Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Season 0

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Millionaire Madness
    Millionaire Madness
    Episode 39

    The gang finds a treasure map of legendary pirate Captain Cutlass at the junkyard and begin to get gold fever, hoping for riches beyond their wildest dreams. As they begin their search for the treasure, they begin fighting amongst themselves as their greed gets the better of them. Later, Fat Albert discovers the map they found is really a page from a fictional pirate novel, and therefore not real. The gang's search leads them to a waterfall behind the city reservoir where they become in danger of being swept away. Fortunately, Fat Albert is able to get help in the nick of time to rescue them. Afterward, the gang learn the true value of friendship.

  • Double or Nothing
    Double or Nothing
    Episode 31

    After bowling with the gang at the local alley, Rudy meets Arnie, who wants him to teach him to play pool the following day. After the first few lessons, Arnie challenges Rudy with a few bets which initially go in Rudy's favor, but after a few more days, things are reversed as Rudy eventually loses all his money to Arnie. Fat Albert's feelings about the situation are correct as Mudfoot figures that Arnie is a loan shark who suckered Rudy into gambling fever, as he eventually bets the rest of the gang's money for higher stakes, losing all of it was well. When he observes another young man getting suckered by Arnie, Rudy warns him in the nick of time, prompting Arnie to have his thugs teach him a lesson with their fists. Luckily, the rest of the gang come to his aid and learn a valuable lesson on the dangers of gambling.

  • Rules is Cool
    Rules is Cool
    Episode 29

    The gang meets Tommy Camden, who's often home alone as both his parents work during the day and make him abide by their rules of staying home to insure his safety. But for one evening, the Camdens allow Tommy to go to Fat Albert's home for a dinner invitation. But on the way, he's quickly impressed by the flashy Jerry Brody, who manipulates him into throwing a party at home since his folks are gone. Knowing Jerry is bad news, Fat Albert and the gang decide to go as well and quickly find trouble. Neighbors complain about the noisy music, the punch is spiked with liquor, and Jerry's brought marijuana to the party. When a police officer responds to the noise complaint, her dog discovers the marijuana, making her quick to arrest Jerry for possession. Tommy's parents express their disappointment with him for letting things get out of hand and he'll have to prove he can be trusted to follow the rules. And it seems he's on the way as they allow him to attend a weekend baseball game between Fat Albert's gang and a team of police officers.

  • What's the I.D.?
    What's the I.D.?
    Episode 27

    The guys are watching an evening horror movie and end up staying out later than expected when a scared Russell causes a mess at the theater, prompting the gang to clean up afterward. Police officers point out the fact they're out past curfew, but Hector, the gang's friend, produces a fake ID card that claims he's 4 years older than he really is, enabling them to get home without violating the city curfew. The following day, Hector plans to go to the new nightclub that's opening and Rudy, tempted to go, gets a fake ID as well. Later in the evening, after the boys get into the disco, they hit on a pair of women, which turns out to be a mistake, as their jealous boyfriends look to give them a major beating. The thugs chase Rudy and Hector all the way to Fat Albert's home, where his folks call the police, who arrive quickly to arrest the two, as they turned out to be criminals. The officers will also have to take Hector's cousin, who made the fake IDs, in for questioning about his practice, and make him and Rudy promise never to use them again as well as keeping their curfew.

  • Harvest Moon
    Harvest Moon
    Episode 20

    The gang's friend Roy invites them to work on his father's farm for extra money in time of the Harvest Moon, when the moon will be closest to the Earth around the autumnal equinox. The boys are concerned when Roy's father is storing barrels for a company by his barn. Fat Albert realizes the barrels are filled with toxic waste which prove to be a danger, particularly when Roy's dog gets sickened upon contact with it. Later, Albert and Mr. Higgins go to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to report what's happened. The official is able to get a crew to safely remove the toxic waste from the farmland which fortunately wasn't too significantly contaminated. Afterward, the Higgins family and the gang are able to celebrate the evening of the Harvest Moon and their dog returns home after recovering from exposure to the toxins.

  • Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert
    After being made fun of because of his weight, Fat Albert sits out of a football game versing a neighborhood team. Eventually, he forgets all the insults and joins in the game.
  • The Fat Albert Easter Special

    Fat Albert and the gang lends a helping hand out to their old friend, Mudfoot, but Rudy decides to play a little joke on the gang which goes haywire when Mudfoot get hurt and is sent to the hospital. This incident puts Rudy in a horrible situation with the gang, but Fat Albert tries to snap him out of it, and helps Mudfoot recover in time for Easter.

  • The Fat Albert Christmas Special

    The gang faces losing their clubhouse when junkyard property owner Mr. Tyrone threatens to tear it down. Meanwhile, the gang encounters a family down on its luck when Marshall, a young boy, explains that he is new to town and his father Ray Franklin, was to get a job in the city. But it fell through, and the family has no place to stay, which is particularly bad as his wife Marge is due to have a baby. Fat Albert agrees to do some Christmas work for Mr. Tyrone in an effort to save the clubhouse, but things don't work out as figures Tyrone's been pretty mean since his wife died. Soon, Marge goes into labor, which has Marshall worried, as he believes the family will be too poor to be together. He runs away, but is later found by Mr. Tyrone, who regains his Christmas spirit, as he'll now provide Ray with a job and take the family to the hospital for treatment once Marge gives birth.

  • The Fat Albert Halloween Special

    Fat Albert and the gang make their own costumes for Halloween. When their friend Devery joins them on their rounds, his antics get them kicked out of a movie theater. Then while they're trick-or-treating, Devery wants to go around scaring the local old folks, particularly Mudfoot (who actually puts the scare in him), then Mrs. Bakewell. When Devery's sister Melba and Russell go inside her house, they seem to vanish, putting the gang in a panic. While Devery cowers outside, the rest of the gang enter the house and find her to be very friendly as they, Russell, and Melba enjoy Halloween treats. After the party, the gang promise to come back soon to help her with chores, learning old people aren't as mean as Devery claims to be. And for staying out late, Devery is grounded after facing his father's wrath.