The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 1

Beach Party Mummy

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 19, 2003 on Nickelodeon

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  • Did not like Caral in this episode.

    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,
    There teacher decides to show the class a movie about Sand.The gang gets bored so they break out of school go to the shara desert and search for a lost tumb.I did like this one.But to me Caral brought the show down just a bit
  • Great episode.

    This great episode was very good and I liked it alot because it was when Jimmy and friends go to Egypt to find a lost tomb. What Jimmy did of finding it was very good because he discovered something big and stuff. I consider this episode a good one and the fact about Egypt is that is covered in sand in the desert and finally Libby reveals her ancestor who was a queen that about the episode it made me like it more and their discovery in the episode has added people to tune in to this episode because it was so good that made me watch it many times.
  • For three seconds,the episode made the deal.Even though the episode is great,the Jimmy/Cindy love thing made the deal.

    Imagine,you have to watch a movie about sand,but you want to see real sand and mummies.Thats what I would if I were smart like Jimmy!But the series-changing moment was only three seconds long. Nothing beats a beach party right!One scene truely made me pee my pants,three seconds long,only exchanging looks,Jimmy and Cindy looking at each other in a LOVE way!Than a sandstorm comes from nowhere!You take your home-made transportation under a rock to hide from the storm,than you see a pharo's castle. The rest is history,but this episode is probably the begining of a new era of Jimmy Neutron.All loyal fans,watch it!!!

  • One of my favorites

    I loved i think everything about this episode. Jimmy, Cindy, and the gang head to Egypt to escape a hilariously boring educational video and to find adventure for themselves. Highlights of this episode include (but are not limited to) the boring video about \"sand, sand, and more sand... so much sand you really wouldn\'t believe it,\", the random beach party held out in the desert, and Sheen\'s classic line, \"Why must the good die young???\"

    Cindy had some great lines in this installment of my favorite series. There was a little bit of cute J/Cness, but even without it, the episode would still have worked. (And I don\'t say that very often, so it should be noted.)
  • great episode

    Jimmy gets bored with the mummy video Ms. Fowl is making them watch, so being the boy Genius that he is decides to take a trip to Egypt with Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby.

    Another great episode Jimmy found a way to bring people back for the dead, creepy, Sheen gets a liitle to hyper sometimes but hes still funny, and i like Libby new hair style better then her old one, one of my favorite parts was when Libby was dressed like the queen and had the mummies dancing I busted up. overall, a great well-written episode.
  • This episode was great!

    This episode would be perfect but that "Egyptian Beach Party" song kind of drug the entire episode out. Couldn't they have come out with something better than that? Anyways this episode was awesome for J/C and S/L fans.And this episode gave a great deal of humor. Especially from Sheen. Sheen was hilarious in this episode.
  • Another brilliant 30 minute episode. Jimmy Neutron is truly the best show ever.

    It was so cool. Carl getting a tan... Everyone dancing on the beach... Exploring a tomb! It was so cool and the mummies were awesome! And Libby being the queen was also funny. Making the mummies dance split my sides. THIS EP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's only been a few bad eps so far.. everything else is fabulous!
  • Jimmy/Cindy thing !

    When they arrive in Egypt and have a Beach party, we sorta see the couples. Liby and Sheen, Cindy and Jimmy ! Since they dance and surf together ! And you can see Cindy smilles at Jimmy when he does a sculpture of Goddard in the sand ! And She gets kinda jealous when jimmy was holding Liby's hand and needed her for his plan.
  • One of my favourites...

    Since I love Egypt so much, I thought this was a really good episode. Besides for that, it was one of the first episodes to have real J/Cness, and the start of S/Lness, which was really funny throughout the episode. "I'd be her her king in a Retroville minute!" Gotta love Sheen. They were all really funny. One of the best episodes!
  • I think you can sum this episode up in the following: "Today I cut my tongue out. It is my turn to tell stories about the fire. This will be difficult without my tongue."

    This is a perfect example of why the show is so great. Jimmy is hillarious, Carl manages to seem even more like an old man, and Sheen works Ultralord in everywhere. The ending is stupid, but the beginning, with the 97-part documentary on Egypt, is one of my favorite parts of the show. "Just sand. Lots and lots of sand. Sand sand sand sand sand."
  • Originally reviewed by nycgreg from TV Tome. Jimmy and the gang travel to the great deserts of Egypt to explore an ancient tomb that's been left untouched since it was built.

    In "Beach Party Mummy", one of the greatest installments of the show up to now, Jimmy and the gang travel to the great deserts of Egypt to explore an ancient tomb that's been left untouched since it was built. When they reach their destination, they are infuriated to find that the desert is just as dull in person as it is the video documentary. However, they make the best of their visit by throwing a beach bash, after which and they stumble upon the ancient tomb of Queen Hazabataslapya. They are terrified when Carl accidentally brings the mummies to life with Jimmy's Electro-Life gizmo. Jimmy must come up with a plan fit for a queen to save them all from an eternal doom and find their way back home before anyone realizes they're gone.

    Reflected by the evident amount of effort by the crew, this episode is exceptionally well-developed, with great lines from the characters. As well as a distinct plot, the episode features interesting ideas that cartoon-type shows rarely address.

    ***** A must see.