Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

CBS (ended 1984)





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  • Too educational, little fun

  • This is why Bill Cosby dosen't do this type of cartoon anymore.

    Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids would likely be good with some of its catchy tunes and basic morals about life in the world created by some of the true events that Bill Cosby has been through. Now this show was created out of it and this is just both a educational and sucky show. Now this is perhaps the only review about a classic that actually gets such a downfall at all times. Also , the only one to have a score not beyond the 0's and 5's. Why do you ask?

    The characters of some are nothing more then retarded people with the cartoon popped through the most erritional drawings I've ever seen. Jokes that are also in the show are sometimes either things that are regular or in the average times , a name call that is transported into such choppy joke. It really sounds like a horrible conspiracy on those types.

    Out of the episodes in the early years , they would usually have Music Time where some type of band which sounds like an uncatchy filth gang sing songs that is related to episodes from having Drugs , Teachers , and Girls. The lyrics seem to be the main problem which is no wonder it was actually taken out during the semi-middle years and ending.

    CBS (Also from NBC which actually shortened up the show) is suppose to be the time where kids shows weren't actually corned up with all of this drugged up stuff and XXX Magazines so why do it now? Oh well , at least some cartoons today attendly use those jokes to impress the adulthood. Overall , it's a classic show that actually dosen't deserve to be when it just plain blows itself up.

    A 1.2 out of 10.0
  • I always liked Fat Albert because the caracters were not fancy or rich.They strugled with everyday life just like people do every day.Every one has friends like these and i think shows like this should be brought back.A good clean show.

    Fat Albert teaches us about every day life,about right and wrong choices in life.This show shows us saddness,happiness,guilt ect.It shows us that you can make a mistake and still turn that mistake into a positive.I really wish there were more shows like Fat Albert because i think this generation needs to know what real cartoons are.The cartoons today are not very funny or they dont teach your kids very much if anything.When was the last time you saw sponge bob teach your child about a life changing event.I just dont see any real lesson teaching programs out there today like the cartoons of old.
  • How can you not like this show it was a classic for people growing up in the 70's to early 80's.

    This show was great. It was very entertaining, eventhough they always taught you some sort of lesson. It is typical entertaining semi-educational television, you expect from Bill Cosby. They helped each other out, like Fat Albert was too big to do something, or they couldn't understand what mush mouth was saying. It was just like most cartoons in the 80's it was just one of the really good ones, that's why I listed it as a classic. It was a good show to watch, it wasn't my favorite was but it was entertaining and fun to watch. They should put this show on in re-runs.
  • The classics just keep coming

    Fat Albert was yet another one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Educational, funny, well plotted. Starring the one and only Bill Cosby narrating about the events taking place with Fat Albert and the rest of the gang.

    I mentioned how educational this show was. It featured stuff like alcohol abuse, fire, child care, etc.

    Most of these shows bring up some good memory. This one being one of the highest. And to conclude I say, HEY HEY HEY.
  • Hey, Hey, Hey! It's Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids!

    I remember watching this show when it was in reruns when I was a little kid on Saturday mornings. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids were funny and entertaining. For a cartoon show that was on every Saturday morning, you also learned something from each episode. For any parent who wants their kid to watch a cartoon that teaches them something...this is one of them.