The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 1

Beach Party Mummy

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 19, 2003 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When Jimmy ignited the spices to blow up the wall, the hole created was completely straight on both sides and was more like a man-made passageway. An explosion should have blown it into jagged pieces.

    • When Sheen is saying "Great, Great, ..." days pass, but when they get back to school, it is the same day! However, this is a common joke on cartoons.

    • We learn that Libby is of Egyptian descent and a descendent of Queen Hazabataslapya.

    • If you translate Queen Hazabataslapya's name you get "How's about I slap ya?"

    • Sheen, who doesn't have eyebrows, is related to the guy who invented spray-on eyebrows.

    • Carl has a goldfish named Swimmy.

    • Libby offically gets her new look (seen in "A Beautiful Mine" and "Sorry, Wrong Era") in this episode. The episode starts with her original hairstyle, but then in the course of the story she changes her look to resemble Queen Hazabataslapya to fool the mummies. She likes the new style, so she decides to keep it.

    • When Jimmy says, "Let's have a look at those mummies," his watch is missing. A moment later it's back.

    • When Swimmy dies, his eyes are closed ... but fish don't have eyelids.

    • In this episode, Carl states that his mother doesn't allow him to get tan. But when they are in Egypt, he has one of those metal tanning sheets!

    • In "Battle of the Band," Jimmy's Electric Guitar and Sheen's Bass Guitar are tossed out of a window and broken. However, if you look closely, you can see that Jimmy and Sheen are playing those instruments.

    • Late in the episode, Ms. Fowl is somehow sleeping on Willoughby, but earlier in it Willoughby fell asleep on her!

    • Before Jimmy, Cindy, Sheen, Carl, and Libby enter the tomb, they are all in their bathing suits. But as soon as they get inside, they are wearing their regular clothes.

    • If the Electro-Life works by re-stimulating the brain waves, then how could it have worked on the mummies? Mummified people had their brains removed with a hook through the nose.

  • Quotes

    • Jimmy: It'll be okay, Carl. School will get your mind off Swimmy.
      Carl: I know. I'll feel better as soon as I see Miss Fowl's face.
      Carl: (screams while seeing a video of a mummy)
      Miss Fowl: Today we will watch part 1 of Ken Burns' 97 hour on the history of mummies. (squawks while Carl faints)
      Cindy: Yawn. I'd rather chew off my own foot.

    • Sheen: (referring to the statue that resembles Libby) Wow, Libby! Maybe she's your great-great-great-great-great... (we see a fast time lapse of the sun and the moon rising and setting, for two days) ...great-great-great-great GRANDMOTHER!

    • Sheen: (yelling at Carl through the wall) Carl! We're coming to get you! Don't worry you'll be fine! (turns to Jimmy) He's history, huh?

    • Sheen: I feel your pain, brother. So are you going to stuff Swimmy, or freeze him, or flush him down the toilet?
      Carl: Sheen!

    • Jimmy: Libby, I need you! (takes Libby's hand in his)
      Libby: (blushes) Why, Jimmy, this is so sudden!
      Cindy: (jealous) Hey, what's going on here?
      Sheen: It's the desert love curse! It's working its evil ways on Jimmy's heart!

    • Sheen: It's the circle of life Carl. Everything dies... (gets an UltraLord action figure out of nowhere) EXCEPT ULTRALORD! HE SHALL NEVER DIE! HE LIVES FOREVER! NOTHING CAN KILL HIM!

    • Sheen: You know, I'm related to the guy who invented baseball.
      The Others: (murmur random things about how amazing that is)
      Sheen: Wait, did I say baseball? I meant spray-on eyebrows.

    • Sheen: Jimmy, where's the bathroom? All I see is sand and I'm not a cat.
      Jimmy: (thinking, then responds mostly speaking to himself) Sand....?? (starts giggling and dancing)
      Carl: Hey, um, what's wrong with Jimmy??
      Sheen: He's got desert fever...CURSE YOU CRUEL DESERT!! We'll have to put him out of his misery....

    • Cindy: (sarcastically) Do we have to refer to you as "Queen Libby" from now on?
      Libby: (giggles) Of course not! (seriously) "Your Mighty Fine Royal Fabulousness" will do.

    • Cindy: (about Jimmy) Good thing we're in a tomb 'cause you're boring us to death.

    • Cindy: Well, I hate to admit it, but that was a pretty cool adventure, Neutron.
      Jimmy: Thanks, Cindy.
      (Cindy and Jimmy pause, confused)
      Cindy: But I bet the next one stinks!
      Jimmy: Well, who says I'm gonna invite you?!
      Cindy: Who says I'd even want to go?!
      Jimmy: Who says I'd want you to?!
      Cindy: I wouldn't go!
      Jimmy: I wouldn't let you go!

