the other classmates have to vote for the title of America's Queen. The two candidates in the running are Keiko, born in Japan (but now an American citizen) and Cindy, who was born in America.
  • You Gotta Have Art
    Episode 14
    Art is in the eye of the beholder! The new girl in class Leola is always drawing in her art book. Fat Albert becomes friends with her, but what will it take for Rudy to appreciate her talent too?
  • Video Mania
    Episode 13
    Weird Harold returns a lost wallet to an arcade owner and becomes addicted to Video Games. Weird Harold spends all his money and others kids’ too! Will this spoil the kids annual picnic? (Featuring Fat "Angel" Albert and "The Devil" Rudy as Weird Harold’s conscious.)
  • The Runner
    Episode 12
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids have a hard decision to make – whether or not to tell their teacher Miss Wucher about a boy named Ross is selling drugs to their friend Louis at school.
  • Don't Call Us
    Episode 11
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids know the importance of education, but can they convince their friend Red not to drop out of school to pursue her singing career?
  • Never Say Never
    Episode 10
    Robin, a friend of Fat Albert and the boys, enjoys having fun playing like all the other kids even though she is not well and is waiting for a new replacement kidney. The Cosby kids support their friend and ensure she doesn’t give up hope!
  • It All Adds Up
    Episode 9
    There is a giant sale being held at the Cosby kids school to raise money for the school library. Rudy is selling a lot of items, but things aren’t always what they appear to be – especially those that are too good to be true.
  • Busted
    Episode 8
    Larry has a bad reputation, but the Cosby kids like hanging out with him. They find out how accepting a ride from Larry to the swimming pool ends up in all of the kids being locked up behind bars!
  • 4/4/11
    The Cosby kids are disappointed to learn that a school field trip to see a Shipyard has been cancelled due to the expense of repainting a graffiti covered school wall! The Cosby kids rally together to get the wall repainted and save the outing but are surprised to find their friend Marlin writing graffiti all over their freshly painted efforts. Fat Albert soon thinks of a way to channel vandalism into creativity.moreless
  • Sinister Stranger
    Episode 6
    The kids’ class has a visit from the police to educate them on staying safe but Hank, a friend of the Cosby kids, hasn’t been listening. Will the boys be able to help Hank out of danger when he accepts a lift from a stranger?
  • Rebop for Bebop
    Episode 5
    Themed around ‘respect for elders. The "Junkyard Friends" band decides to enter a “Big Battle of the Bands” competition against Buddy (nicknamed ‘Slash’), who leads another Band. The kids practice on their home made instruments, but are not very good. An Old Man who overhears them, offers to help, but is dismissed by Buddy who thinks he wont know anything about modern music. However when Mudfoot later introduces the same old man to the kids as Lester Benson – a great jazz musician – they realise that they should not underestimate the great experience that the older generation have.moreless
  • 4/4/11
    Themed around making a civil legal claim. Rudy gets a new bike and the Cosby kids want to use the bike to enter a big race, until Rudy's neighbor Bobby Hansen runs the bike over and refuses to pay for damages. A policeman confirms that any legal action should be pursued thought the Small Claims court. Rudy wins his case in court and Bobby has to pay for a new bike. Fat Albert and the boys enter a bike race with the new bike and win.moreless
  • Cosby's Classics
    Episode 3
    The Cosby kids clubhouse TV is not working, and neither is Bill’s! Bill has an idea - to keep the kids entertained he invites them over to listen to him tell stories about the adventures of famous lumberjack, Paul Bunyon. The kids learn that there are a lot more tales to read about at the library and that they shouldn’t wait for their TV to be broken to make use of this great facility.moreless
  • 4/4/11
    There is a burglary at Dumb Donald’s house so the kids decide to attend a neighbourhood watch meeting, where they learn the importance of getting to know your neighbours and reporting any suspicious activities to their parents. Fat Albert and Rudy see men with a truck at a neighbour’s house (who they know to be on holiday) and report the incident. It turns out they are the burglars – and are arrested by the police. They learn the importance of community spirit and working together. (Features an episode of Legal Eagle)moreless
  • Have a Heart
    Episode 1
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids learn a very important lesson about CPR in class but Rudy is just not interested. There is a medical emergency with Mudfoot desperately needing Rudy’s help – but, once again, Fat Albert ends up having to save the day when Rudy doesn’t know what to do.moreless