Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

    • The Fat Albert Christmas Special

      The gang faces losing their clubhouse when junkyard property owner Mr. Tyrone threatens to tear it down. Meanwhile, the gang encounters a family down on its luck when Marshall, a young boy, explains that he is new to town and his father Ray Franklin, was to get a job in the city. But it fell through, and the family has no place to stay, which is particularly bad as his wife Marge is due to have a baby. Fat Albert agrees to do some Christmas work for Mr. Tyrone in an effort to save the clubhouse, but things don't work out as figures Tyrone's been pretty mean since his wife died. Soon, Marge goes into labor, which has Marshall worried, as he believes the family will be too poor to be together. He runs away, but is later found by Mr. Tyrone, who regains his Christmas spirit, as he'll now provide Ray with a job and take the family to the hospital for treatment once Marge gives birth.

    • The Prankster
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Otis is a new guy whose various pranks have the gang amused to the point where they approve of his joining them. Fat Albert, who's not amused, decides to quit the gang. Afterward, when Otis pranks a rival gang, he gets the gang in trouble when they challenge them to a fight. Otis' efforts to prepare the gang for the fight only leads to more pranks, leaving Fat Albert to bail Otis out by convincing the rivals into allowing his pranks to turn against him, giving them a few laughs as well.moreless
    • What Does Dad Do?
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      For a class assignment, the gang writes about what their fathers do for a living. But their teacher quickly figures out they're making up exaggerated stories about them. Afterward, she puts them on a special assignment where each of the gang is to accompany his father to his job to get a better understanding of what he does. This helps them to pass their assignment and better appreciate what their dads do for a living.moreless
    • Mom or Pop
      Season 1 - Episode 20

      The gang is interested in what their new classmate Flora has in her small pink bag. Eventually, they find out it's a toy puppy she got from her father, who has recently divorced her mother. The two continuously bicker over Flora while the gang helps to cheer her up at the junkyard. On her birthday, Flora's parents learn she's run away from home and put aside their differences as they desperately search for her. Fat Albert and the gang help and discover she went back to the junkyard to get away from her parents' arguing. The two agree that even though they won't be together anymore, Flora will be an important part of both their lives.

    • Stagefright
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      The gang takes interest in a drama club and want to perform in a play in hopes of winning a money prize. After bungled efforts to perform William Tell at the junkyard, they decide to do a performance of Moby Dick once they reach the theater. Their instructor does all she can to get them organized. After Rudy performs a soliloquy of King Arthur on the night of the drama competition, the rest of the gang's performance of Moby Dick flops as stagefright gets the better of them. But they're relieved afterward because Rudy, the winner, gets the prize of free ballet lessons from the instructor.moreless
    • Four Eyes
      Season 1 - Episode 12

      The gang thinks Heywood is the goofiest person they know since he has difficulty playing sports with them. But his difficulties continue at school as he has trouble reading as well. His teacher and principal send him to an optometrist for an eye exam. Heywood learns he needs glasses and fears being ridiculed, but afterward, shows the gang up with his greatly improved reading and athletic skills.

    • The Hospital
      Season 1 - Episode 8

      Bill takes his fearful younger brother Russell to the school doctor for an examination. To show how simple it is, he allows the doctor to examine him as well. To the brothers' dismay, they're scheduled to go to the hospital for a tonsillectomy. Fearing the worst, they decide to give away their most prized possessions to the rest of the gang before realizing it's a very routine surgery. Their fears are further lifted when their parents tell them they'll be getting ice cream once the surgery's over. When the rest of the gang visit the hospital, they try to sneak in so they can get some dessert as well.

    • Moving
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      The gang is challenged to a traditional game of Buck Buck by their rivals at the junkyard. In this game, each group take turns holding onto a pole in line formation while the other piles on top of them to see how much weight they can withstand. Fat Albert is underweight and Rudy suggests the gang provide him with their food to get him heavy enough to compete. But this strategy backfires as the rest of the gang is hungry and are too lightweight during their turn to crumple the other team. Although Fat Albert can make up the difference, he suffers from too much eating and must go home to recuperate, which marks the first time his gang is defeated. The rest vote to kick him out, but have a change of heart when they learn he's moving away. But the real surprise is that he's only moving to another place at the end of the block. The guys make up and continue their adventures together.moreless
    • Lying
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      The gang's friend Edward tells stories about wrestling with alligators when he was in Florida. So the gang goes down to the nearest pond so he can demonstrate his techniques. But all that happens is that they get very muddied. Edward tells them on how to lie to their parents to avoid punishment. The next day, Edward brags that he's a good swimmer, but his young cousin informs the gang he really can't swim. He gets busted when they try to make him to dive in the pool and is eventually forced to come clean. The gang forgives him, but assure him next time he lies, they'll clobber him.moreless
    • Pain, Pain Go Away
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      The gang's friend, Darrell, has been feeling tired and sickly, but doesn't think he needs to see the school nurse or a doctor. A concerned Fat Albert speaks to Darrell's parents, who make him go to the hospital. It's discovered he has Hodgkin's disease, a form of cancer of the lymph nodes. But because it's in a localized area and it was detected early, it can be treated easily. Afterward, he and his parents express their gratitude to Fat Albert.moreless
    • Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid
      Season 2 - Episode 3

      Fat Albert falls in love with his classmate Laverne, but is embarrassed when the rest of the gang horn in and tag along whenever he wants to be alone with her. Eventually, they go out to the movies together. Albert wants to spend even more time with Laverne, but she lets him down by saying they'd be better off as friends. The gang feels sorrow for him after not having seen in a couple of days, but see that he's back on his feet when he starts studying with another girl.

    • Soft Core
      Season 3 - Episode 8

      Rudy's friend Dustin gives Fat Albert and friends the wrong sources on sex education with film and magazines. When Rudy's mother finds a magazine in his possession, she helps to set them straight on finding the right sources.

    • How the West Was Lost
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Johnny is a new kid in school who's an American Indian from Arizona. The gang thinks that because Johnny is Indian that he can make a rainstorm and do other tricks that they've seen from movies. However, Johnny shows them that he's not the stereotypical Native American. Mudfoot tells an outrageous story about meeting an Indian, prompting the gang to go to the library to learn more about Native American peoples and cultures, and later treating Johnny with more respect when they see him again.moreless
    • What Say?
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Rudy likes Shanna but can't get her attention. The gang thinks Shanna's stuck up until Fat Albert figures out Shanna has a hearing problem, eventually convincing her to see a doctor for an examination. She eventually gets a hearing aid and Albert helps the gang to understand her situation.
    • Little Business
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      The gang hopes to get a new bicycle at a low price via mail order, but learn the hard way that it's a systemic scam where they have to sell other items to get the bike, which itself is a broken-down lemon.
    • Gang Wars
      Gang Wars
      Season 4 - Episode 38

      The gang helps clean up a lot that'll be part of a new park that will be a place for young people to play, have a good time, and keep out of trouble. The group invites their friend Fernando to be the MC (Master of Ceremonies) for the grand opening, but he's pressured by his older brother Tito to join his street gang that's in a war with another in their neighborhood. Fat Albert is greatly concerned when he's unable to convince the other gang to stop the violence, and also the fact they have guns, which are certain to make things worse. On the night of the gang war, Fat Albert and Police Sargeant Hernandez try to keep Fernando safe as he searches for Tito. But when the boy sees his brother being targeted, he takes the ultimate risk to get his brother out of harm's way, and pays the deadly price, as Fernando is shot to death. Sgt. Hernandez arrests the assailant and other members of the gang. Tito vows revenge, but Fat Albert convinces him nothing he'll do can bring his brother back. The following day, the park opening is a somber event as Fat Albert's speech is in sad memory to his fallen friend and the park is named in honor of Fernando Garcia.

