Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Season 2 Episode 12

TV or Not TV


Full Episode: TV or Not TV


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Monroe spends all his time watching TV to the point where he's not able to get proper sleep or do well in school. Meanwhile, the gang wants to perform a school play of Robin Hood in order to win tickets for a concert. But unfortunately, Monroe's TV addiction causes him to be late to star in the lead role. In spite of Fat Albert's efforts to get him on the stage, they're too late and another class wins the concert tickets. But as a consolation, the gang is able to go to the concert after all since they at least showed up in time for the play. But because Monroe was late, he misses out, but is able to watch it on TV. However, he misses actually being on TV himself since Fat Albert and the gang are among those seen in the audience enjoying the concert.moreless
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