Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Season 1

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Sign Off
    Episode 22
    Cool Roy thinks it's awesome to move and change street signs, not to mention marking buildings with graffiti. Eventually, Fat Albert confronts him on how it can be dangerous and lead to trouble. Roy promises him he'll stop, but goes back on his word the next day when while the gang is playing football, they lose their ball and Fat Albert saves Peewee in the nick of time after learning a nearby building is going to be blasted and all the danger signs were removed. Roy is caught with the evidence and must clean the graffiti off all the buildings he's defaced, teaching him a lesson for sure.moreless
  • 10/20/73
    Johnny is a new kid in school who's an American Indian from Arizona. The gang thinks that because Johnny is Indian that he can make a rainstorm and do other tricks that they've seen from movies. However, Johnny shows them that he's not the stereotypical Native American. Mudfoot tells an outrageous story about meeting an Indian, prompting the gang to go to the library to learn more about Native American peoples and cultures, and later treating Johnny with more respect when they see him again.moreless
  • Mom or Pop
    Episode 20

    The gang is interested in what their new classmate Flora has in her small pink bag. Eventually, they find out it's a toy puppy she got from her father, who has recently divorced her mother. The two continuously bicker over Flora while the gang helps to cheer her up at the junkyard. On her birthday, Flora's parents learn she's run away from home and put aside their differences as they desperately search for her. Fat Albert and the gang help and discover she went back to the junkyard to get away from her parents' arguing. The two agree that even though they won't be together anymore, Flora will be an important part of both their lives.

  • What Does Dad Do?
    Episode 19
    For a class assignment, the gang writes about what their fathers do for a living. But their teacher quickly figures out they're making up exaggerated stories about them. Afterward, she puts them on a special assignment where each of the gang is to accompany his father to his job to get a better understanding of what he does. This helps them to pass their assignment and better appreciate what their dads do for a living.moreless
  • The Newcomer
    Episode 18
    Dumb Donald gets the shock of his life when his parents tell him that they're going to have another baby, and the news isn't sitting well with him at all. The gang tries to help smooth things over for Donald by taking him to the zoo. But all that does is show him that animals have young of their own, leaving the gang wondering where babies come from. When Donald's new baby sister finally arrives, all his fears go away as he takes a quick liking to her even though he doesn't let the gang know that as yet.moreless
  • Mister Big Time
    Episode 17
    Franny Bates' brother Muggles gives him money and a number of material things that he shares with the gang, including a motorcycle that eventually gets wrecked by Fat Albert. He personally goes to Muggles to do what he can to pay for it. Muggles gives Albert a package to deliver, eventually learning it contains narcotic drugs after he gets apprehended by the police, who determine he didn't know about the drugs. Fat Albert agrees to help them catch Muggles and arrest him to stop his drug dealing. While Franny no longer acknowledges Fat Albert as a friend, the rest of the gang stick up for him, knowing he did the right thing to get illegal drugs off the streets.moreless
  • Smart Kid
    Episode 16

    Thurman does so well in his studies that he usually leaves his books behind after school. Fat Albert and the gang recently have had to stay in detention to make up for their failing grades. To cool off, they play their usual sports, for which Thurman shows little skill. The gang eventually learn that Thurman has his own set of books at home, proving that he always studies most evenings, leaving little time for sports. As a result, they work out a deal where Thurman tutors the gang so they can improve their grades and they reciprocate by helping him to work out to improve his athletic skills.

  • The Bully
    Episode 15
    Whenever Fat Albert isn't around, Slappy bullies the rest of the gang around, but is careful to be on his best behavior whenever he does appear. It takes a while, but Bill is able to prove to Fat Albert about Slappy's true character. After he confronts him, Slappy promises not to bully the gang again.moreless
  • Stagefright
    Episode 14
    The gang takes interest in a drama club and want to perform in a play in hopes of winning a money prize. After bungled efforts to perform William Tell at the junkyard, they decide to do a performance of Moby Dick once they reach the theater. Their instructor does all she can to get them organized. After Rudy performs a soliloquy of King Arthur on the night of the drama competition, the rest of the gang's performance of Moby Dick flops as stagefright gets the better of them. But they're relieved afterward because Rudy, the winner, gets the prize of free ballet lessons from the instructor.moreless
  • The Tomboy
    Episode 13
    While the gang takes interest in fudge cakes Fat Albert made for their teacher, a new girl in class named Penny surprises them in her desire to play sports. She's able to show them up in football, basketball, weightlifting, pole vaulting, and even arm wrestling, but they still have difficulty accepting her abilities. When Penny's friend suggests she should try more domestic work, she finds herself challenging Fat Albert in a baking contest. Despite the odds, Fat Albert wins. Afterward, Penny and the gang get along as she helps them with their tennis game.moreless
  • Four Eyes
    Episode 12

    The gang thinks Heywood is the goofiest person they know since he has difficulty playing sports with them. But his difficulties continue at school as he has trouble reading as well. His teacher and principal send him to an optometrist for an eye exam. Heywood learns he needs glasses and fears being ridiculed, but afterward, shows the gang up with his greatly improved reading and athletic skills.