    • Second Chance
      Second Chance
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      The gang meets Theodore, or "Fast Teddy", when he helps them out while they're building a time machine at the junkyard. After he, Bucky, and Rudy have a run-in with hustlers Melvin and Hoof, the gang eventually learn Teddy had spent some time in prison. A couple of days later, they find out the local gym where they work out was robbed. Suspicions lead to Fast Teddy, but the gang figures Melvin and Hoof were involved and decide to set up a sting where they can trap them. Sure enough, they were in possession of the stolen items and the gang, with the police, are able to apprehend them. Fast Teddy is released from custody and goes back with the gang to the gym for another workout.moreless
    • The Fat Albert Halloween Special

      Fat Albert and the gang make their own costumes for Halloween. When their friend Devery joins them on their rounds, his antics get them kicked out of a movie theater. Then while they're trick-or-treating, Devery wants to go around scaring the local old folks, particularly Mudfoot (who actually puts the scare in him), then Mrs. Bakewell. When Devery's sister Melba and Russell go inside her house, they seem to vanish, putting the gang in a panic. While Devery cowers outside, the rest of the gang enter the house and find her to be very friendly as they, Russell, and Melba enjoy Halloween treats. After the party, the gang promise to come back soon to help her with chores, learning old people aren't as mean as Devery claims to be. And for staying out late, Devery is grounded after facing his father's wrath.

    • Readin', Ritin', and Rudy
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      The gang gets Ms. Johnson, a new teacher, for their class. She wants them to treat her with the same respect as their old teacher and slowly, everyone begins to accept her, except Rudy, who continuously makes wisecracks and disrupts class to the point where she sends him to the vice-principal's office. Afterward, he decides to drop out of school. But after encountering Mudfoot in the park, Rudy hears his story of how dropping out did not get him very far in life. Rudy reconsiders his decision, apologizes to Ms. Johnson, and returns to school.moreless
    • The Shuttered Window
      Season 2 - Episode 13

      When the school's sports budget is cut, jeopardizing all programs for the year, Undeen's Uncle Monty helps to organize a talent show in order to raise money. But before the big show, he suddenly dies, leaving the gang and Undeen deeply saddened. She particularly has a difficult time dealing with the loss. After some time and with help from her mother and Fat Albert, Unddeen is able to move on and figures Uncle Monty should be remembered more for laughter than sadness and decides the talent show should go on after all to keep his memory alive.

    • TV or Not TV
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Monroe spends all his time watching TV to the point where he's not able to get proper sleep or do well in school. Meanwhile, the gang wants to perform a school play of Robin Hood in order to win tickets for a concert. But unfortunately, Monroe's TV addiction causes him to be late to star in the lead role. In spite of Fat Albert's efforts to get him on the stage, they're too late and another class wins the concert tickets. But as a consolation, the gang is able to go to the concert after all since they at least showed up in time for the play. But because Monroe was late, he misses out, but is able to watch it on TV. However, he misses actually being on TV himself since Fat Albert and the gang are among those seen in the audience enjoying the concert.moreless
    • Sign Off
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Cool Roy thinks it's awesome to move and change street signs, not to mention marking buildings with graffiti. Eventually, Fat Albert confronts him on how it can be dangerous and lead to trouble. Roy promises him he'll stop, but goes back on his word the next day when while the gang is playing football, they lose their ball and Fat Albert saves Peewee in the nick of time after learning a nearby building is going to be blasted and all the danger signs were removed. Roy is caught with the evidence and must clean the graffiti off all the buildings he's defaced, teaching him a lesson for sure.moreless
    • Take Two, They're Small
      Season 2 - Episode 4

      When Fat Albert's cousin Justin stays over for a while, he begins shoplifting from a local store. He's being influenced by the sleazy Harlow, who later tries to talk the gang into stealing a few things for him. They refuse, and after they see him trying to hassle Justin into stealing again, they give chase. Harlow gets away, but drops most of the items he's stolen, enabling the gang to return them to the police, who later arrest Harlow after they find more stolen items at his home. He eventually gets out of prison, but is placed on probation, insuring he won't influence Justin or other kids into stealing for him.

    • The Runt
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      The gang's little friend Peewee is short and feels left out of most activities, especially sports. They're later challenged by a rival gang in a game of football. It turns out Peewee is a good kicker and the gang allows him to participate in the game. But their rivals have a secret weapon of their own in the form of Kong, a strong guy, who's even bigger than Fat Albert. During the high-scoring game, the ball is lost in a building and it's up to Peewee to retrieve it since he's the only one small enough to get it. The gangs make peace and the rivals consider Peewee a cool kid after all, proving it's who you are that's important.moreless
    • Suede Simpson
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Suede Simpson looks good, but smells bad. The gang has difficulty trying to let him know he needs to practice good hygiene. But after he arrives uninvited to a party and repulses the girls, Suede gets a hard lesson from Fat Albert and Russell. But after a few days, he's back on the scene with the same girls, who are now walking alongside him now that he's cleaned up his act.moreless
    • Smoke Gets in Your Hair
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      The gang's friend, Wambly thinks it's cool to smoke. Rudy, and eventually the rest of the gang (except Fat Albert), begin to follow his example, which leads to trouble. Eventually, they get a hard lesson when Wambly's father (also a smoker) collapses during the gang's game. Afterward, father, son, and the rest of the gang, vow never to smoke again.moreless
    • Little Tough Guy
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Dwayne is the new kid in school with an impaired foot, but Fat Albert and the gang try to treat him as an equal when he plays sports with them. However, it backfires and Dwayne loses confidence in himself. But when the gang plays in an important football game, Dwayne is able to get his groove back when he returns to be the gang's placekicker and help win the game.moreless
    • Ounce of Prevention
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      At times, the gang's friend Lucius, seems to be a happy fun-loving guy. But other times, he's down and forgetful, making them wonder what's wrong with him. Fat Albert eventually finds out he's been abusing alcohol. With his parents, Albert meets with Lucius' folks, who already know about his drinking and decide to confront him, working together to stop his abuse. After a couple of days, Lucius meets with Fat Albert, telling him he's dumped his liquor bottles, grateful his parents indeed care for him and thanking Albert for his concern.moreless
    • The Fuzz
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      A guy named Parker has no respect for authority. He ruins a police stakeout, starts a false alarm with the fire department, and then convinces the gang to sneak by a security officer into a condemned amusement park, which leads to danger after getting trapped on an old roller coaster that's about to collapse. It's up to Parker and Fat Albert to get the authorities to mount a rescue. Afterward, the gang learns a valuable lesson.moreless
    • Little Girl Found
      Little Girl Found
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Greta is a teenage runaway who steals the gang's television and sells it to get what little money she can. Fat Albert tries to help Greta change her ways and Mudfoot tells her the story of Hansel and Gretel in hopes she'll return home to her family. Greta eventually runs afoul of a gang who plan on stealing some bicycles. Fat Albert comes to her aid at the train yard despite the odds. Luckily, Weird Harold gets the police at the scene to rescue them in the nick of time. After her close call, Greta makes a much-needed phone call to her mother, eventually taking the first steps to return home.moreless
    • The Animal Lover
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Dulcie lets her dog Sanford free with no leash or collar. Fat Albert and the gang are concerned that Dulcie doesn't care what happens to him. Later, Sanford gets taken to the pound. Dulcie gets Sanford back and afterward, she tells her dog to chase the gang around town. She gets bitten by another dog who may have rabies. The gang searches for the other dog who bit Dulcie in hope they can have the dog checked out to insure he's not ill.moreless
    • Sinister Stranger
      Sinister Stranger
      Season 4 - Episode 3

      At school, the class is fingerprinted by the police, so they can be put in a identification program in case anyone is harmed or kidnapped. Officer Gomez, giving the lecture, provides them tips on how to deal with potential dangerous situations, particularly if a stranger attempts a kidnapping. The lessons come in handy when a stranger tries to abduct Russell, who's able to escape. Another young boy, Hank, isn't as lucky when the man kidnaps him. But after the gang witness the abduction, they quickly spring to action, giving chase and contacting the police. They track them to an old theater where they're able to rescue Hank and the police are able to apprehend the kidnapper. Hank and the gang get a scary firsthand experience on a hard lesson.

    • Playing Hooky
      Season 1 - Episode 7

      Bored with having to go to school every day, Fat Albert and the gang decide to play hooky the following day. All except Dumb Donald cut out for a day of fun activities, but get into a number of mishaps. They eventually end up at the train yards where they encounter a couple of homeless bums who often played hooky themselves, leading to their less than glamorous lifestyle. They advise the boys to stay in school before they end up the same way. The following morning, the gang is back at school, arriving much earlier than usual to catch up on their studies.

