Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Season 3

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Watch That First Step

    Fat Albert and the gang meet Marcus Detrick, a good athlete who's recently moved into the neighborhood. They invite him to play in an upcoming father/son baseball game, but he's reluctant to go, mentioning his father is out of town. But the true reason is revealed when he shows up after all, and everyone sees him drunk. It's eventually learned that Marcus' father in an alcoholic. Marcus and his sister Michelle run away from home to avoid the problem. After initially getting into danger, they go to the gang's clubhouse where Fat Albert convinces them to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. There, they learn not to be angry or ashamed of their father and decide to return home to help their mother face the situation in hopes they can get him to recovery.

  • Double Cross
    Double Cross
    Episode 23

    The gang's friend Melinda tells them of a group she's taken interest to known as Double Cross. However, they don't care for Fat Albert and company because they're not of the same ethnic background. Mudfoot introduces Fat Albert to a rabbi who tells him of the tough life he had when the Nazis invaded his homeland. Later, Fat Albert confronts George, the Double Cross leader about his racism. Then late at night, George tries to vandalize a Jewish synagogue before he slips and gets himself in danger. Fat Albert and the police are able to mount a rescue, and George is arrested for his vandalism. Afterward, Melinda learns her lesson about who the true special people are in her life.

  • Two by Two
    Two by Two
    Episode 22

    The gang's friends, Arden and Baron, are so in love with each other, they want to drop out of school and get married as soon as possible. At first, they don't care what others think, but then begin to have second thoughts when Arden realizes she won't be able to go to the high school prom or get her diploma. Then Fat Albert has Baron meet Mudfoot, who introduces him to Ellen, a woman just a few years older than Baron. She and her husband Joey rushed into marriage around his age, but once on their own, had trouble finding steady jobs, paying their bills, weren't able to keep their new car, and couldn't even afford a phone once their daughter was born. These factors help Arden and Baron reconsider their decision and now choose to wait to see how things will turn out to better prepare them for life as adults.

  • Water Are You Waiting For?

    The gang goes on a camping trip to Cedar Lake where they meet some new people. Along the way, Fat Albert takes a particular interest in Janine, a pretty girl, and brags about his knowledge of water safety, only to find himself embarrassed when he learns she's the camp's main lifeguard, who knows more about safety than he thinks. The two get along and she makes him her assistant lifeguard. Eventually, their teamwork comes in handy when Rudy's prank on Russell backfires, leading both to jeopardy. After the narrow rescue, the gang and their new friends get a firsthand lesson in water safety.

  • Parking Dog
    Parking Dog
    Episode 20
    Fat Albert has doubts about the ability of his friends Cosgrove and Doreen to accept the responsibility of owning a new puppy. Sure enough, instead of taking little Freddie for a much-needed walk, they leave him unattended in the kitchen and he runs off to play. Poor Freddie escapes through the window and ends up on the highway, becoming endangered by the heavy traffic. Luckily, Fat Albert is able to call the police, who are able to save the puppy in time. After the big scare, Cosgrove and Doreen learn a hard lesson about responsibility.moreless
  • The Father
    The Father
    Episode 19

    After her father passed away, Buffy's mother recently started dating again and Mr. Haney is becoming more involved in their lives, much to Buffy's reluctance. She becomes further resistant when they announce they'll be getting married. Buffy runs away from home and hides out at the amusement park, even though it's closed. She winds up in danger as the gang tracks her down. Fortunately, Mr. Haney is able to save her in time and Buffy is willing to accept him as part of the family.

  • Habla Español
    Habla Español
    Episode 18
    Rosita is a shy Mexican-American girl in the gang's class. Rudy ridicules her for her halting English, prompting her to miss class for a couple of days. When Fat Albert tries to intervene, they're interrupted when a fellow Hispanic has an emergency kitchen fire. With quick thinking and communication, they're able to put out the fire with little damage. Back at school, Miss Wucher assigns a project for the kids aimed at illustrating that they all have a heritage of which to be proud. Rosita is surprised the gang know of famous Mexican figures in history after returning to class and interacting with the gang again, eventually getting the last laugh on Rudy.moreless
  • Pot of Gold
    Episode 17
    The gang's classmate Patty was a straight-A student until she fell into the drug scene and now gets regularly high on marijuana. When the gang meets her drug pusher, Rudy is tempted to try it himself, but has a change of heart when he sees Patty in danger. He and Fat Albert are able to save her. They and a police officer meet with Patty's parents about her problem and she agrees to help get the pusher arrested, which is the first step on her road to recovery.moreless
  • Heads or Trails
    Heads or Trails
    Episode 16
    Weird Harold develops a gambling habit and tries to convince the gang to bet in a horse race. When they initially decline to contribute, Harold becomes an errand boy for Sheldon, a hustler, who promises to pay him. He's able to convince the others to join him, but Fat Albert refuses as he tries to talk sense into the gang. When the gang's sure bet loses, Weird Harold has to face the consequences for his actions as Sheldon has already since he was thrown in jail for his scams.moreless
  • Good Ol' Dudes
    Good Ol' Dudes
    Episode 15

    The gang's friend Richard has a tendency to "borrow" his uncle's car and gives them joyrides throughout town. He then takes a neighbor's car out while he's away, giving the gang another joyride. However, this leads to danger as their ride gets out of control and the car winds up in a lake. Fat Albert arrives in the nick of time to rescue them. As a result, Richard has to face the consequences with the police, his parents, and the neighbor who owns the car.

