Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Season 4 Episode 14

Second Chance


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The gang meets Theodore, or "Fast Teddy", when he helps them out while they're building a time machine at the junkyard. After he, Bucky, and Rudy have a run-in with hustlers Melvin and Hoof, the gang eventually learn Teddy had spent some time in prison. A couple of days later, they find out the local gym where they work out was robbed. Suspicions lead to Fast Teddy, but the gang figures Melvin and Hoof were involved and decide to set up a sting where they can trap them. Sure enough, they were in possession of the stolen items and the gang, with the police, are able to apprehend them. Fast Teddy is released from custody and goes back with the gang to the gym for another workout.moreless
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