    • Mister Big Time
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Franny Bates' brother Muggles gives him money and a number of material things that he shares with the gang, including a motorcycle that eventually gets wrecked by Fat Albert. He personally goes to Muggles to do what he can to pay for it. Muggles gives Albert a package to deliver, eventually learning it contains narcotic drugs after he gets apprehended by the police, who determine he didn't know about the drugs. Fat Albert agrees to help them catch Muggles and arrest him to stop his drug dealing. While Franny no longer acknowledges Fat Albert as a friend, the rest of the gang stick up for him, knowing he did the right thing to get illegal drugs off the streets.moreless
    • Creativity
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Rudy brags to the gang that with his new electric guitar, he'll be able to achieve fame and fortune, delving into fantasy in the process. However, the rest of the group don't have instruments of their own and take on various jobs in efforts to earn the money. They're far short in their funding as the instruments at the store are quite expensive. Rudy's dreams of fame are also out of sight as his electric guitar blew up during the gig he was scheduled to perform. As a result, the gang find that they can make their own instruments from various items they find at the junkyard. With a little skill and fine tuning, the Junkyard Band makes its debut!moreless
    • The Fat Albert Easter Special

      Fat Albert and the gang lends a helping hand out to their old friend, Mudfoot, but Rudy decides to play a little joke on the gang which goes haywire when Mudfoot get hurt and is sent to the hospital. This incident puts Rudy in a horrible situation with the gang, but Fat Albert tries to snap him out of it, and helps Mudfoot recover in time for Easter.

    • The Bully
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Whenever Fat Albert isn't around, Slappy bullies the rest of the gang around, but is careful to be on his best behavior whenever he does appear. It takes a while, but Bill is able to prove to Fat Albert about Slappy's true character. After he confronts him, Slappy promises not to bully the gang again.moreless
    • Junk Food
      Season 2 - Episode 14

      Fat Albert and Slim Noodleton eat too much food, but after Slim gets a toothache, they go to the dentist where he has to treat them for cavities. He recommends they follow a proper diet, but only Albert complies as he begins eating right and getting a newfound level of energy. However, Slim continues with the junk food diet and continues to suffer with low energy and stomach pains. Things get worse during a football game against a rival gang when Slim feels run down and plays poorly, leading to Fat Albert's team losing in the end. Afterward, Slim vows to take better care of his body and follow a more proper diet.

    • Smart Kid
      Season 1 - Episode 16

      Thurman does so well in his studies that he usually leaves his books behind after school. Fat Albert and the gang recently have had to stay in detention to make up for their failing grades. To cool off, they play their usual sports, for which Thurman shows little skill. The gang eventually learn that Thurman has his own set of books at home, proving that he always studies most evenings, leaving little time for sports. As a result, they work out a deal where Thurman tutors the gang so they can improve their grades and they reciprocate by helping him to work out to improve his athletic skills.

    • The Stranger
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Dumb Donald's young cousin Betty is visiting from down south, but the rest of the gang is far from welcoming to her. She's blamed for their getting detention after school, then causing a mess while they're cleaning up. Eventually, she warms up to them when she plays tennis against Rudy and beating him to their delight. The gang feels down after they're assigned to write a paper on King Arthur, but thanks to Betty, they get to use their imagination and don outfits as they act out various medieval roles, inspiring them to write their papers and get passing grades. The next day, the gang invites Betty to play with them at the junkyard as they become more accepting to her.moreless
    • Fish Out of Water
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      The gang goes to summer camp, joined by a troop of scouts. At first, the two groups don't get along, but when a homesick Russell runs away, he gets lost and everyone searches for him. The two groups find him in danger and work together to rescue him in time. They eventually find new friends in each other, looking forward to meeting again for camp next year.moreless
    • Begging Benny
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Fat Albert's cousin Benny comes to visit, but quickly wears out his welcome with the gang by repeatedly taking advantage of them. Eventually, he gets a taste of his own medicine when a group of punks treats him the same way he treated Fat Albert and the gang. Afterward, Benny learns about the true value of friendship.moreless
    • The Hero
      Season 1 - Episode 10

      The gang looks up to Scrap Iron Yates, thinking he's cool, but he does the opposite, always looking down on them. First, he invites them to join him at the pool hall, but when the manager appears, claims he never did, realizing they shouldn't be there to begin with because they're underage. Later, he makes some of the gang pay him to ride on his motorcycle. When his reckless driving gets the attention of a police officer, he tries to convince him they stole his motorcycle. But Scrap Iron's claims begin to go up in smoke as he doesn't have the proper vehicle registration, let alone a valid driver's license. As a result, Russell stops his getaway, making him face the music and the gang sees for sure he's no real hero.

    • The Newcomer
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Dumb Donald gets the shock of his life when his parents tell him that they're going to have another baby, and the news isn't sitting well with him at all. The gang tries to help smooth things over for Donald by taking him to the zoo. But all that does is show him that animals have young of their own, leaving the gang wondering where babies come from. When Donald's new baby sister finally arrives, all his fears go away as he takes a quick liking to her even though he doesn't let the gang know that as yet.moreless
    • The Mainstream
      Season 3 - Episode 6

      Dennis is the gang's new classmate and they learn he's mildly retarded. However, the teacher says he's capable of doing anything they can, only it takes him a little longer. After some minor screw-ups, Dennis is able to prove himself in an art show and winning the grand prize of the entire class getting new basketball uniforms.

    • The Gunslinger
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      The gang's friend Shawn thinks he's cool by carrying around his father's gun. All are impressed except Fat Albert, who goes to his parents in an effort to stop him. Though the gun is usually unloaded, Rudy finds a bullet which enables Shawn to use it for target practice. But a near tragedy occurs when the gun backfires, severely injuring his hand. Fortunately, his father had medical training which helps to save his son. As a result, the gang learns a valuable lesson.moreless
    • In My Merry Busmobile
      Season 3 - Episode 1

      The gang is bussed to an integrated school, finding it difficult to make new friends. After Fat Albert lectures them, they make an effort to break ground with Margene and Kevin with a game of badminton, eventually working together to have fun.

    • Poll Time
      Poll Time
      Season 3 - Episode 5

      Two candidates in the upcoming school election, Hugo and Baron, each of a different color, play race politics until Fat Albert and Margene come up with an alternate solution by running together for student council.

    • The Dancer
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Fat Albert and the gang are in a boxing competition. They learn their new friend Dimitri is a ballet dancer and think he'd be too much of a sissy to join them, especially when one of them would have to compete against top boxer Slammin' Sandy for the championship. However, Dimitri easily proves them wrong by taking him on in the ring and utilizing his dance moves to get the better of Sandy, showing them that creatives arts indeed serve a purpose.moreless
    • Sweet Sorrow
      Season 3 - Episode 4

      Fat Albert's ice skating friend, Roberta, offers to help the gang improve their skating skills when they play hockey. Unfortunately, she's troubled with the fact her parents are getting divorced. Initially, she takes her frustration out on the team. But her teacher helps her to learn it's not her fault they're getting divorced. Roberta also learns she can enjoy her time with each parent even though they're not together anymore.

