The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 19

Attack of the Twonkies (1)

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 11, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • They already made a movie of this. Its called gremlins.

    *sigh* Nick ncik nick...why cant you make up your own ideas? Huh? They had a movie simalar to this called gremlins. Nick is just being cheap...again. I like jimmy neutron, but this was just sad. Very sad. Plus...if you read rapaxs's review, youll see something I also hate. Carl was a freaking spoiled brat in this episode.He acted all bossy and had an anooying 'I have to be the center of attention' additued.He acted like he was the gretest person in the world all because he had a stupid twonkie.

    In closing, this was probally the worst jn episode ever. Who could think that such a good movie could be hacked up itno this?
  • very witty

    The first half of Attack of the Twonkies was very funny, poor Sheen, getting teased by Miss Fowl and Princple Willoughby, because he cant sing.
    I love this quote:
    Willoughby: Look Sheen as Chorus master I know talent--

    Miss Fowl: And thats what you have no talent.

    That cracks me up.

    The fact that the twonkies become enraged when they hear music is interesting where the singer is good or bad, but in Sheen's case he just put them to sleep.
  • This epsiode was funny and clever.

    Yes this episode was the best episode of season 2. It was a great season finale. It was comical and very adventurous. At first I thought nothing well be better then The Jimmy and Timmy power hour but I was wrong this episode topped The Jimmy and Timmy power hour. Sheen's singing was horrible but FUNNNY. After this episode the twonkies appear in every episode in season 3.
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