Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Season 2

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Junk Food
    Episode 14

    Fat Albert and Slim Noodleton eat too much food, but after Slim gets a toothache, they go to the dentist where he has to treat them for cavities. He recommends they follow a proper diet, but only Albert complies as he begins eating right and getting a newfound level of energy. However, Slim continues with the junk food diet and continues to suffer with low energy and stomach pains. Things get worse during a football game against a rival gang when Slim feels run down and plays poorly, leading to Fat Albert's team losing in the end. Afterward, Slim vows to take better care of his body and follow a more proper diet.

  • 10/23/76

    When the school's sports budget is cut, jeopardizing all programs for the year, Undeen's Uncle Monty helps to organize a talent show in order to raise money. But before the big show, he suddenly dies, leaving the gang and Undeen deeply saddened. She particularly has a difficult time dealing with the loss. After some time and with help from her mother and Fat Albert, Unddeen is able to move on and figures Uncle Monty should be remembered more for laughter than sadness and decides the talent show should go on after all to keep his memory alive.

  • TV or Not TV
    Episode 12
    Monroe spends all his time watching TV to the point where he's not able to get proper sleep or do well in school. Meanwhile, the gang wants to perform a school play of Robin Hood in order to win tickets for a concert. But unfortunately, Monroe's TV addiction causes him to be late to star in the lead role. In spite of Fat Albert's efforts to get him on the stage, they're too late and another class wins the concert tickets. But as a consolation, the gang is able to go to the concert after all since they at least showed up in time for the play. But because Monroe was late, he misses out, but is able to watch it on TV. However, he misses actually being on TV himself since Fat Albert and the gang are among those seen in the audience enjoying the concert.moreless
  • Little Business
    Episode 11
    The gang hopes to get a new bicycle at a low price via mail order, but learn the hard way that it's a systemic scam where they have to sell other items to get the bike, which itself is a broken-down lemon.
  • Suede Simpson
    Episode 10
    Suede Simpson looks good, but smells bad. The gang has difficulty trying to let him know he needs to practice good hygiene. But after he arrives uninvited to a party and repulses the girls, Suede gets a hard lesson from Fat Albert and Russell. But after a few days, he's back on the scene with the same girls, who are now walking alongside him now that he's cleaned up his act.moreless
  • 9/25/76
    The gang gets Ms. Johnson, a new teacher, for their class. She wants them to treat her with the same respect as their old teacher and slowly, everyone begins to accept her, except Rudy, who continuously makes wisecracks and disrupts class to the point where she sends him to the vice-principal's office. Afterward, he decides to drop out of school. But after encountering Mudfoot in the park, Rudy hears his story of how dropping out did not get him very far in life. Rudy reconsiders his decision, apologizes to Ms. Johnson, and returns to school.moreless
  • What Say?
    Episode 8
    Rudy likes Shanna but can't get her attention. The gang thinks Shanna's stuck up until Fat Albert figures out Shanna has a hearing problem, eventually convincing her to see a doctor for an examination. She eventually gets a hearing aid and Albert helps the gang to understand her situation.
  • 9/11/76
    The gang's friend, Wambly thinks it's cool to smoke. Rudy, and eventually the rest of the gang (except Fat Albert), begin to follow his example, which leads to trouble. Eventually, they get a hard lesson when Wambly's father (also a smoker) collapses during the gang's game. Afterward, father, son, and the rest of the gang, vow never to smoke again.moreless
  • Little Tough Guy
    Episode 6
    Dwayne is the new kid in school with an impaired foot, but Fat Albert and the gang try to treat him as an equal when he plays sports with them. However, it backfires and Dwayne loses confidence in himself. But when the gang plays in an important football game, Dwayne is able to get his groove back when he returns to be the gang's placekicker and help win the game.moreless
  • The Animal Lover
    Episode 5
    Dulcie lets her dog Sanford free with no leash or collar. Fat Albert and the gang are concerned that Dulcie doesn't care what happens to him. Later, Sanford gets taken to the pound. Dulcie gets Sanford back and afterward, she tells her dog to chase the gang around town. She gets bitten by another dog who may have rabies. The gang searches for the other dog who bit Dulcie in hope they can have the dog checked out to insure he's not ill.moreless
  • 9/27/75

    When Fat Albert's cousin Justin stays over for a while, he begins shoplifting from a local store. He's being influenced by the sleazy Harlow, who later tries to talk the gang into stealing a few things for him. They refuse, and after they see him trying to hassle Justin into stealing again, they give chase. Harlow gets away, but drops most of the items he's stolen, enabling the gang to return them to the police, who later arrest Harlow after they find more stolen items at his home. He eventually gets out of prison, but is placed on probation, insuring he won't influence Justin or other kids into stealing for him.

  • 9/20/75

    Fat Albert falls in love with his classmate Laverne, but is embarrassed when the rest of the gang horn in and tag along whenever he wants to be alone with her. Eventually, they go out to the movies together. Albert wants to spend even more time with Laverne, but she lets him down by saying they'd be better off as friends. The gang feels sorrow for him after not having seen in a couple of days, but see that he's back on his feet when he starts studying with another girl.

  • 9/13/75
    At times, the gang's friend Lucius, seems to be a happy fun-loving guy. But other times, he's down and forgetful, making them wonder what's wrong with him. Fat Albert eventually finds out he's been abusing alcohol. With his parents, Albert meets with Lucius' folks, who already know about his drinking and decide to confront him, working together to stop his abuse. After a couple of days, Lucius meets with Fat Albert, telling him he's dumped his liquor bottles, grateful his parents indeed care for him and thanking Albert for his concern.moreless
  • The Fuzz
    Episode 1
    A guy named Parker has no respect for authority. He ruins a police stakeout, starts a false alarm with the fire department, and then convinces the gang to sneak by a security officer into a condemned amusement park, which leads to danger after getting trapped on an old roller coaster that's about to collapse. It's up to Parker and Fat Albert to get the authorities to mount a rescue. Afterward, the gang learns a valuable lesson.moreless