    • Free Ride
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Fat Albert and the gang learn their superstar skateboarding friend, Lawanda, regularly hitchhikes to get free rides. Despite their cautions, she decides to hitchhike on her way to a skating tournament. Unfortunately, she doesn't make it as she gets into an accident and ends up hospitalized. She learns her lesson as she recuperates and promises the gang to win the tournament next year.moreless
    • Spare the Rod
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      While jogging with the gang, Fat Albert becomes concerned when his friend Patrice has bruises on her body. He eventually discovers she's being abused by her mother. Fat Albert tries to convince her that she needs to tell someone. She's initially reluctant, but Fat Albert persists and she goes to her teacher and efforts are made to get Patrice the help she needs.moreless
    • The Tomboy
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      While the gang takes interest in fudge cakes Fat Albert made for their teacher, a new girl in class named Penny surprises them in her desire to play sports. She's able to show them up in football, basketball, weightlifting, pole vaulting, and even arm wrestling, but they still have difficulty accepting her abilities. When Penny's friend suggests she should try more domestic work, she finds herself challenging Fat Albert in a baking contest. Despite the odds, Fat Albert wins. Afterward, Penny and the gang get along as she helps them with their tennis game.moreless
    • Justice Good as Ever
      Justice Good as Ever
      Season 4 - Episode 1

      The gang takes interest in an upcoming bicycle relay race in which the winning team gets a trophy and a cash prize. Rudy is able to enter the event with his new bike, but it gets wrecked by Bobby Hanson, who backs into it with his car and refuses to take responsibility for his misdeed. Rudy is advised by a police officer to take the matter to a small claims court, which can help settle such issues without the need of expensive lawyers. With Fat Albert as his witness and the necessary evidence, Rudy has a strong case and Bobby makes things worse for himself by lying under oath. As a result, Bobby's family pays for a new bicycle just in time for the gang to enter the race. They're pitted against Bobby's gang, who seeks a victory against Rudy. But with good racing skills and the ability to overcome his opponent's cheat tactics, Rudy is able to win the last leg of the race and get the trophy for the gang.

    • Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert
      Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert
      Season 0 - Episode 1
      After being made fun of because of his weight, Fat Albert sits out of a football game versing a neighborhood team. Eventually, he forgets all the insults and joins in the game.
    • The Secret
      The Secret
      Season 3 - Episode 9

      Beau and Francie are brother and sister. However, Beau lets it slip that Francie was adopted by their parents. After she confronts them, the parents indeed admit they adopted her when she was a baby. Francie is distraught and runs away, only to wind up in danger as she falls into a river and will get pulled into a drain tunnel. Beau and Fat Albert are able to save her in time and the family reunite proving that they love their daughter no matter what.

    • Rules is Cool
      Rules is Cool
      Season 0 - Episode 29

      The gang meets Tommy Camden, who's often home alone as both his parents work during the day and make him abide by their rules of staying home to insure his safety. But for one evening, the Camdens allow Tommy to go to Fat Albert's home for a dinner invitation. But on the way, he's quickly impressed by the flashy Jerry Brody, who manipulates him into throwing a party at home since his folks are gone. Knowing Jerry is bad news, Fat Albert and the gang decide to go as well and quickly find trouble. Neighbors complain about the noisy music, the punch is spiked with liquor, and Jerry's brought marijuana to the party. When a police officer responds to the noise complaint, her dog discovers the marijuana, making her quick to arrest Jerry for possession. Tommy's parents express their disappointment with him for letting things get out of hand and he'll have to prove he can be trusted to follow the rules. And it seems he's on the way as they allow him to attend a weekend baseball game between Fat Albert's gang and a team of police officers.

    • Attitude of Gratitude
      Attitude of Gratitude
      Season 4 - Episode 50

      Fat Albert is taking a lot of extra responsibility with his new job at the zoo feeding the elephants. When his mother goes out of town to look after her ill sister, he has to get dinner ready for his father while she's away. When Rudy and Dumb Donald offer to help, they mess up by allowing the food they're cooking to burn, leaving Albert to order burgers for dinner. The following day, he has to keep the house in order as well as feed the elephants at the zoo. Seeing that he's gotten overwhelmed, the rest of the gang offer of help him clean up the home while Albert's at work. When his mother returns home, Albert expresses his appreciation for her for all she's done for him and figures a one small thank you goes a long way.

    • Write On
      Write On
      Season 4 - Episode 46

      Richard Scott is a good writer who specializes in poetry. In class, Ms. Wucher announces the school will sponsor a writing contest that focuses on ecology in which the winner will get a 50 dollar scholarship. Richard fears the gang will ridicule him for his poetry, especially when Rudy is entering the contest with his ecology play. But with a little reverse psychology, Fat Albert is able to motivate Richard into running the obstacle course he thought he couldn't, which convinces him to write his poem for the contest after all. After Rudy flops on stage, Fat Albert narrates Richard's poem that's seen in imagination form. Richard appears as the wizard of a proper ecological world in which he cautions the gang not to disturb the delicate balance of nature. Afterward, it's announced that Richard has won the contest and gets the cash scholarship to everyone's delight.

    • Double or Nothing
      Double or Nothing
      Season 0 - Episode 31

      After bowling with the gang at the local alley, Rudy meets Arnie, who wants him to teach him to play pool the following day. After the first few lessons, Arnie challenges Rudy with a few bets which initially go in Rudy's favor, but after a few more days, things are reversed as Rudy eventually loses all his money to Arnie. Fat Albert's feelings about the situation are correct as Mudfoot figures that Arnie is a loan shark who suckered Rudy into gambling fever, as he eventually bets the rest of the gang's money for higher stakes, losing all of it was well. When he observes another young man getting suckered by Arnie, Rudy warns him in the nick of time, prompting Arnie to have his thugs teach him a lesson with their fists. Luckily, the rest of the gang come to his aid and learn a valuable lesson on the dangers of gambling.

    • Cable Caper
      Cable Caper
      Season 4 - Episode 47

      When their teacher assigns the gang to learn about interesting people in their neighborhood, Fat Albert gives them the idea of organizing a community television show featuring the people they select and interview on public access. Some time later, they encounter the Gibsons, an elderly couple who are in danger of losing their home as the city parks department wants to tear it down in order to put a recreation center in its place. After the gang meet with the mayor, they decide to put the Gibsons on their public access show. They plead their case and with support from the mayor and other officials, the recreation center will still be built. However, instead of tearing down the house, the Gibsons' home is hauled off and relocated to another area just as green and includes blooming flowers, making it a more attractive site.

    • The Birds, the Bees, and Dumb Donald

      During a game of football, Dumb Donald falls in love with Elaine, a team cheerleader. But she already has a boyfriend, the quarterback Hammerhead Rex. The rest of the gang offer to help Donald win her affection. At first he changes his image, but the efforts are unsuccessful. Some time later, the gang and Rex's team compete in a wilderness capture the flag game, where Rex cheats by hanging his flag up high on a tree out of reach. But thanks to a bear, the gang is able to win and Rex's cheat is exposed. Afterward, Elaine tells Dumb Donald she likes him for himself and not to be as macho and gruff as Rex, who she appropriately leaves him behind for Donald.

    • The Whiskey Kid
      The Whiskey Kid
      Season 4 - Episode 22
    • Millionaire Madness
      Millionaire Madness
      Season 0 - Episode 39

      The gang finds a treasure map of legendary pirate Captain Cutlass at the junkyard and begin to get gold fever, hoping for riches beyond their wildest dreams. As they begin their search for the treasure, they begin fighting amongst themselves as their greed gets the better of them. Later, Fat Albert discovers the map they found is really a page from a fictional pirate novel, and therefore not real. The gang's search leads them to a waterfall behind the city reservoir where they become in danger of being swept away. Fortunately, Fat Albert is able to get help in the nick of time to rescue them. Afterward, the gang learn the true value of friendship.

    • Hot Wheels
      Hot Wheels
      Season 4 - Episode 32

      Weird Harold shows the gang a new racing bicycle he's holding for his Uncle Denton until he sends for it. But while in his possession, he shows off too much and not following the basic rules of bicycle safety. While riding with Rudy a few days later, their poor riding leads to the two colliding with an elderly woman. She's taken to the hospital, but fortunately not badly injured, and is sent home to rest. She declines to press criminal charges against the boys since they didn't mean any harm. But before they leave the hospital, Rudy and Harold see a few victims of bicycle accidents, whose injuries range from minor to severe by their doctor, who helps them learn the importance of bicycle safety.