  • The Prankster
    Episode 11
    Otis is a new guy whose various pranks have the gang amused to the point where they approve of his joining them. Fat Albert, who's not amused, decides to quit the gang. Afterward, when Otis pranks a rival gang, he gets the gang in trouble when they challenge them to a fight. Otis' efforts to prepare the gang for the fight only leads to more pranks, leaving Fat Albert to bail Otis out by convincing the rivals into allowing his pranks to turn against him, giving them a few laughs as well.moreless
  • The Hero
    Episode 10

    The gang looks up to Scrap Iron Yates, thinking he's cool, but he does the opposite, always looking down on them. First, he invites them to join him at the pool hall, but when the manager appears, claims he never did, realizing they shouldn't be there to begin with because they're underage. Later, he makes some of the gang pay him to ride on his motorcycle. When his reckless driving gets the attention of a police officer, he tries to convince him they stole his motorcycle. But Scrap Iron's claims begin to go up in smoke as he doesn't have the proper vehicle registration, let alone a valid driver's license. As a result, Russell stops his getaway, making him face the music and the gang sees for sure he's no real hero.

  • Begging Benny
    Episode 9
    Fat Albert's cousin Benny comes to visit, but quickly wears out his welcome with the gang by repeatedly taking advantage of them. Eventually, he gets a taste of his own medicine when a group of punks treats him the same way he treated Fat Albert and the gang. Afterward, Benny learns about the true value of friendship.moreless
  • The Hospital
    Episode 8

    Bill takes his fearful younger brother Russell to the school doctor for an examination. To show how simple it is, he allows the doctor to examine him as well. To the brothers' dismay, they're scheduled to go to the hospital for a tonsillectomy. Fearing the worst, they decide to give away their most prized possessions to the rest of the gang before realizing it's a very routine surgery. Their fears are further lifted when their parents tell them they'll be getting ice cream once the surgery's over. When the rest of the gang visit the hospital, they try to sneak in so they can get some dessert as well.

  • Playing Hooky
    Episode 7

    Bored with having to go to school every day, Fat Albert and the gang decide to play hooky the following day. All except Dumb Donald cut out for a day of fun activities, but get into a number of mishaps. They eventually end up at the train yards where they encounter a couple of homeless bums who often played hooky themselves, leading to their less than glamorous lifestyle. They advise the boys to stay in school before they end up the same way. The following morning, the gang is back at school, arriving much earlier than usual to catch up on their studies.

  • Moving
    Episode 6
    The gang is challenged to a traditional game of Buck Buck by their rivals at the junkyard. In this game, each group take turns holding onto a pole in line formation while the other piles on top of them to see how much weight they can withstand. Fat Albert is underweight and Rudy suggests the gang provide him with their food to get him heavy enough to compete. But this strategy backfires as the rest of the gang is hungry and are too lightweight during their turn to crumple the other team. Although Fat Albert can make up the difference, he suffers from too much eating and must go home to recuperate, which marks the first time his gang is defeated. The rest vote to kick him out, but have a change of heart when they learn he's moving away. But the real surprise is that he's only moving to another place at the end of the block. The guys make up and continue their adventures together.moreless
  • Fish Out of Water
    Episode 5
    The gang goes to summer camp, joined by a troop of scouts. At first, the two groups don't get along, but when a homesick Russell runs away, he gets lost and everyone searches for him. The two groups find him in danger and work together to rescue him in time. They eventually find new friends in each other, looking forward to meeting again for camp next year.moreless
  • Creativity
    Episode 4
    Rudy brags to the gang that with his new electric guitar, he'll be able to achieve fame and fortune, delving into fantasy in the process. However, the rest of the group don't have instruments of their own and take on various jobs in efforts to earn the money. They're far short in their funding as the instruments at the store are quite expensive. Rudy's dreams of fame are also out of sight as his electric guitar blew up during the gig he was scheduled to perform. As a result, the gang find that they can make their own instruments from various items they find at the junkyard. With a little skill and fine tuning, the Junkyard Band makes its debut!moreless
  • The Stranger
    Episode 3
    Dumb Donald's young cousin Betty is visiting from down south, but the rest of the gang is far from welcoming to her. She's blamed for their getting detention after school, then causing a mess while they're cleaning up. Eventually, she warms up to them when she plays tennis against Rudy and beating him to their delight. The gang feels down after they're assigned to write a paper on King Arthur, but thanks to Betty, they get to use their imagination and don outfits as they act out various medieval roles, inspiring them to write their papers and get passing grades. The next day, the gang invites Betty to play with them at the junkyard as they become more accepting to her.moreless
  • The Runt
    Episode 2
    The gang's little friend Peewee is short and feels left out of most activities, especially sports. They're later challenged by a rival gang in a game of football. It turns out Peewee is a good kicker and the gang allows him to participate in the game. But their rivals have a secret weapon of their own in the form of Kong, a strong guy, who's even bigger than Fat Albert. During the high-scoring game, the ball is lost in a building and it's up to Peewee to retrieve it since he's the only one small enough to get it. The gangs make peace and the rivals consider Peewee a cool kid after all, proving it's who you are that's important.moreless
  • Lying
    Episode 1
    The gang's friend Edward tells stories about wrestling with alligators when he was in Florida. So the gang goes down to the nearest pond so he can demonstrate his techniques. But all that happens is that they get very muddied. Edward tells them on how to lie to their parents to avoid punishment. The next day, Edward brags that he's a good swimmer, but his young cousin informs the gang he really can't swim. He gets busted when they try to make him to dive in the pool and is eventually forced to come clean. The gang forgives him, but assure him next time he lies, they'll clobber him.moreless
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