    • Jimmy: Egypt! Land of the pharaohs! Land of the River Nile!
      Cindy: Land of this place stinks! Where's the mall?
      Libby: And this dry air is not doin' this girl's skin any favors.
      Sheen: Uh, does anyone know where the little sheik's room is?

    • Sheen: Hey! I saw this in "UltraLord vs. The Mutant Pus-Spitting Mummy"! I can read this stuff!
      (Cindy and Libby look disbelieving)
      Cindy: Yeah right!
      Sheen: (reading the hieroglyphics) The Queen flew on the wings of an eagle.
      (Cindy and Libby gasp)
      Sheen: She had a VCR but wanted a DVD.
      (Cindy and Libby look disappointed)
      Sheen: And the gods sent munchkins to hypnotize her water-skis, so she took her peanut butter sandwich for a walk. The end.
      Carl: Wow, Sheen, that was amazing!
      Cindy and Libby: Oh please.

    • Cindy: That's why it's called the lost tomb, not the "Here It Is Tomb: Come Inside And Have A Milkshake!"

    • Sheen: Where do you learn all this stuff?
      Jimmy: That I learned at the library.
      Sheen: Ohh.... And the library is a...?

    • Cindy: Okay this field trip is over! How are you going to get us out of here, Mr. Tour Guide?
      Jimmy: (spookily) We don't wanna get out of here....
      Sheen: Okay, Jimmy's lost it. I elect myself leader. Everybody start crying and yelling!

    • Sheen: Carl, get another pet! Like a pit bull! Or a wolverine! Or a friendly little alien from another planet that you could display like a freak and exploit for a million dollars!
      Libby: Sheen. Did you take your medicine this morning?
      Sheen: (in a why-do-you-want-to-know voice) Maybe.

    • Willoughby: Miss Fowl! Some of your students have gone AWOL! I'm going to get to the bottom of this even if it takes me the rest of the--
      Documentary Narrator: Sand, sand, and more sand. So much sand, you really wouldn't believe it....
      (Willoughby falls sound asleep)

    • Carl: Ohh. I bet somethin' really bad's gonna happen.
      Cindy: With Nerdtron leading the way, it's a pretty safe bet!

    • Sheen: Why must the good die young!?
      Sheen: Ow! Why must the good get hit on their head!?

    • Sheen: Yeah, well, you know what they say: "Lies are just friends you haven't met yet!"

    • Carl: Guys, we can't leave school! It's ditching! It'll go on our permenant record!
      Sheen: Carl, how many times to I have to tell you? Your permant record is just a myth! Like the Loch Ness monster! Or North Dakota!

  • Notes

    • Sheen says "Great" 100 times that takes 24 hours to say.

    • This the second TV show in which a black kid is thought to be a relative of an Egyptian powerful ruler. Danny Phantom is the other one with Tucker being a relative to Dulman.

  • Allusions

    • Beach Party Mummy: Plot

      This episode is a parody of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

    • Sheen: Your permant record is just a myth! Like the Loch Ness monster! Or North Dakota!

      Family Guy also said that North Dakota was a myth.

    • Visual: Heiroglyphics

      One of the heiroglyphics was a DVD player, or just looked like one.

    • Sheen: I'd be her King in a Retroville minute.

      Reference to the movie "New York Minute"

    • Sheen: Wap a da loo a de bop bam boom!

      This is similar to the lyrics from one of Little Richard's hit songs, "Tutti Frutti," and it was more recently used in the song "We Go Together" from the musical movie Grease.

    • Carl: (wearily) Jimmy, I've been saying "Toot Van Halen" for three hours. Can I stop now?

      Carl's mispronunciation of "Tutankhamen" references an old rock band, Van Halen.

    • Cindy: Doofus of Arabia!

      This expression spoofs Lawrence of Arabia.

    • Sheen: Mecha lecha high mecha hiney hiney ho!

      This strange phrase was uttered in "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi," a parody song by "Weird Al" Yankovic. Al got it from the character Jambi the Genie in Pee-Wee's Playhouse, who would chant it as the first part of a magic incantation and then ask the recipient of his favor to repeat the line after him.

    • Jimmy: My watch has a hieroglyphics translator with a Rosetta Stone upgrade.

      The Rosetta Stone was the slab of rock that made possible the translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics. (The message on the stone was written in hieroglypic, demotic, and Greek. By comparing the known Greek to the unknown heiroglypic, a knowledge of the Egyptian writing was started.)

    • Sheen: Karma, karma chameleon

      "Karma Chameleon" is Boy George & Culture Club's hit song from 1983.

    • Visual: Jimmy's Dancing

      When Jimmy gets the idea to throw an Egyptian beach party, the dance he does is spoofed from Billy Crystal's dance in the movie City Slickers 2

    • Cindy: Shouldn't we call National: Geographic or Harvard ...
      Libby: ... or Harrison Ford?

      Libby makes a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark, a 1981 movie about discovering and excavating a hidden tomb in Egypt. The star of the movie was Harrison Ford.