    • No Place Like Home
      No Place Like Home
      Season 4 - Episode 33

      As the gang organizes a carnival to raise money for a school field trip, Weird Harold wants to get to know more about his new girlfriend, Violet. After some time, she lets him walk her home, which seems to be a fancy apartment building. However, after he leaves, she goes to her real home, which is a very small place on the other side of town. She's ashamed that she's financially poor and doesn't want Harold to know. But when Bill and Fat Albert are posting flyers for the upcoming carnival, they spot Violet and her brother in the poor area, forcing her to come clean about her situation. Later, during the carnival, Weird Harold is disappointed Violet hasn't come and Fat Albert tells him where she really lives. They and the rest of the gang arrive to see Violet's mom preparing to celebrate her daughter's birthday. When Violet returns home, she's surprised the gang is there and runs off. Weird Harold catches up and says he like Violet for herself, regardless of how she lives. They return to enjoy the party her mom has thrown for her.

    • Faking the Grade
      Faking the Grade
      Season 4 - Episode 45

      Ms. Wucher warns Dumb Donald that he's failing most of his subjects and won't be promoted with the gang to the next grade. He needs to do very well on his final exams, especially math. The guys do the best they can to help Donald, but he's tempted by Owen Thomas, who offers him a copy of the math test he's stolen for a fee. After a conversation with his father, who express his pride toward his son, Donald reconsiders and disposes of the test and continues studying through the last evening before the finals. The gang learns that their teachers knew of Owen stealing their tests and changed them on exam day, but a jubilant Donald passed his finals after all doing the right thing by studying on his own to the gang's delight.

    • Say Uncle
      Say Uncle
      Season 4 - Episode 48

      Weird Harold is in a bad mood because his Uncle Marcus is moving into his home for the next few months, especially having to share his bedroom with him. Their taste in music is different among other mismatches that make Harold believe they can't get along. But after Fat Albert takes him to talk to Mudfoot, Harold decides to bridge the gap between himself and Uncle Marcus. He decides to go to a old music concert, but running late, takes a shortcut through the pedestrian bridge which Albert warns Harold is being renovated. However, he falls into the river and Marcus and Fat Albert quickly work together to save him. Surprisingly, Weird Harold learns Uncle Marcus had bought tickets to a concert featuring Harold's favorite group in an effort to get along with him as well.

    • No News Is Good News
      No News Is Good News
      Season 4 - Episode 49

      When the journalism class is away on a field trip for the week, Fat Albert and the gang get the opportunity to put out the next issue of the school's newspaper. The first big story they're covering is on the football team and Rudy believes Bradley the star quarterback is on drugs. Fat Albert warns him not to put the story out until they get the facts straight. When they encounter Bradley and the football coach, they reveal that the quarterback is taking allergy medication prescribed by his doctor. Afterward, the gang put in effort to get some quality articles and a few fun tidbits for their issue which the student body finds is worth reading after all. The gang learn about responsibility with handling their freedom of the press.

    • Three Strikes and You're In
      Three Strikes and You're In
      Season 4 - Episode 26

      The gang accepts a challenge from the boastful Tenth Street Tigers, last year's Junior Baseball League's champions, but they're pretty outmatched until Mudfoot introduces Fat Albert to Maryann Parker, who's a good pitcher. However, the rest of the gang reject her because she's a girl. Rudy makes things worse when he wagers the gang's clubhouse money for the upcoming game. The rest of the gang decide to have Maryann on the team after all, but she decides to sign up to play in the Junior League, until they reject her as well. Maryann decides to play for Fat Albert's team after all, and on the day of the big game, proves her value with her pitching. She also provides the key to the gang's victory by having Russell pinch hit for her. But short as he is, he walks on 4 pitches and Fat Albert hits the game-winning home run afterward. The Tigers congratulate Maryann and allow her to try out for the Junior League for real to her delight.

    • Wheeler
      Season 4 - Episode 44

      The gang meets Chuy Reyes a.k.a. Wheeler, a disabled young man in a wheelchair who's fiercely independent and resists the gang's efforts to join them when they play basketball. When some of the group try out for the school track team, Fat Albert learns Wheeler himself was on various sport teams at his old school. When he tries out on track, he finishes as runner up, beating out Rudy. After school, he joins the gang in basketball practice and surprisingly does well in their eyes. Wheeler admits that he does need help at times, and the gang agree to build a ramp to their clubhouse entrance so he can join them in watching television whenever he visits.

    • Rudy and the Beast
      Rudy and the Beast
      Season 4 - Episode 43

      When the gang sees a movie being filmed at the junkyard, Rudy hopes he, himself can become a movie star. He befriends Joyce Matthews, the daughter of the film's producer, who eventually realizes Rudy is using her in his desire to be in show business. When her father gives him an appointment for a screen test, Rudy puts off his date with Joyce, prompting her to run off upset. She winds up at the waterfront, where she runs into a gang of thugs who tries to mug her. When Rudy comes along, he stands up to them and the rest of the gang are able to scare them off. Joyce thanks Rudy for his help and he declines to go for the screen test figuring he should make it as an actor on his own.

    • Not So Loud
      Not So Loud
      Season 4 - Episode 34

      Rudy enters the gang in a music-themed game show where the winners get a $100 cash prize. He's also able to acquire instruments the gang can use by their all having to clean up the local music store. Things are difficult enough as the loud music played from his radio spooks an employee's cat, causing him to make a big mess at the store. Even though Fat Albert gives him headphones to keep the loud music to himself, Rudy makes things worse by ignoring everyone as they speak, especially movers who haul the instruments the gang needs into their truck. They're able to get the instruments back, but the delay nearly makes them miss their appearance at the studio. After they arrive, Rudy gets his chance to shine, but blows it when his hearing is badly affected from extended use of his headphones. He runs off after failing to get the gang into the next round. Fat Albert then saves Rudy from an approaching truck in the nick of time. After they reunite at the clubhouse, Rudy promises to keep the volume down for the sake of his (and everyone's) hearing.

    • The Jinx
      The Jinx
      Season 4 - Episode 35

      The gang goes to Rudy's Uncle Joe's ranch for a few days. While there, Rudy's cousin Rick is under the belief he's a jinx, strictly following various rules of superstition. When they all go out for a ride on Friday the 13th, a storm hits as the gang gets lost. Rick begins to mope around, thinking their situation is going to get worse, but Fat Albert convinces him to forget about luck and think things through. Eventually, Rick uses his knowledge of the terrain to seek shelter in a cave and build a fire to get the gang warm and dry. They also leave markers to help Uncle Joe and a search helicopter pilot find them. After they all return safely, Rick gives Fat Albert his lucky items, figuring he won't need them anymore.

    • You Don't Say
      You Don't Say
      Season 4 - Episode 36

      Fat Albert helps Rhonda practice for the school pep squad and suggests Weird Harold get new student Carly Wilson as his partner. Rudy thinks that would be a problem because she stutters as she speaks and may do a bad job. Harold decides to flub practice, but Carly figures out his act and runs off. When Rhonda drops out of the competition, Fat Albert takes Carly as his new partner and surprisingly, do well enough in the tryouts to be granted a spot on the pep squad. Carly then helps out Weird Harold and Rudy, warning them in the nick of time when a scoreboard light is about to drop on them. They realize they were wrong about Carly and apologize to her, then make sure to stay out of the way of falling lights.

    • Amiss with Amish
      Amiss with Amish
      Season 4 - Episode 37

      The gang meets Jacob Yoder, a new student in school who's Amish, among the group of rural people who have strict religious values and don't utilize modern technology. He invites the class to visit his farm so they can learn about his people. While most are impressed with the Amish culture, classmate Sharon Vincent isn't, and feels they dress weird. While the gang helps Rudy after he has a mishap with a runaway horse, Sharon goes off to explore the barn and falls into the grain bin. She's in danger of suffocating, but Jacob, his father, and the gang quickly come to her rescue in the nick of time. Afterward, Sharon has a newfound respect for the Amish and their values.

    • We All Scream for Ice Cream
      We All Scream for Ice Cream
      Season 4 - Episode 40

      Weird Harold is able to get a summer job at the local ice cream parlor. Rudy sees this as an opportunity for the gang to get free desserts being he's their friend. But when Harold makes them pay for their orders, Rudy and the others reject him. To get back into their good graces, Harold offers their next desserts for free when they visit the ice cream parlor again, much against Fat Albert's advice. The following day, Harold lies to his boss about the missing ice cream and feels guilty as a result. After a conversation with Fat Albert, he decides to come clean to Mr. Cooper, only to walk in on the parlor when it's being robbed by a pair of thugs. Harold and the rest of the gang are able to thwart the crooks, who are arrested by the police. Harold confesses to his boss and the gang admit their part in pressuring him for free desserts. Fortunately, Mr. Cooper is forgiving being Harold does well on his job and rewards the group as they learn a valuable lesson in friendship.