  • Easy Pickin's
    Easy Pickin's
    Episode 14

    The gang is impressed with the number of material items Steve and Claudia have, giving them the impression they're rich. However, when Fat Albert investigates, he learns the twin siblings are routine shoplifters, stealing the various items from department stores and selling them to other kids. Fat Albert later notifies their parents, who indeed find some of the stolen items in their rooms. The twins think they'll never be caught. But when a stockboy is arrested, accused of being the thief, they feel guilty and confess their crimes to the store manager.

  • The Rainbow
    The Rainbow
    Episode 13

    Elisa has trouble accepting mixed-race children, especially when Kim, the gang's other classmate is the son of an interracial couple. She avoids interacting with him and runs off rather than play games with the group. She wanders into the old garment factory, which is condemned and winds up in danger. Kim and Fat Albert are able to enact a rescue and Elisa is able to learn a valuable lesson.

  • Pain, Pain Go Away
    Episode 12
    The gang's friend, Darrell, has been feeling tired and sickly, but doesn't think he needs to see the school nurse or a doctor. A concerned Fat Albert speaks to Darrell's parents, who make him go to the hospital. It's discovered he has Hodgkin's disease, a form of cancer of the lymph nodes. But because it's in a localized area and it was detected early, it can be treated easily. Afterward, he and his parents express their gratitude to Fat Albert.moreless
  • Little Girl Found
    Little Girl Found
    Episode 11
    Greta is a teenage runaway who steals the gang's television and sells it to get what little money she can. Fat Albert tries to help Greta change her ways and Mudfoot tells her the story of Hansel and Gretel in hopes she'll return home to her family. Greta eventually runs afoul of a gang who plan on stealing some bicycles. Fat Albert comes to her aid at the train yard despite the odds. Luckily, Weird Harold gets the police at the scene to rescue them in the nick of time. After her close call, Greta makes a much-needed phone call to her mother, eventually taking the first steps to return home.moreless
  • The Gunslinger
    Episode 10
    The gang's friend Shawn thinks he's cool by carrying around his father's gun. All are impressed except Fat Albert, who goes to his parents in an effort to stop him. Though the gun is usually unloaded, Rudy finds a bullet which enables Shawn to use it for target practice. But a near tragedy occurs when the gun backfires, severely injuring his hand. Fortunately, his father had medical training which helps to save his son. As a result, the gang learns a valuable lesson.moreless
  • The Secret
    The Secret
    Episode 9

    Beau and Francie are brother and sister. However, Beau lets it slip that Francie was adopted by their parents. After she confronts them, the parents indeed admit they adopted her when she was a baby. Francie is distraught and runs away, only to wind up in danger as she falls into a river and will get pulled into a drain tunnel. Beau and Fat Albert are able to save her in time and the family reunite proving that they love their daughter no matter what.

  • Soft Core
    Episode 8

    Rudy's friend Dustin gives Fat Albert and friends the wrong sources on sex education with film and magazines. When Rudy's mother finds a magazine in his possession, she helps to set them straight on finding the right sources.

  • Free Ride
    Episode 7
    Fat Albert and the gang learn their superstar skateboarding friend, Lawanda, regularly hitchhikes to get free rides. Despite their cautions, she decides to hitchhike on her way to a skating tournament. Unfortunately, she doesn't make it as she gets into an accident and ends up hospitalized. She learns her lesson as she recuperates and promises the gang to win the tournament next year.moreless
  • The Mainstream
    Episode 6

    Dennis is the gang's new classmate and they learn he's mildly retarded. However, the teacher says he's capable of doing anything they can, only it takes him a little longer. After some minor screw-ups, Dennis is able to prove himself in an art show and winning the grand prize of the entire class getting new basketball uniforms.

  • Poll Time
    Poll Time
    Episode 5

    Two candidates in the upcoming school election, Hugo and Baron, each of a different color, play race politics until Fat Albert and Margene come up with an alternate solution by running together for student council.

  • Sweet Sorrow
    Episode 4

    Fat Albert's ice skating friend, Roberta, offers to help the gang improve their skating skills when they play hockey. Unfortunately, she's troubled with the fact her parents are getting divorced. Initially, she takes her frustration out on the team. But her teacher helps her to learn it's not her fault they're getting divorced. Roberta also learns she can enjoy her time with each parent even though they're not together anymore.

  • Spare the Rod
    Episode 3
    While jogging with the gang, Fat Albert becomes concerned when his friend Patrice has bruises on her body. He eventually discovers she's being abused by her mother. Fat Albert tries to convince her that she needs to tell someone. She's initially reluctant, but Fat Albert persists and she goes to her teacher and efforts are made to get Patrice the help she needs.moreless
  • The Dancer
    Episode 2
    Fat Albert and the gang are in a boxing competition. They learn their new friend Dimitri is a ballet dancer and think he'd be too much of a sissy to join them, especially when one of them would have to compete against top boxer Slammin' Sandy for the championship. However, Dimitri easily proves them wrong by taking him on in the ring and utilizing his dance moves to get the better of Sandy, showing them that creatives arts indeed serve a purpose.moreless
  • 9/8/79

    The gang is bussed to an integrated school, finding it difficult to make new friends. After Fat Albert lectures them, they make an effort to break ground with Margene and Kevin with a game of badminton, eventually working together to have fun.