    • Superdudes
      Season 4 - Episode 41

      Fat Albert thinks his friend Dexter is overly obsessed with his favorite superhero Captain Cougar. He buys his hero's costume for an upcoming comic book convention and actually gets to be a hero when he stops a purse snatcher from robbing a woman. His heroics later go to his head when he confronts a bully. Then at the convention, Dexter meets the actor who portrays Captain Cougar on the show, only to be disappointed when he tells him he's a regular man with no real powers. Afterward, he runs off and ends up getting himself locked in the cougar mascot's cage and is endangered. Fortunately, Albert and company are able to save Dexter, making him realize that he, like the actor, are regular people with no special abilities.

    • Painting for the Town
      Painting for the Town
      Season 4 - Episode 42

      Lenny, the gang's friend, is a struggling artist who's about to leave town as he hasn't been able to get a job. When the group sees the mayor at city, they suggest Lenny be the right person to paint a mural on a city block. He needs help in order to complete the project and the gang offers their service. But they had their hearts set on going a ski trip and are able to get jobs to earn the money to do so. However, this means they won't be able to help Lenny finish the mural on time. After some time, Fat Albert and the group turn down the job offers to help Lenny after all. They finish the mural in the nick of time, and when the mayor and a senator get a good look at it, they're impressed enough by their work that they have Lenny head the city's the neighborhood beautification project. When he mentions the gang sacrificed the ski trip to help him, the officials grant them the means to go after all, much to everyone's delight.

    • Have a Heart
      Have a Heart
      Season 4 - Episode 28

      The gang stays after school to learn about CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), but Rudy ditches the class early to focus more on basketball. When Mudfoot stops by, he joins him in practice and gives his usual advice on the importance of education. Shortly afterward, he has a heart attack and Rudy is unable to help. Luckily, the gang leaving CPR class, is able to intervene with Fat Albert giving Mudfoot CPR while others call the paramedics. Mudfoot recovers and Rudy learns an important lesson, deciding to take the CPR class to be better prepared.

    • Double Cross
      Double Cross
      Season 3 - Episode 23

      The gang's friend Melinda tells them of a group she's taken interest to known as Double Cross. However, they don't care for Fat Albert and company because they're not of the same ethnic background. Mudfoot introduces Fat Albert to a rabbi who tells him of the tough life he had when the Nazis invaded his homeland. Later, Fat Albert confronts George, the Double Cross leader about his racism. Then late at night, George tries to vandalize a Jewish synagogue before he slips and gets himself in danger. Fat Albert and the police are able to mount a rescue, and George is arrested for his vandalism. Afterward, Melinda learns her lesson about who the true special people are in her life.

    • Watch That First Step
      Watch That First Step
      Season 3 - Episode 24

      Fat Albert and the gang meet Marcus Detrick, a good athlete who's recently moved into the neighborhood. They invite him to play in an upcoming father/son baseball game, but he's reluctant to go, mentioning his father is out of town. But the true reason is revealed when he shows up after all, and everyone sees him drunk. It's eventually learned that Marcus' father in an alcoholic. Marcus and his sister Michelle run away from home to avoid the problem. After initially getting into danger, they go to the gang's clubhouse where Fat Albert convinces them to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. There, they learn not to be angry or ashamed of their father and decide to return home to help their mother face the situation in hopes they can get him to recovery.

    • Watch Thy Neighborhood
      Watch Thy Neighborhood
      Season 4 - Episode 18

      When Dumb Donald's house is robbed, Officer Gomez gathers the community together where Fat Albert and the gang learn all about the neighborhood watch. Afterward, when they go to the movies, Rudy forgets his money and decides to go back home. Fat Albert accompanies him and along the way, they see a strange van pulling up at a home which is unoccupied as the neighbors are away on vacation. The guys then go back to Fat Albert's home where his mother calls the police, who quickly arrive and apprehend the burglars. Officer Gomez commends the boys for doing everything right, including staying out of the way, making no effort to catch the criminals themselves and calling the police right away.

    • Cosby's Classics
      Cosby's Classics
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      When the gang is unable to watch The Brown Hornet when the TV breaks down, they rendezvous with Bill Cosby himself, who entertains the guys with the tall tale of Paul Bunyan, Babe the Big Blue Ox, and his new best friend Brimstone Bill.
    • Rebop for Bebop
      Rebop for Bebop
      Season 4 - Episode 2

      The gang enters the Battle of the Bands against a number of competitors, including Buddy "Slash" Warren, for a $100 cash prize. Mudfoot introduces the gang to Lester Benson, a jazz and saxophone player who was famous in the 1950's. Unfortunately, he was the same old man the gang encountered earlier when Buddy came by the junkyard and insulted him and his old time music. Lester is reluctant to help them, but finds himself in danger during a windy night. Fortunately, the gang arrives in the nick of time and saves him. After their initial misunderstanding, Lester agrees to help them work on their music for the Battle of the Bands. On the big night, the Junkyard Band wows the crowd and wins the competition. Afterward, they perform an encore with Lester leading them with his saxophone.

    • Handwriting on the Wall
      Handwriting on the Wall
      Season 4 - Episode 4

      The gang is initially impressed with some graffiti on the fence nearby the school until their teacher announces their field trip to the shipyards will be cancelled due to the fact that the school fund money will be used to paint over the fence. To salvage the trip, Fat Albert and the gang repaint the fence themselves and their strategy works. But when they see Marlon writing on the fence again, Fat Albert encourages him to write for a talent show that will raise money for the school activities fund. The play's main theme is discouraging marking graffiti on public properties, which turns out to be hit for the audience, including the missing Marlon, who was hiding out in the last row fearful the play would bomb. He eventually comes out on stage to receive credit and hopefully will put his talent on paper instead of public property.

    • Busted
      Season 4 - Episode 5

      Rudy's friend Larry returns to town, hoping to get the gang to join him in some fun activities. However, his kind of fun usually leads to trouble. Larry decides to drive the group to the local pool, but the car he's using is not his! After they're stopped by the police, the gang discovers Larry stole the car. They're all placed under arrest and taken to a detention center. All except Larry are cleared of charges, but with their parents' permission, the gang is taken to prison to see what happens to those who break the law. Their experience there and the fact Larry will be serving time again certainly puts a scare in them, making them vow never to break the law.

    • Two by Two
      Two by Two
      Season 3 - Episode 22

      The gang's friends, Arden and Baron, are so in love with each other, they want to drop out of school and get married as soon as possible. At first, they don't care what others think, but then begin to have second thoughts when Arden realizes she won't be able to go to the high school prom or get her diploma. Then Fat Albert has Baron meet Mudfoot, who introduces him to Ellen, a woman just a few years older than Baron. She and her husband Joey rushed into marriage around his age, but once on their own, had trouble finding steady jobs, paying their bills, weren't able to keep their new car, and couldn't even afford a phone once their daughter was born. These factors help Arden and Baron reconsider their decision and now choose to wait to see how things will turn out to better prepare them for life as adults.

    • Water Are You Waiting For?
      Water Are You Waiting For?
      Season 3 - Episode 21

      The gang goes on a camping trip to Cedar Lake where they meet some new people. Along the way, Fat Albert takes a particular interest in Janine, a pretty girl, and brags about his knowledge of water safety, only to find himself embarrassed when he learns she's the camp's main lifeguard, who knows more about safety than he thinks. The two get along and she makes him her assistant lifeguard. Eventually, their teamwork comes in handy when Rudy's prank on Russell backfires, leading both to jeopardy. After the narrow rescue, the gang and their new friends get a firsthand lesson in water safety.

    • Parking Dog
      Parking Dog
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Fat Albert has doubts about the ability of his friends Cosgrove and Doreen to accept the responsibility of owning a new puppy. Sure enough, instead of taking little Freddie for a much-needed walk, they leave him unattended in the kitchen and he runs off to play. Poor Freddie escapes through the window and ends up on the highway, becoming endangered by the heavy traffic. Luckily, Fat Albert is able to call the police, who are able to save the puppy in time. After the big scare, Cosgrove and Doreen learn a hard lesson about responsibility.moreless
    • The Rainbow
      The Rainbow
      Season 3 - Episode 13

      Elisa has trouble accepting mixed-race children, especially when Kim, the gang's other classmate is the son of an interracial couple. She avoids interacting with him and runs off rather than play games with the group. She wanders into the old garment factory, which is condemned and winds up in danger. Kim and Fat Albert are able to enact a rescue and Elisa is able to learn a valuable lesson.

    • Easy Pickin's
      Easy Pickin's
      Season 3 - Episode 14

      The gang is impressed with the number of material items Steve and Claudia have, giving them the impression they're rich. However, when Fat Albert investigates, he learns the twin siblings are routine shoplifters, stealing the various items from department stores and selling them to other kids. Fat Albert later notifies their parents, who indeed find some of the stolen items in their rooms. The twins think they'll never be caught. But when a stockboy is arrested, accused of being the thief, they feel guilty and confess their crimes to the store manager.

    • Good Ol' Dudes
      Good Ol' Dudes
      Season 3 - Episode 15

      The gang's friend Richard has a tendency to "borrow" his uncle's car and gives them joyrides throughout town. He then takes a neighbor's car out while he's away, giving the gang another joyride. However, this leads to danger as their ride gets out of control and the car winds up in a lake. Fat Albert arrives in the nick of time to rescue them. As a result, Richard has to face the consequences with the police, his parents, and the neighbor who owns the car.

    • Heads or Trails
      Heads or Trails
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Weird Harold develops a gambling habit and tries to convince the gang to bet in a horse race. When they initially decline to contribute, Harold becomes an errand boy for Sheldon, a hustler, who promises to pay him. He's able to convince the others to join him, but Fat Albert refuses as he tries to talk sense into the gang. When the gang's sure bet loses, Weird Harold has to face the consequences for his actions as Sheldon has already since he was thrown in jail for his scams.moreless
    • Pot of Gold
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      The gang's classmate Patty was a straight-A student until she fell into the drug scene and now gets regularly high on marijuana. When the gang meets her drug pusher, Rudy is tempted to try it himself, but has a change of heart when he sees Patty in danger. He and Fat Albert are able to save her. They and a police officer meet with Patty's parents about her problem and she agrees to help get the pusher arrested, which is the first step on her road to recovery.moreless
    • Habla Español
      Habla Español
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Rosita is a shy Mexican-American girl in the gang's class. Rudy ridicules her for her halting English, prompting her to miss class for a couple of days. When Fat Albert tries to intervene, they're interrupted when a fellow Hispanic has an emergency kitchen fire. With quick thinking and communication, they're able to put out the fire with little damage. Back at school, Miss Wucher assigns a project for the kids aimed at illustrating that they all have a heritage of which to be proud. Rosita is surprised the gang know of famous Mexican figures in history after returning to class and interacting with the gang again, eventually getting the last laugh on Rudy.moreless
    • The Father
      The Father
      Season 3 - Episode 19

      After her father passed away, Buffy's mother recently started dating again and Mr. Haney is becoming more involved in their lives, much to Buffy's reluctance. She becomes further resistant when they announce they'll be getting married. Buffy runs away from home and hides out at the amusement park, even though it's closed. She winds up in danger as the gang tracks her down. Fortunately, Mr. Haney is able to save her in time and Buffy is willing to accept him as part of the family.

    • It All Ads Up
      It All Ads Up
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      At school, the gang is assigned to gather some items that they can sell at an upcoming sale so they can raise money for the school library. But most of what they've collected is defective junk. Despite the gang's better judgment, Rudy hawks the items to people making them believe they're better than they cost, particularly an inflatable raft to a young boy. When Henry tries it out afterward, he's endangered as the raft has a hole that Rudy sealed with only chewing gum. Fortunately, Fat Albert and Rudy are able to save him in time. And the gang's teacher shows them the consequences of false advertising.moreless
    • Never Say Never
      Never Say Never
      Season 4 - Episode 7

      Weird Harold's young cousin Robin is staying with his family for a while. He tells the gang she has kidney disease and must undergo dialysis three times a week. Robin's been waiting so long for a kidney donation that she's giving up hope in ever getting one. The gang takes her to a carnival to help get her mind off her predicament. After they take her home, the gang go to the local clinic where they learn about organ donation. Robin goes back to the carnival to have fun rather than spending more time in the hospital. With efforts from the gang and the kidney foundation, a donor kidney is found. The group must act quickly to find Robin so she can be prepared for surgery to get the new kidney. They narrowly make it in the nick of time and with after some post-operation monitoring, Robin will likely be able to live a normal life.

    • Funny Business
      Funny Business
      Season 4 - Episode 25

      Everyone's looking forward to camp except Waldo and his sister Mindy. Weird Harold is able to help pass the time along with his jokes in preparation for a comedy routine he's going to use at the talent show. After arriving at camp, Waldo does nothing but complain, but Mindy slowly wants to join in on the fun before being insulted and runs off. When some of the group begin searching for her to apologize, Mindy and Weird Harold get trapped in a cave-in. Waldo and the rest of the gang are able to get them free, and the he finds his sister isn't panicked at all as Harold was able to keep her spirits up with his jokes. When Mindy tells her brother a joke, he's finally able to laugh and agrees to be in the audience for the gang's talent show where Harold and the rest of the gang participate in the comedy routine, much to Waldo's enjoyment.

    • Read, Baby, Read
      Read, Baby, Read
      Season 4 - Episode 21

      The gang's new classmate Mickey Taylor is highly interested in sports, but has a reading problem he often denies. Their teacher assigns Fat Albert to help tutor him, but Mickey opts to watch football practice instead. Later in the week, the gang invites him to play in a game across town and provide him with a map on how to get there. However, he gets lost, and not being able to read, takes a short through an active construction area. He's quickly in danger, but fortunately Mickey's football idol Buck and Fat Albert are able to assist construction workers in saving him in time. Buck admits he had a reading problem as well, but was able to work hard enough to do very well and tells Mickey reading is vital in understanding the various football plays for the sport. Mickey agrees to work with Buck in his desire to be a football player.

    • Call of the Wild
      Call of the Wild
      Season 4 - Episode 24

      The gang spends time working at Weird Harold's Uncle Dave's farm where Russell decides he wants to take a pet home. Out in the forest, he comes across a baby fox he adopts, naming him Freddie. Bill and the rest of the gang reluctantly agree to have Freddie as their clubhouse mascot and later enter him in the school pet show a few weeks later. But things get out of control as Freddie isn't completely tamed and causes a riot with the other animals at the pet show. Freddie escapes and Russell chases him to the train yards, which leads to danger as they both get stuck and are about to get run over by an oncoming train. The rest of the gang arrive in the nick of time and rescue them, then later agree to return the fox to the forest. However, Freddie is unable to adapt as he was out of his element for too long. Fortunately, Uncle Dave is able to provide a solution by having a friend who works at the local zoo take the fox there to have him properly cared for in captivity.

    • Don't Call Us
      Don't Call Us
      Season 4 - Episode 8

      The gang's schoolmate Red Riley has a hit record and is looking to be a big-time singer, but her grades are suffering. Despite her teacher's recommendations, she desires to make another hit record. However, her producer feels her new song isn't as great as her first. But still seeking fame, Red decides to drop out of school. Some time later, she accepts a job at a local dive bar that will allow her to sing at least once a night, but it's far from fulfilling. Fat Albert and company meet a once famous singer who's fallen on hard times and works at the same dive. She indeed regrets not staying in school and convinces Red not to make the wrong choice as well. She listens, and after Fat Albert prevents her from being mugged, Red returns to school and makes up for her missed homework assignments by carrying all her books in her guitar case.

    • Harvest Moon
      Harvest Moon
      Season 0 - Episode 20

      The gang's friend Roy invites them to work on his father's farm for extra money in time of the Harvest Moon, when the moon will be closest to the Earth around the autumnal equinox. The boys are concerned when Roy's father is storing barrels for a company by his barn. Fat Albert realizes the barrels are filled with toxic waste which prove to be a danger, particularly when Roy's dog gets sickened upon contact with it. Later, Albert and Mr. Higgins go to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to report what's happened. The official is able to get a crew to safely remove the toxic waste from the farmland which fortunately wasn't too significantly contaminated. Afterward, the Higgins family and the gang are able to celebrate the evening of the Harvest Moon and their dog returns home after recovering from exposure to the toxins.

    • What's the I.D.?
      What's the I.D.?
      Season 0 - Episode 27

      The guys are watching an evening horror movie and end up staying out later than expected when a scared Russell causes a mess at the theater, prompting the gang to clean up afterward. Police officers point out the fact they're out past curfew, but Hector, the gang's friend, produces a fake ID card that claims he's 4 years older than he really is, enabling them to get home without violating the city curfew. The following day, Hector plans to go to the new nightclub that's opening and Rudy, tempted to go, gets a fake ID as well. Later in the evening, after the boys get into the disco, they hit on a pair of women, which turns out to be a mistake, as their jealous boyfriends look to give them a major beating. The thugs chase Rudy and Hector all the way to Fat Albert's home, where his folks call the police, who arrive quickly to arrest the two, as they turned out to be criminals. The officers will also have to take Hector's cousin, who made the fake IDs, in for questioning about his practice, and make him and Rudy promise never to use them again as well as keeping their curfew.

    • Film Follies
      Film Follies
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      The gang enters a kids film festival where they can make their own movie and submit it for a chance to win a cash prize. They decide to make a film on the Brown Hornet with Rudy directing. A number of mishaps occur during the making of the movie, which gets Rudy frustrated with the rest of the gang. Mudfoot advises him that if he treats them more kindly, he'll get better results. Rudy returns to finish directing, indeed putting on his kinder face. They become suspicious of what he's up to and find out for sure on the night of the film contest. Rudy plans to give a speech putting down the gang's bad efforts, calling them amateurs. Surprisingly, the Brown Hornet film wins and before Rudy goes on stage to accept the trophy, Fat Albert tells him it was a full team effort. Rudy has a change of heart and complements the rest of the gang, apologizing for the way he acted before. They all come out on stage with him as they join in their victory together.moreless
    • The Runner
      The Runner
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      The gang is concerned that their friend Louis is using drugs, pushed into doing so by the creepy Ross. They wonder whether or not they should tell on him, fearful doing so will make them look like finks. Even though they do the right thing, the other students at school turn against them, as does Ross, who eventually leaves school to be a drug courier for a pair of dealers. Initially, he's happy that he's making a lot of money, but soon regrets his choice when his little sister overdoes on some of the drugs she received from the dealers. Ross vows he's going to turn them in, but the thugs pursue him. He then seeks help from Fat Albert and the gang, which leads to a madcap chase where the bad guys are all wet and arrested by the police. Ross admits his wrongdoing as well and wants to set things straight much to the gang's delight.moreless
    • Video Mania
      Video Mania
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Weird Harold finds a lost wallet and does the right thing by returning it to its owner, who runs the local arcade. Mr. Sherman rewards Harold with enough cash to play his favorite Brown Hornet video game. He eventually becomes obsessed with the game to the point that he borrows the gang's lunch money, then steals the money they were raising for a picnic they planned with their teachers. The gang eventually confronts Weird Harold at the arcade where he's faced with having to pay them back. Mr. Sherman allows him to work there so he can raise the money so they can have the picnic after all. Weird Harold learns a valuable lesson in moderation.moreless
    • You Gotta Have Art
      You Gotta Have Art
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Fat Albert and the gang notice their new classmate Leola drawing at the junkyard. At school the following day, they find she's a talented artist and Fat Albert invites her to decorate their clubhouse with some of her work. When the rest of the gang arrives later, they disapprove, with Rudy in particular, criticizing the changes she made. Leola overhears him and runs off to the docks to sketch on her own. But after the gang find her sketchbook, they see her work is very good and look for Leola so they can apologize. When they arrive, she runs off again, but nearly falls into the ocean. Rudy rescues her in time, complements her work, and helps redecorate the clubhouse, but overdoing it where some of Leola's work is obstructing the doorway.moreless
    • Love Live the Queen
      Love Live the Queen
      Season 4 - Episode 12

      For the upcoming America Day assembly at school, an honorary queen will be selected. Fat Albert suggests the gang's friend Keiko Imora be nominated, much to the opposition of some classmates, including Cindy Collins, the other nominee. They feel Keiko shouldn't run because she's from Japan and only became a naturalized U.S. citizen a couple of years ago. Initially, she's discouraged, but with the gang's help, Keiko is confident enough to run with the rest campaigning for her. However, her opponents attempt to sabotage her at the debate, which backfires and leads to danger. Keiko gets Cindy out of harm's way, making her humble enough to admit her judgment of Keiko was wrong. Cindy concedes the election, enabling Keiko to become queen, much to the gang's delight.

    • The Joker
      The Joker
      Season 4 - Episode 13

      Dumb Donald's cousin Jason comes to town, but quickly wears out his welcome with the gang when his various pranks cause nothing but trouble. One prank results in the clubhouse TV being damaged, forcing the gang to work to earn money to buy a new one. Unfortunately, another prank from Jason ruins their efforts. Mudfoot tells him and the gang about an episode of Legal Eagle dealing with a similar situation. However, Jason doesn't take the lesson to heart when he pulls another prank that results in Bucky getting injured and unable to compete in a skating competition that would have earned the gang the money they need to buy the new TV. Feeling remorseful, Jason decides to take a job and surprises the gang with the new television. He apologizes and the gang invites him to watch the new set with them.

    • Kiss and Tell
      Kiss and Tell
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      After a blunder-filled game of hockey, the gang seeks the help of Bob, the captain of the school's hockey, to help them work on their game. But he's not able to do so because he hasn't been feeling well lately, especially since he puts off seeing a doctor about his condition. In health class, the gang learns about sexually-transmitted (or venereal) diseases. Afterward, Fat Albert suspects Bob, who later admits, to having such a disease. He's embarrassed about it and continues to put off seeing a doctor. However, his performance suffers during a school game, and he's forced to go to the hospital. Bob's treated with some medicine and he confesses to his figure skater girlfriend Shanna to having VD, prompting her to see a doctor. She also had the disease, but got treated for it before her condition got worse. She's quickly back on the ice, showing off her moves to the gang.moreless
    • Teenage Mom
      Teenage Mom
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      The gang's friend Liz Walker returns after a few months away to see that she's the single mother of her baby daughter Monica. Her ex-boyfriend Gary split after learning she became pregnant, leaving Liz to deal with her daughter alone. She begins to feel overwhelmed by her motherly duties to the point that she nearly hits her child. She takes a time out to talk to Fat Albert when he visits. But a fire breaks out at the apartment, trapping the two with the baby inside. The rest of the gang call the fire department, and they quickly respond to get everyone to safety. The duplex is ruined, forcing Liz and her mother to move in with her aunt. Fat Albert tells Liz that the local community guidance center can help her care for Monica. Liz can go back to school and learn to better care for her daughter with help from her mother and the center.moreless
    • Computer Caper
      Computer Caper
      Season 4 - Episode 39

      Russell is on his way to the library to do research for his American history report when he encounters his classmate Greg Bowen, who helps by taking him home to do the research on his computer. Russell is impressed with Greg's hardware and does well on his history report, but later learns he's a hacker who illegally gains access to other computers to steal data that's not rightfully his. Some time later, authorities from the police computer crime task force appear at Greg's home as they've tracked his illegally accessing a hospital computer, significantly messing up their records. Greg runs off, and the gang spots him at a train bridge. He falls off when a train passes by, landing on a beam, and is in danger of plummeting to certain doom should another train pass. He's rescued in time and while recuperating at the hospital, promises his mother never to hack into other computers again.

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